A Voyage of Paws & Wings: Meet Robert Samuel Asner, CitizenShipper Driver

Cagri Sarigoz Cagri Sarigoz · Updated January 17, 2024

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A dog laying on the floor with a leash.

Meet Robert Samuel Asner, a man with a passion for travel and pets, who found the perfect blend of these two loves through his journey with CitizenShipper. With preference for the open sky as his travel path, Robert ensures to keep his clients constantly updated, adding a personal touch to his services.

Discovering CitizenShipper

Robert discovered CitizenShipper online, drawn by its seamless accessibility and operational ease. What began as a search for an opportunity to combine his love for travel and pets, soon transformed into a prolific partnership.

First Experiences & Memorable Stories

Robert’s journey with CitizenShipper started quite differently than his current line of transport – his first experience was transporting a car to Nashville. What could have been a one-off experience, instead turned into a long-standing relationship, thanks to a memorable journey from Dallas to San Francisco with not one, not two, but three dogs! Two nights in a hotel sealed his fate and he knew he had found his calling on CitizenShipper.

The airport is Robert’s launch pad for his transports.

Preferred Routes & Safety Measures

Flying is Robert’s preferred choice of transport. He ensures the safety and comfort of the pets by keeping them underneath his seat and conducting regular checks throughout the flight. While he loves traveling all routes, he holds a special preference for the West Coast over the South.

Frequency of Communication with Customers

Robert believes that successful shipment lies in the key of communication. He maintains constant contact with the pet owners, giving them real-time updates with his preferred method of communication – text. Whether he’s overcoming transport challenges such as cancelled flights or sharing the joyous moments of having an adorable companion by his side, Robert keeps his customers looped in throughout their furry friend’s journey.

Learning and Growing with CitizenShipper

Robert appreciates the features of CitizenShipper that helped streamline his work process. The bidding mechanics and direct customer messaging system, he believes, are highly effective tools that enhance his operations. His advice to new drivers is simple and impactful – Communication is key! This philosophy has helped shape his services that revolve around constant customer interaction and rapport-building.

A Journey’s culmination always brings joy, especially when it ends with a safe pet delivery.

Plans for Expansion & Future Aspirations

Robert’s journey with CitizenShipper doesn’t stop here. He is in the process of stepping up his game by building his own website to expand his services. His ambition is to continue working and creating joyful journeys for his furry companions.

The Most Rewarding Part of the Job

Ask Robert what the best payoff in his job is, and he’ll tell you – it’s about “getting attached to certain animals”. Nothing can replace the joy and warmth that comes from knowing you’ve safely transported a trusting pet to its destination.

In Conclusion

Robert Samuel Asner is a testament to what one can achieve when a passion for travel and love for pets are combined. His journey with CitizenShipper reflects dedication and immense love for his job, showcasing the joy and fulfilment that being a driver on CitizenShipper brings. Whether you are a potential driver looking for a gratifying job or a pet owner seeking a trustworthy transporter, Robert’s story radiates an inspiring promise of satisfaction and safety.