The Best Dog YouTube Channels for Canine Lovers

Matt Matasci Matt Matasci · Updated: July 14, 2023 / Published: July 13, 2022
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We recently discussed our favorite dog-centric podcasts, but some people are visual learners. Whether you need advice on dog training or healthcare, running a breeding business or just want to watch some cute puppies frolic around, YouTube is a valuable resource. There are thousands of dog YouTube channels but unfortunately, a massive amount of them are low quality and provide little value. 

It’s time consuming to wade through the endless number of channels, so we’ve gathered our favorite dog YouTubers. We’ve divided the list between breeder-related dog Youtube channels, dog training channels and dog healthcare channels. And of course, because we can’t resist a good canine-induced laugh, we’ve included three of our favorite silly dog Youtube channels too!

Dog YouTube Channels for Breeders


American Kennel Club

  • 100k subscribers
  • 44.7 million views
  • 930 videos
  • Active since March 2008

Why We Love American Kennel Club’s Channel

When it comes to breeding dogs, there’s no greater authority than the American Kennel Club (AKC). The organization’s channel includes information about joining the club and other business insights, tips on breeding and raising puppies, and more. 

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Playlists include AKC Museum of the Dog, AKC Trick Dog and AKC Rally & Obedience.

The Dog Breeder Channel

  • 1.57k subscribers
  • 107 videos
  • Active since November 2010

Why We Love The Dog Breeder Channel

The videos on The Dog Breeder Channel don’t have the slick production you’ll find on more popular dog YouTube channels, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth watching. Host Paula Vandervoort gives viewers a detailed inside look into her breeding program in a manner that few other channels achieve.

wag logo

Wag! Dog Walking

  • 6.55k subscribers
  • 23.2 million views
  • 3.1k videos
  • Active since February 2015

Why We Love Wag! Dog Walking

This is the official YouTube channel for the pet services company Wag! The channel has tons of informative and fun videos about all sorts of animals, including dogs, cats and birds.

Health and training guides, dog-walker spotlights and shelter spotlights are just some of the content that can be found on the channel.

Doodles of NC

  • 14.8k subscribers
  • 2.3 million views
  • 66 videos
  • Active since August 2013

Why We Love Doodles of NC

Doodles of NC is the official YouTube channel for Erin and J.P. Ruppe’s labradoodle breeding business based out of North Carolina. The videos are well-produced and demonstrate what it’s like to be a labradoodle breeder.

Other videos on the channel address common issues like a puppy being returned or what happens when a puppy isn’t picked. And of course, the kennel’s labradoodle puppies are absolutely adorable!

Cane Corso Chronicles

  • 6.59k subscribers
  • 200 videos
  • Active since October 2018

Why We Love Cane Corso Chronicles

As the name suggests, the content on Cane Corso Chronicles is dedicated to the giant dog breed — however, there’s loads of content that’s applicable for any breeder. The videos aren’t anything flashy, but they’re full of information about Cane Corsos and, in particular, the general breeder community. 

There’s a variety to the content on Cane Corso Chronicles. There’s a relatively smaller number of videos on the channel, so it won’t take you months to view them all! Playlists on this channel include Cane Corso History, Dog Competitions & Sports and Puppy & Dog Training.


QBN Kennel 

  • 82.5k subscribers
  • 10.3 million views
  • 326 videos
  • Active since June 2017

Why We Love QBN Kennel

QBN Kennel specializes in the American Bully XL breed; the channel gives viewers an inside look into these dogs and what it takes to raise them. The kennel operators are dedicated advocates for the breed so they provide practical tips on caring for, training and socializing American Bully XLs. 

Videos are broken down into categories that include Education, Diet, Breeding Business and Color.

High Desert Labradors

  • 52.8k subscribers
  • 28.8 million views
  • 1,342 videos
  • Active since November 2010

Why We Love High Desert Labradors

For one thing, are there more adorable creatures than Labrador puppies? As far as the content of High Desert Labradors, there’s over a thousand videos, so you’ll be able to spend hours watching each new litter of fuzzy pups from their first steps to the day they go to their forever families. 

Playlists include Puppy Shorts, Live Streams, Puppy Temperament Tests and Puppies Meet Forever Families. Members Only videos are exclusive, so be sure to subscribe to the channel.

Love My Pups

  • 52.8k subscribers
  • 12.3 million views
  • 1,522 videos
  • Active since October 2008

Why To Watch Love My Pets

James and Tami Chopping, the husband and wife duo behind Love My Pets have over 20 years of breeding and dog care experience. They mainly breed French bulldogs.

In addition to dispensing helpful advice on their channel, they operate My Breeder Supply. Many of the videos showcase the products sold through their web store, but there are also many videos that give viewers an idea of what it’s like to run a breeding business. Playlists include Dog Genetics, Breeding, Raising Puppies and My Breeder Supply.

Dog Training YouTube Channels

Cesar Millan

  • 2.37 million subscribers
  • 168 million views
  • 220 videos
  • Active since May 2006
  • Verified Channel

Why We Love Cesar Millan’s YouTube Channel

There’s a reason Cesar Millan is one of the biggest names in the pet world. He’s renowned for his thoughtful and effective approach to training dogs and it’s earned him a television show Dog Whisperer. So it’s no surprise his training experience and advice ‌transition well from television programming to YouTube, with his tutorials broken down into bite-size, searchable videos.

There are few trainers as well-respected as Millan and he applies his advice to the real-life customers that appear in many of his videos. In addition to Dog Nation and Dog Tips training videos, there are vlogs under the A Day In The Life playlist and A History of Dog Breeds series. 


  • 193k subscribers
  • 47.2 million views
  • 1,003 videos
  • Active since March 2010
  • Verified Channel

Why We Love eHow Pets

eHow is a well-known and respected resource website that deals with all sorts of topics. That authority has carried over to the site’s YouTube channel. 

Expert dog trainer Eric Letendre hosts many of the videos on eHow Pets, but there are also series like Teacher’s Pet hosted by Victoria Stilwell and Farm Raised with P Allen Smith. Whether you are looking for training tips or just pure entertainment, eHow Pets is a great channel to subscribe to.

Stonnie Dennis

  • 204k subscribers
  • 27.2 million views
  • 488 Videos
  • Active since April 2011
  • Verified Channel

Why We Love Stonnie Dennis’ Channel

Stonnie Dennis is a trainer out of Lexington, KY who has gathered a substantial following on YouTube. He produces high-quality videos that are mostly to-the-point tutorials. There’s not a lot of vlogging about his personal life on the channel, though every video gives the viewer a good sense of what life is like at Dennis’ home and business. 

Playlists on this channel include The Life of a Professional Dog Trainer, Puppy Training Advice and Critical Stages in Puppy Development — and there are many more. This channel is a great choice for dog owners who want to learn about training using cooperation over obedience. 

Dog Training by Kikopup

  • 355k subscribers
  • 41.2 million views 
  • 588 videos
  • Active since April 2007
  • Verified Channel

Why We Love Dog Training by Kikopup

Kikopup is renowned trainer Emily Larlham — one of the most well-known dog trainers in the industry. Her approach to training dogs emphasizes gentleness and anti-intimidation. The videos aren’t super slick, but they have a high level of production values and professionalism. 

Larlham has a strong on-screen presence, so you’ll probably find yourself watching video after video. Playlists include Dog Tricks Tutorials, Puppy Training and Reactivity and Barking. 

Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

  • 2 million subscribers
  • 269 million views
  • 519 videos
  • Active since September 2006
  • Verified Channel

Why We Love Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

Zak George is one of the most popular dog trainers on YouTube. He has millions of subscribers and hundreds of millions of views. The channel has helpful training information with the personal experience of George, his wife Bree and their two dogs Inertia and Veronica injected into each clip.

BrightDog Academy Dog Training

  • 86.2k subscribers
  • 13.7 million views
  • 239 videos
  • Active since February 2016

Why We Love BrightDog Academy Dog Training

BrightDog Academy is hosted by trainer Alex Antoniazzi and has a wide variety of video types. There are longer videos that have Antoniazzi reacting to funny dog videos, participating in Q&A sessions and dispensing pet advice, so there’s something for everyone. 

The channel also has shorter clips on the channel that provide specific information on different aspects of dog training, like controlling aggression and behavior problems. Playlists include Dog Training Behavior Problems and Solutions, How To Train a New Puppy! and How Dogs Think, Learn and How to Train Them

Dog Healthcare YouTube Channels

Doctor Lindsay Butzer DVM 

  • 33k subscribers
  • 3.9 million views
  • 164 videos
  • Active since January 2014

Why We Love Doctor Lindsay Butzer DVM’s Channel 

Dr. Lindsay Butzer is a veterinarian based out of Florida and her videos dispense practical health advice for dogs of all breeds. Most of the videos are short and to the point, perfect for pet owners that are looking to get great advice without a heavy dose of vlogging like other channels. 

Some of the videos like Life of Dr. Lindsay — which shows what her life as a vet is like — ‌give the viewer an idea of what her career is like. Much of her content is under the Dog and Cat How-To playlists, though she also has playlists for Exotic Pet Guides and Equine Guides

Top Dog Tips

  • 153k subscribers
  • 36 million views
  • 1,496 videos
  • Active since September 2014

Why We Love Top Dog Tips

Top Dog Tips is the YouTube channel for the website of the same name. Senior Editor Samantha Randall hosts many of the videos, although others host videos occasionally. Most of the videos are quick and to the point, providing helpful dog health and nutrition advice. The channel also has long-form videos, whether they’re Q&A sessions or interviews with pet professionals. 

The channel only has two playlists: Homemade Dog Food Recipes and Homemade Dog Treats Recipes.

Our Pet’s Health

  • 50.2k subscribers
  • 5.4 million views
  • 391 videos
  • Active since March 2017

Why We Love Our Pet’s Health

Our Pet’s Health is hosted by the personable Dr. Alex Avery. He’s all about giving pet owners practical advice on how to care for their beloved pets. His videos help you discern between circumstances in which you can treat health issues at home and those where you need veterinary expertise. 

Dr. Avery is all about preventative care — in other words, caring for pets so you can avoid frightening (and costly!) treatments or procedures. Playlists on this channel include Dog Emergencies, Veterinarian Reacts!, Leaving a Dog at Home Alone and Weight Loss and Dieting Your Dog

Mercola Healthy Pets

  • 177k subscribers
  • 25.6 million views
  • Active since March 2010
  • 859 videos
  • Verified Channel

Why We Love Mercola Healthy Pets

The host of Mercola Healthy Pets, Dr. Karen Becker, is all about holistic veterinary medicine. Her perspective on pet health is an excellent alternative for owners that are looking for treatment methods.

The channel features loads of unique content divided into several categories like Pet Recipes, Healthy Pets, Discussions, Interviews and more. All in all, we love that this channel takes a personal, holistic approach to caring for our furry friends. 

Veterinary Network

  • 33.8k subscribers
  • 3.8 million views
  • 868 videos
  • Active since July 2016

Why We Love Veterinary Network

Veterinary Network’s main use is for reference — there’s no personality behind these videos and, in fact, they just use voiceover technology for the narration. Despite the lack of charisma or entertainment value, these short videos are chock full of helpful pet health information.

Pet Health Network

  • 21.3k subscribers
  • 14.6 million views
  • 148 videos
  • Active since December 2011

Why We Love Pet Health Network

Pet Health Network is another channel that’s based around a reference website of the same name. You’ll find plenty of helpful instructional videos that have just a dash of humor. You’ll find videos on parasites, kidney disease, how-to videos and more!

Just for Fun Dog YouTube Channels

Tucker Budzyn

  • 4.63 million subscribers
  • 1.14 billion views
  • 183 videos
  • Active since July 2018
  • Verified Channel

Why We Love Tucker Budzyn

It’s no surprise that Tucker Budzyn, an AKC Golden Retriever father, has racked up over a billion views! The videos are well-produced, the dogs are adorable and their “dialogue” is hilarious. If you’re not careful, you might end up binge watching hours of these videos at a time.

The videos star Tucker along with his son Todd and their owners. Most of the videos are day-in-the-life stories, with the goldens reviewing food, playing around the house and just getting into typical dog mischief. Playlists include Tucker Reactions, Tucker Vlogs and Food Reviews.

Cooking with Dog

  • 1.6 million subscribers
  • 218 million views
  • 369 videos
  • Active since September 2007
  • Verified Channel

Why We Love Cooking with Dog

Cooking for Dog isn’t just a channel for dog lovers, it’s also a great way to learn more about Japanese-style cooking! The premise of this YouTube channel is that Chef, an unnamed woman, cooks alongside her pooch Francis. Every video has a new recipe, which is posted alongside the video. 

Sadly Francis passed away but after a brief hiatus, Chef is back to making cooking videos (sans Francis). With over 300 videos featuring Francis, there’s enough older videos to help you procrastinate the day away.

Crusoe the Dachshund 

  • 1.66 million subscribers
  • 649 million views
  • 553 videos
  • Active since September 2020
  • Verified Channel

Why We Love Crusoe the Dachshund 

Crusoe the Dachshund’s channel takes an inside look into the life of a weiner dog and his sister Daphne. Most of the videos are pure comedy, with the wiggly little pups getting into all sorts of adventures along with their owners. 

Besides the vlog posts and comedy videos, there are some videos about caring for dachshunds. Playlists on this channel include Crusoe’s Media, Interviews & Press, Funny Dachshund Videos, and Dachshund Surgery & Recovery for IVDD.

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There you have it — our favorite dog-centric YouTube channels! Whether you’re interested in the breeding industry, searching for health advice, need practical training tips, or just want to waste some time at work (shh, we won’t tell!), these channels should be the first place you click. 

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