5 Best Podcasts for Breeders and Dog Lovers

Matt Matasci Matt Matasci · Updated July 14, 2023
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Don’t you love it when technology makes our jobs and lives easier? From online dog libraries to breeder-focused mobile apps, every year there’s new tech you can use to improve your breeding business. 

One easy way to gain more knowledge about breeding, training and general canine information is by listening to a podcast about dogs. Over the last decade the medium has exploded in popularity, with thousands of new programs available just about anywhere you listen to music. 

Even in a relatively narrow space like breeding, there are more podcasts than you could possibly listen to in a lifetime. We’ve researched some of the most popular dog-related podcasts to create a list of our five favorite podcasts for breeders!

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Wear Wag Repeat is a great podcast about dogs!

5. Wear Wag Repeat

  • 224 episodes
  • 30-40 minutes

Wear Wag Repeat is a pet entrepreneur podcast hosted by dog lover Tori Mistick. The company’s aim is to dispense practical advice to “dog moms” — and while the focus is on women in the pet industry, the content is useful for every dog lover. 

There’s much more to the business than a podcast about dogs, as Mistick has a catalog of helpful blog entries, paid online courses, coaching for budding “petrepreneurs” and much more. 

Mistick has seen plenty of attention outside of the pet world. In fact, Wear Wag Repeat has been featured on Good Morning America, The Wall Street Journal and Good Housekeeping. 

Episodes of Wear Wag Repeat include:

  • The Business Side of Dog Training with Veronica Boutelle
  • Pricing Mindset for Your Pet Business: Julie Swan Dog Breeder Society
  • Marilyn Yacobovsky of PawPointer Will Help You Find Your Next Dog

The Honest Dog Breeder is an excellent podcast about dogs, focusing on running a breeding business.

4. The Honest Dog Breeder Podcast

  • 48 episodes
  • 10-20 minutes

Hosted by real-life dog breeder Julie Swan, The Honest Dog Breeder Podcast launched in June 2021. The episodes are short (usually around 15 minutes) and to the point, focusing on one specific breeder-related topic that dispenses advice on how to have “an honest dog breeding program that also pays the bills.”

While the focus of the podcast about ethics in breeding dogs, there are many other topics that Swan explores. The Honest Dog Breeder website also helpfully breaks down the episodes by theme, including Business Management, Dog & Puppy Management, Facility Management and People Management. If you really love her advice, she also offers one-on-one coaching!

Episodes of The Honest Dog Breeder Podcast include:

  • Why The World Needs More Honest Dog Breeders
  • Why You Need a Website for Your Kennel
  • What You Need to Start Dog Breeding
  • How to Define Your Success as a Dog Breeder
  • How to Maintain Integrity In Your Breeding Program

3. Fenzi Dog Sports Podcast

  • 275 episodes
  • 20-60 minutes

Fenzi Dog Sports Academy is a major name in dog training for sporting competitions, so it’s no surprise their podcast is very popular. It’s one of the longest running podcasts on our list, premiering in 2016. It has 275 episodes to date — though you can only access 100 of them via services like Apple Music and Spotify. Just head to the podcast website to listen to older episodes. 

This podcast is great for breeders raising dogs with competition in mind; it’s also a good resource for buyers who want their pups to compete down the road. The podcast is hosted by Fenzi’s marketing expert Melissa Breau and is all about interviews and roundtable discussions revolving around raising dogs. We love that there’s a lot of variety with this podcast — interview episodes are usually around 20 minutes long while roundtable discussions can be upwards of an hour long. 

Episodes of Fenzi Dog Sports Podcast include:

  • Dogs with Big Feelings
  • Training for the Sensitive Soul
  • Predation in Dogs
  • Aged To Perfection: Living with Aging Dogs
  • Aggression in Dogs

2. Pure Dog Talk

  • 535 episodes
  • 30-30 minutes

Pure Dog Talk is just what its title would suggest — a podcast dedicated to talking about purebreds. It’s another of the longest running podcasts on our list, premiering in 2016 and tallying well over 500 episodes during that time. It’s hosted by Laura Reeves, who is an AKC Breeder of Merit, AKC judge and retired member of the Professional Handlers Association

Her reputation amongst breeders, trainers and handlers is impeccable, and she’s finished with group winners from all seven breed variety groups. Not only that, she now specializes in rare and difficult breeds — making her the perfect host to dish knowledge on a wide range of purebreds. We recommend this podcast because of Reeves’ impressive background.

Episodes of Pure Dog Talk include:

  • Breeder, Buyer, Vet: Let’s TALK!
  • Special Reproductive Considerations for Rare Breeds
  • Dog Trainers and Dog Breeders Working Together
  • Show Dogs or Breeding Dogs? The Same Dogs?
  • Research Study Seeks to Predict Hip Dysplasia Early

We love Good Dog and it's podcast The Good Dog Pod is all about raising dogs.

1. The Good Dog Pod

  • 103 episodes
  • 25-40 minutes

It’s no coincidence we featured Good Dog in our post How Breeders Find a Puppy Buyer Online and now The Good Dog Pod is on our best dog podcasts list. Good Dog is one of our favorite puppy marketplaces because it has high standards for breeders and doesn’t charge a dime to list puppies! 

Of course, many of the users on Good Dog are potential puppy buyers, so the content of The Good Dog Pod is aimed at breeders and buyers alike. The show provides the latest updates in canine health and vet care; training; behavior science; even legislation and advocacy!

Episodes of The Good Dog Pod include:

  • Building a Breeding Program with Health Testing
  • All About Hips
  • Breeder to Breeder: Resuscitating and Saving Puppies 
  • Dog Contracts: Concerns and Considerations

Other Great Podcasts for Breeders 

The Functional Breeding Podcast

This is a temporary hiatus, but don’t hesitate to hit that subscribe button for The Functional Breeding Podcast because it will return eventually. The Functional Breeding Collaborative is the organization behind this podcast. The collaborative dedicates itself to supporting ethical breeding. 

Jessica Hekman hosts the podcast and most episodes are around an hour long. Because it’s connected with a breeding organization, it offers a unique perspective for dog owners.

Down and Back 

Did you know that the American Kennel Club has a podcast? It’s called Down and Back: Stories from the American Kennel Club Archives and it has sublime narration by Bud Boccone, slick production style and plenty of dry humor that recalls classic podcasts like This American Life. 

While the other podcasts on our list are infotainment, Down and Back is pure entertainment — it’s all true stories from AKC events. Episodes are usually short-but-sweet at 20-25 minutes a pop.

We are Invested in the Breeder Community 

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