Company Updates - For Drivers - News & Updates - 22 March 2022

CitizenShipper Partners with Swyft Filings

At CitizenShipper we’re always making an effort to improve the user experience for our driver community. With our new partnership with the world’s leading business formation platform, Swyft Filings, you now can quickly and aff […]

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Know how to file taxes as an independent contractor.

For Drivers - 18 February 2022

Tax Filing Guide for Drivers

Whether you’ve been a transporter for years or you’re just getting started, you’ve probably wondered how to file taxes as an independent contractor. Non-traditional employment has become very popular since the pandemic began […]

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Animal Transport - For Drivers - 09 February 2022

10 Best Cars for Transporting Dogs in 2022

A standout driver profile, positive reviews from previous customers and excellent communication skills are the three biggest keys to winning shipments on CitizenShipper. However, the status of your vehicle also plays a role in pla […]

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For Drivers - How to Win on CitizenShipper - 27 January 2022

How to Win on CitizenShipper: Writing A Standout Profile

Welcome to CitizenShipper and congratulations on taking the first step toward creating your own business! On our shipping platform, you have the freedom and flexibility to earn money by completing transportation jobs when you want […]

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For Customers - For Drivers - News & Updates - Pet Safety - 31 August 2021

Hurricane Ida Humanitarian/Relief

  As Hurricane Ida devastates the Gulf coast, relief efforts are already underway for the battered residents suffering from flooding, power loss, and a host of other problems. At CitizenShipper we want to help in any way we c […]

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For Drivers - Pet Health - Pet Safety - 02 July 2021

First Aid Basics for Pet Transporters | CitizenShipper

  Keeping your pet well and healthy is the core of your job as a pet carrier. To do so, most importantly, you should keep in mind that you don’t know the pet. With every new pet that you’re transporting, you have to try i […]

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ebay car

For Drivers - Vehicle Shipping - 18 April 2021

Is Buying a Car on eBay Safe?

Shopping for a car online comes with many advantages. You have an almost infinite range of vehicles, meaning more possibility for finding the car of your dreams, which let’s face it is less likely to be available locally. Howeve […]

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For Drivers - Pet Shipping - 23 March 2021

Getting Started As A Pet Transporter

A pet shipper or pet transporter is a person or company that assists people in moving their animals from one location to another. The transport can occur by any means but is most commonly via a car, van, or airplane.  Pet shipper […]

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