How To Ship Baked Goods

CitizenShipper CitizenShipper · Updated January 16, 2024

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There’s nothing like your mom’s baked goods, but getting a taste of home when you live several states away can be a challenge. Because of their perishable nature, shipping baked goods takes planning and timeliness. Here’s a few tips for shipping baked goods.

First, you’ll need to determine if the treats you want to ship will hold up during transport. Items like cookies, brownies, muffins, breads and cupcakes usually do very well in long distance shipment. There are also a handful of baked items that can be difficult to ship – truffles can melt, cake frosting usually hardens, and the texture of fudge may appear chalky after transport. So, be realistic in choosing what you’ll package and send to friends and family. Obviously, a chocolate cake with fudge frosting won’t arrive in the same condition it was in on your kitchen counter.

Preparation is the next step once you’ve decided which baked goods you’d like to ship. It is essential to keep moisture out of the packaging, so be sure to let everything cool completely before preparing baked goods for transport. A good rule of thumb is to allow your treats to rest at least twice their baking time, if not more. Also, because the clock starts ticking on perishable items as soon as they come out of the oven, be sure you have your shipping arrangements complete before you start the baking process.

Small foodstuffs like cookies and brownies are best prepped for shipment by wrapping them individually in plastic wrap and placing them in a mid-sized box that will eventually go into a larger shipping container. Be sure these smaller goodies do not have room to move around – newsprint is fine for bracing them in their separate boxes. An important note: airtight containers like Tupperware seal in moisture, so it’s best to avoid using them for long-distance shipping, although there are some exceptions like granola, nuts and the method detailed below.

Some intrepid baking-shippers have discovered a unique way to get a taste of home to their loved ones by baking their favorite treats in sealable jars. The baking time is adjusted upwards by 50% and the mixture is poured into half of the jar. After cooking, the jars are then frozen to wick away moisture and finally sealed with locking metals tops. This can work for cakes, cobblers, and brownies, but the sky’s the limit with a bit of experimentation.

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