What Every Pet Owner needs to Know about Shipping their Pet

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Pet Shipping challenges are best dealt with by collecting a list of the numerous things that you you need to do to prepare, and then diligently executing your ‘Pets To Do’ list. At some point or the other, people need to carry their pets – be it a cat or a dog when they relocate from one city to another, either in the short term or in the long term. On Occasion, it is not practically possible to leave your pets under the custody of another person. At such times, you as the owner, have no other choice but to take your friend along with you. There are numerous pet shipping companies which will take care of your pet, and will also guide you through the preparation that is needed, prior to shipping it.


This article discusses some of the primary features of pet Shipping – Vaccination, for example, knowing and understanding the rules specified by the airlines and the airport officials, carrying health and vaccination certificate, adding tag for identifying your pet generally and knowing who the owner is, buying a suitable crate, and familiarising the pet to the crate and the travel.

Pet Shipping with CitizenShipper


After visiting your veterinarian, just make sure that you preserve the documents that the officials will need for the trip, so that you avoid having so search for them around the house after putting them in a ‘special place’. Keep the tag handy and remember to carry it with you. You should go shopping for a suitable crate at a time when crates are available at a lower price – keep an eye out for sales. Your airline can also offer you tips on what they deem suitable, check with their website. Use your common sense and judge which crate will keep your cat/dog safe, happy, and comfortable. Purchase something that can be re-used and do not forget to keep the pet’s details, their height for example, handy, so that you may choose the crate that has the correct height. You must also be aware that the crate is able to accommodate other pet items too. While some pets adjust to their crates quickly, others may need a longer period of time to like and accept the crate. The crate must also be suitable for the type of journey undertaken too. You must paste a label on the crate, so that it becomes easy to identify.


Pet Shipping doesn’t have to be a headache if you follow a well designed plan, and allow yourself sufficient time for achieving the best possible results. Make sure that the crate allows free movement of the animal, without making it too large for shipping. You should verify whether your pet can be flown on the required date, since there is a threshold of pets that are allowed on board. Also, find out how much they will charge you for shipping the animal. You must check how other pet owners handle the uneasiness that pets face just before their travel.  It is better to use crates that are semi-covered, if the pet has to travel with luggage and in cold/hot environments. Crate fans are available, if you think that your pet is used to it.


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