“I’m Never Flying My Dog Again!” – Pet Transport Driver Saves the Day After Airline Cancels Dog’s Ticket

Matt Matasci Matt Matasci · Updated August 8, 2023

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If you’ve read any of our posts about the pros and cons of pet transport via airplane, you know that one big disadvantage is the uncertainty around air travel. You can spend months preparing for your dog’s big trip only to see it disrupted by anything from overcrowded planes, weather restrictions or improperly completed paperwork. Using CitizenShipper to hire a pet transporter is one way to avoid these issues.

Hot Weather Transforms a Stressful Situation in Desperation

That exact scenario happened to a pair of dog owners flying from Los Angeles to Tulsa, OK in September 2022. They had everything planned out and had even arrived at LAX when they learned the airline would cancel their tickets.

The reason? The temperature was going to be above 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot conditions preclude pets from riding in the cargo area. It’s to keep the pets safe, but for Michael (better known as Bear) and Marcela, it meant being stuck outside the terminal with their dogs in crates for 11 hours.

Pet Shipping with CitizenShipper

Every great story has a hero, and this one has a few. The first hero was a friendly shuttle driver who helped the family track down a dog-friendly hotel. His help ended their hours-long ordeal outside the airport.

Suzanne of CitizenShipper Comes to the Rescue with Pet Transport in a Pinch

While the hotel was more comfortable than the sidewalk, Bear and Marcela were still stranded. They were moving to Oklahoma, where a friend would put them up until they found their own home. With nowhere to go, they spent two long days at the hotel.

That’s where a CitizenShipper driver entered the picture and came to the rescue. The family learned about our unique two-way pet transport marketplace and created a listing.

They quickly received dozens of pet transport bids for the drive from California to Tulsa, with one bid standing out because of some fortuitous timing: Suzanne, the driver, would be arriving in Santa Monica the following night — just a few miles north of LAX.

It was one thing for Suzanne to be at the right place at the right time for the transport. But beyond that, her professionalism was a shining example of the service you can expect to receive from a CitizenShipper transporter.

Animal lovers like Suzanne are just one reason to use CitizenShipper for pet transport.

Suzanne Exceeds Expectations

Suzanne initially informed Bear and Marcela she’d be available to pick up the dogs the next morning on Tuesday. But, being ahead of schedule, she contacted the couple on Monday afternoon to tell them she could pick up their dogs that night and get the pet transport started early.

Suzanne even arrived at the hotel an hour earlier than she anticipated, immediately setting up her car to accommodate the dogs.

Bear and Marcela had a little added anxiety because their dogs can be shy around strangers and, at times, can be aggressive. This didn’t phase Suzanne at all, and she let the couple know that shyness and possible aggression wouldn’t be a problem.

As they expected, their larger dog, Whiskey, was a bit aggressive when he first met Suzanne. She countered that energy with kindness and love, quickly developing a bond and setting the dog at ease. She asked about using “doggy CBD” to help calm them, a suggestion to which Bear and Marcela agreed as they often use CBD to soothe their dogs.

After agreeing to a price, Suzanne headed east toward Tulsa. Meanwhile, the relieved couple retreated to their hotel room to prepare for their long-awaited flight to Oklahoma.

Only an hour after leaving, Suzanne sent over a video showing the dogs comfortably relaxing as they headed to their destination. Throughout the trip, she kept the dog owners in the loop by sending pictures and videos of the journey. The dogs were happy and well cared for, bringing massive comfort to Bear and Marcela.

A few more of Suzanne's happy riders booked for a CitizenShipper pet transport.

Saying Goodbye to Suzanne

The icing on the cake is Suzanne arrived at the destination in Tulsa six hours ahead of schedule! At that point, Bear and Marcela had already arrived and were missing their “kids.”

And no, her fast delivery was not due to speeding, unsafe driving or skipping potty breaks. In fact, Bear and Marcela commended Suzanne on how thorough she was with the pups.

One incredible phenomenon that occurs with the best drivers on CitizenShipper is the bond they develop with the pets they transport and the people they work with. Unsurprisingly, this was the case with Suzanne, as the dogs were reluctant to say goodbye to their new friend and Bear and Marcela feel they’ve made a great new friend as well.

Using CitizenShipper for Pet Transporter Eases the Anxiety of Pet Transport

Being separated from your pet is stressful — that’s why it’s important to book a pet transporter you trust. CitizenShipper drivers are reliable, animal-loving professionals that have been vetted and pass stringent background checks.

Stories like the one Bear and Marcela shared are excellent examples of how CitizenShipper pet transport can save the day when other transporters can’t complete the job. The airline cancellation was to protect the welfare of the dogs but it highlights the uncertainty of air travel.

In the end, while the ride took a bit longer and involved some unnecessary stress due to the unreliability of the airline, Bear and Marcela’s dogs had an excellent experience with Suzanne.

If you have an upcoming pet transport need, head to CitizenShipper. It’s free to post a listing and review quotes from drivers. Find your own pet transport hero like Suzanne!