Local Trucking Jobs

CitizenShipper CitizenShipper · Updated: March 8, 2023 / Published: June 6, 2013

Driving a freight truck is often considered a long haul experience, where great distances are traveled, and much of the driver’s time is consumed on the highway. However, operating a truck and trailer can be performed at short distances too. This is where the driver hauls freight city to city, where the trips are often 100 miles or so. These local truck-driving jobs are often offered on a daily schedule, and sometimes even a regular route.

Working from a Home Base

Local truck driving jobs usually allow the driver to head out from the home base on single or multiple trips every working day. Many options available for local truckers include a driving shift that last up to 10 hours. Most of the trucks that are available still have all of the amenities as a long haul semi-truck. This includes great ventilation, ergonomically designed interiors, climate control, and lifts along with a variety of options for loading and unloading.

Even though the drivers will be exposed to many of the outdoor environments, including the fumes and noises involved when loading and unloading, the weather conditions are often predictable. The climate is often unpredictable in long hauls. Based on the location, the driver can expect to be in nearly the same weather conditions when they arrive at the destination, as they did when they left their home base.

Returning Home Every Night

The most significant beneficial option for local trucker is their ability to return to the home base at the end of every working day. By operating independently, or working for the right company, they can choose exactly the type of hours they want to work, and the reach of their destination points to ensure that they return home at the end of every shift.

The Need for Local Truck Drivers

Before the recession of 2008, there were significantly more local truckers working in the market delivering short haul freight to local destinations. Now that there is a significant upswing in the economy, there is a greater demand for truck drivers once again. The opportunities are nearly endless in the wide array of industries that are hiring now.

The available local truck driving jobs are continuously seeking quality highly skilled drivers to make short-haul freight deliveries. Many of these jobs need drivers that have specific licenses along with required certifications for transporting oversize loads, hazardous materials, specialized vehicles and other important materials. However, local truck driving jobs are also available with the standard pickup and delivery in a localized area.

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