For Drivers » Motorbikes · Updated June 20, 2023

Transporting Motorcycles: A Beginner’s Guide

The idea of transporting a motorcycle may seem intimidating at first, but motorcycles are actually among the easiest items to ship, requiring inexpensive equipment and no more than a single transporter.

Courier Jobs » For Drivers · Updated March 08, 2023

How Stacked Shipments Helped Me Earn a Bit More

While the CitizenShipper platform does a great job connecting drivers to clients, it’s not very beginner-friendly. When I was just starting out, I couldn’t figure out how people made any money this way! I was bidding on all sorts of routes in my area, both the busy ones and those less so. Yet somehow, I

Driver Interviews » For Customers · Updated September 25, 2023

Driver Interviews: Cherisse’s Pet Transportation Venture Adds up to a Growing Opportunity

With her background in accountancy, including working for some major companies, Cherisse Lewis took some time to make sure that the numbers all added up before taking the plunge and starting work in pet transportation through CitizenShipper. But she also decided that, rather than go down the road of operating as a sole trader, she

Local Trucking Jobs

Trucking Jobs · Updated March 08, 2023

Local Trucking Jobs

Driving a freight truck is often considered a long haul experience, where great distances are traveled, and much of the driver’s time is consumed on the highway. However, operating a truck and trailer can be performed at short distances too. This is where the driver hauls freight city to city, where the trips are often