Dogs in the Air – Fly with Your BFF?

For Shippers · Pet Shipping · 15 December 2021

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Are you planning on flying somewhere for vacation? Are you considering bringing your dog along with you? Or are you planning to get a new puppy or dog from outside your area and have it flown home to where you live?

Transporting your pet via an airplane may sound like a great idea, but it may not be the best thing for your furry friend. Air travel has many restrictions that may bar you from bringing your dog along for the ride, and many potential hazards that may have you rethinking the option.

If you’re wondering, “can I buy a seat for my dog on an airplane,” then you came to the right article! We will go over if you can take your big dog on the flight with you and other great alternatives for transportation.

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Can I Buy a Seat for My Dog on an Airplane?

If you find yourself searching the internet for “which airlines will let you buy a seat for your dog?,” we are here to tell you that, unfortunately, none of them do. Some, however, make exceptions for service dogs, but you need to check with the specific airline for its requirements.

Not only is noise a concern, but so is the safety of your dog and the passengers on the plane. Any disruption or accident caused by your dog is sure to be embarrassing, and someone may come after you—or the airline—for any damages or injuries.

So while you can’t buy a ticket and send your dog on a plane ride to meet you on the other side like you could, say, a human child, there are some options if you feel flight is the best way.

How to Bring Your Big Dog on a Plane

Unfortunately, there is no way you’re going to be able to take a big dog on an airplane in the cabin with you. If you have a smaller dog that can fit in a carrier under the seat in front of you, you can do that. Flying with a large dog in-cabin is not feasible due to weight and height restrictions.

Airlines also have policies that can further restrict you from bringing your dog onboard. Most airlines require you to have a bite-proof, leak-proof, and breathable carrier for your pup. Since bigger dogs cannot fit into a carrier of that size or with those requirements, they cannot travel alongside you in the cabin.

Can You Take a Big Dog on a Plane?

As mentioned earlier, it is nearly impossible for your larger dog to ride along with you in the cabin of an airplane. Some airlines, such as Delta, allow you to bring your pets aboard, but if they are over the height or weight limits, they’ll send your dog over to cargo.

If your dog is an inexperienced flyer, flying cargo may stress them out and cause other issues. If your dog is a restricted breed, you may face even more restrictions with certain airlines. 

How to Fly With Your Dog

Granted you can bring your dog on the plane with you, you will want to review the airline’s restrictions. If you’re planning to travel internationally, you definitely want to make sure you check the rules and regulations before you even book your flight.

Make sure that you meet with your veterinarian well ahead of your scheduled flight. Your vet will examine your dog to make sure they are in good shape to travel.

Flying With a Large Dog Alternatives

There are so many restrictions on air travel that are always changing, especially as a result of the pandemic. There are many flight cancellations and changes that are happening every day. These delays and cancellations will definitely put a kink in your travel plans, making it hard to transport your pet by air.

A better alternative to flying your dog around is to invest in ground transportation. If you are not able to get transportation help from a friend or family member, your best option is to reach out to a licensed pet transporter.

How to Find a Transporter

If you’re looking for a licensed pet transporter to move your dog, consider using a shipping marketplace. CitizenShipper is a one such marketplace that hosts many reputable and licensed pet transporters. When you get to CitizenShipper’s website, you are able to input your transportation needs, and CitizenShipper will handle matching you up with the best transporter for your needs. 

This company will send out your list to reputable transporters, and the transporters will get back to you as soon as possible. Often you’ll start receiving responses and quotes within minutes.

You have the opportunity to speak with these transporters and ask the questions you need to put your mind at ease. Once you have selected the best transporter for your pup, the company will finalize the details, and you’re all set!

Reliable Shipping Network

As we now know, the answer to “can I buy a seat for my dog on an airplane” is “no,” but that doesn’t mean you don’t have good options. Employing a reliable and affordable transportation service to bring your pet to you may be the best decision you make aside from adopting your pup.

CitizenShipper has the proper resources and network of transporters who will ensure your dog gets to its destination safely and stress-free. Get your free quote started today, to get in touch with the best licensed pet transporter for you and your pet’s needs.


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