Best Motorcycle Tie-Down Straps: Citizenshipper’s Top 10 Picks

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Anyone who’s even dabbled in motorcycle shipping knows the importance of quality strapping. Professional haulers can also testify to that, and often do! Based on their feedback, here’s our selection of ten best motorcycle tie-down straps for this summer.

But first, let’s just quickly look into what makes a good tie-down strap.

Your Motorcycle Strapping Choices

Before comparing tie-down straps, we first need to know what kind of qualities we’re after. Here are just some of the characteristics you might want to take into account:

  • Basic type
  • Load capacity
  • Length and width
  • Make and material
  • Hooks and accessories

The two most common types of tie-down straps are cam buckles and ratchet straps. They operate in slightly different ways, as explained in this video. Cam buckles are generally used for lighter loads — most motorcycle transporters favor the more robust ratchet straps. 

The load capacity is possibly the most important quality you should be looking for. Every set of straps lists its capacity, also known as “breaking strength” or “load limit”. Make sure your motorcycle is well within that range!

The length and width of a tie-down strap can vary widely. Cam buckles are typically 1-2 inches in width, while ratchet straps often go up to 4 inches. The length is adjustable, usually allowing plenty of slack.

The make and material of the strap is another important consideration. You’ll want them as sturdy as they come, resistant to force, weather, and UV radiation. Your typical choices are nylon and polyester — the former is a little cheaper, the latter a little harder. 

Finally, also take into account what attachment hardware is fitted to the end of the strap. These include various hooks, rings, clasps, and other fittings. If worried about the chance of these causing damage to your motorcycle, consider soft loop accessories. These can be added between the basic strap’s steel hook and the bike’s fork or handlebar.

And now, on to the top list! Here’s our selection of ten best motorcycle tie-down straps out there.

9 Best Motorcycle Tie-Down Straps

1. Badass MotorgearTie Down Kit

These ratchet straps are sold as a part of an all-inclusive bundle that should contain everything you need to ship your motorcycle wherever it needs to be. The bundle also contains an excellent user guide that should make strapping your bike easy even if it is your first time doing it. They might be a tad bit on the expensive side, but if you want to make sure your two-wheeler will reach its destination without a scratch, these extra soft, yet very strong straps might be a good choice. Despite being slightly longer (10’) than some other straps included on the list, they might still not be long enough for some of the taller bikes.

2. DC Cargo Mall Motorcycle Ratchet Tie-Downs

The two tie-down straps included in this package are quite thick and wide, and unlike most others on the market, they have sewn D-rings to snap a strap into. However, these are non-adjustable so you have to make certain their length (8’) is ideal for your bike. They are weather-resistant and won’t stretch even when wet. Clearance hooks with safety latches mean you can be confident your motorcycle will stay exactly where you left it no matter how rough of a ride it’s been through.  

3. Sunferno Heavy Duty Ratchet Straps

These ratchet straps boast a fantastic 15’ in length which means you can use them even for bigger motorcycles without fearing they could lose some of their tensile strength. They have rubberized hooks to ensure your beloved bike does not suffer any damage during the haul. Their relatively low price makes them an excellent choice for most motorcycle owners. However, they are slightly difficult to install so they might not be suitable for first-timers. 

4. Vault Cargo Management Premium Ratchet Tie Down

These beautiful tie-down straps are an excellent choice for those of you with lightweight to medium motorcycles. Each strap comes with a 500 lb capacity and is expertly designed for easy handling. The sophisticated ratchet mechanism ensures your bike will stay in one place while the soft hooks which come with these straps prevent scratching even on bumpiest of rides. 

5. Vehiclex Ratchet Tie Down Straps

This set of Vehiclex straps is on the expensive side, but not without a reason. The S-hooks that come with the kit feature a special safety clip to protect the webbing from slipping off during the drive. The ergonomic rubber grip handle of the ratchet mechanism makes both tying and unloosing a breeze, while its lockable spring-loaded release mechanism prevents accidental opening.

6. Pro Taper 1.5″ Tie Downs

This pair of long, wide tie-downs features a cam buckle mechanism with clamps on either end. Their break strength is a respectable twelve hundred pounds and their length is seven feet. Made of nylon webbing, they are narrow enough at 1.5 inches to easily loop back through a hook. Like other cam buckle tie-downs, they’re very easy to cinch as well as release. Honestly, the only downside we can spot is their relatively high price point.

7. RHINO USA Heavy-Duty Tiedown Kit

Another heavy-duty set of motorcycle ratchet straps, this product by Rhino USA offers unparalleled load capacity. You’d do very well to find a set of four straps that can outdo 10,427 lbs. And honestly, why would you ever need more? You’re hauling a motorcycle, not a Sherman tank! Apart from excellent tensile strength, what else do these straps have going for them? Well, the ratchet mechanism appears to be very solidly built, the width is 1.7” and the length is 17”. Best of all, they come with soft loops included — a detail that many heavy-duty kits neglect.

8. FORTEM Ratchet Tie Down Straps

Fortem tie-down straps offer a great bang for your buck. With an impressive maximum load capacity of 500 lbs and a break strength of 1,500 lbs., they are sure to keep a motorcycle of almost any size safe on any trip. Their sturdy polyester webbing and stainless steel S hooks are able to withstand all sorts of weather conditions without being damaged. As a bonus, this bundle comes with a convenient carry bag which is sure to please frequent travelers. 

9. PowerTye 1½” x 6½ft Heavy-Duty Ratchet Tie-Downs

Unlike most of the straps available on the market today, which are designed in the US but made in China, PowerTyre ratchet tie-downs are 100 % American-made. The quality materials used for every part of this set ensures that they can hold a wide range of motorcycles. Unlike any other straps on this list, these come with the carabineers which are commonly believed to be far safer than either S or U hooks. Ratchet adjustment on these straps is made easy and comfortable by inserting rubberized handles. Unfortunately, they are slightly short (6.5 ft.) which means you might not be able to use them with taller bikes.

We hope this list helps you choose the straps that will make hauling your motorcycle less of a hassle. And for broader information on motorcycle shipping, we recommend this article in particular. 

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