9 Best cat backpacks for 2020: Have your Kitty Travel in Style

Pet Shipping · 17 June 2020

10 Best cat backpacks for 2020: Have your Kitty Travel in Style

We recently wrote about purchasing the right carrier when transporting your cat. Before that, we offered advice on the best GPS pet trackers available in the market today. Continuing in the same fashion, here’s our selection of best cat backpacks for the summer of 2020. But first, a few words of advice!

What to look for when browsing cat backpacks ?

First time carrying your cat on your back? Here are the qualities for which you’ll want to be on the lookout when making the purchase.

  • Practicality: Where’s the little fluffy critter going anyway? Taking her on a hike might require one type of backpack, and taking her to the vet a completely different one.
  • Comfort: We all know how picky cats can be. Make sure your backpack provides the level of comfort they’re used to, or you’ll be returning it sooner than you think.
  • Convenience: Pockets and straps! A quality backpack can’t have enough of either. You never know which accessories you’ll need to secure on any given day.
  • Materials: You’ll want the backpack to be made of strong, supple fabrics, durable enough to resist a reasonable amount of scratching.
  • Ventilation: Finally, the key feature of a cat backpack is the way it manages the airflow. Make sure it keeps the humidity to a minimum and the temperature within comfortable limits.

9 Best Cat Backpacks

And finally, here are some of the best and most thoroughly-reviewed cat backpacks on the market. Since we’re not officially endorsing any of these, we’ve made the effort of showcasing only one product per brand.

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1. Blitzwolfe Pet Portable Carrier Space Capsule Backpack

Made of Oxford Cloth and polycarbonate materials, this cat backpack is by all accounts very comfortable to wear. It offers plenty of room and features an ergonomic strap design. The spherical transparent window is a nice touch for all you Sci-Fi lovers out there. Its single downside would be the price, but if your kitty deserves the best…

2. PetAmi Premium Pet Carrier Backpack for Travel & Outdoor Use

This durable bag can be swung low in one hand or hitched on your back. Either way, it’s surprisingly light for its size! Sixteen inches in height, it just fits into the size requirements of most major airlines. Still, you’ll barely feel the weight lugging your spoiled little fluffy monster around. The mesh panels offer a decent range of vision, and the price is surprisingly low.

3. Ytonet Ventilated Design Breathable Cat Bag for Travel Hiking Camping

Another ergonomically designed backpack, this one features thick pads with a supporting waist strap for extra stability. It may seem small, but it has a double-sided entryway known to help cats adjust to the carrier. It’s made of eco-friendly polyester fabric, and reportedly very sturdy.

4. Apollo Walker Pet Carrier Backpack for Large/Small Cats

This roomy carrier is so big that it barely deserves to be called a backpack. It’s great for the huskier cats, and will even fit a small dog if you have one. The mesh sides provide excellent ventilation and the padding is as soft as they come. The frame is collapsible, so even this massive backpack can be stored under an airplane seat.

5. KritterWorld Cat Backpack for Travel, Hiking, and Cycling

Another lightweight backpack, one of the smallest of the models we’re presenting here. It fits cats of up to 7 lbs and adds only about 1 lb to their weight on your back. You’ll barely feel it’s there, especially with the nylon protecting you from scratching. It comes with a free feeding bowl, so there’s also that!

6. Pecute Pet Carrier Backpack for Camping 

Another model made for cats and dogs alike, this backpack will hold pets up to 18 lbs in weight. It’s more than roomy enough for smaller cats to roam around in, and can even be expanded when at rest. Made of environmentally-friendly Oxford cloth, it features plenty of pockets on each side and adjustable bottom layers that help you manage the temperature.

7. Texsens Innovative Traveler Bubble Backpack Pet Carriers

Offering an unparalleled perspective, this carrier has mesh panels on all three sides. It should be easy for your cat to keep an eye on things, whether peaking through the top window or not. At the bottom is a sturdy, scratch-proof, washable pad. It’s listed as supporting cats of up to 17 pounds.

8. FREESOO Backpack Pet Carrier for Cats and Small Dogs

Another relative lightweight, this cat backpack supports cats up to 10 pounds/11 inches. Some reviewers even testify that it handles pets of 18 lbs in weight easily! It’s very well ventilated and offers extra security measures in the form of an extra metal clip. The one downside is the somewhat flimsy supporting surface at the bottom 

9. Lollimeow Pet Rolling Backpack with Wheels

This clever design allows you to use this container as either a backpack or a rolling carrier! It features a separate storage layer for the former type of use and a telescope-handle for the latter. It doesn’t come cheap, but it’s fairly spacious and can support animals of up to 15 lbs in weight.

Featured Image credit: thefluffykitty.com

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