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Your best friend deserves only the best. CitizenShipper matches you with caring and reliable, background-vetted pet transporters who will treat your dog like family. We want you to select the best driver for the job — not settle on one. You'll have the freedom to read reviews and chat with drivers before booking. Match with trusted drivers in just minutes.

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Top-rated, industry-leading transport

Top-rated, industry-leading transport

CitizenShipper is the highest 5-star-rated transport marketplace in the world.

Booking Assurance Guarantee

Booking Assurance Guarantee

Rest easy with refund protection 1, driver replacement guarantee and dedicated support.

$1k Pet Protection Coverage

$1k Pet Protection Coverage

CitizenShipper is the first and only transport platform that covers every journey with a $1,000 Pet Protection Plan. Your pet's safety and comfort are always #1.

Drivers you can trust

Drivers you can trust

Enjoy peace of mind with stringent background checks 2 , detailed profiles and direct contact with every driver.

Stellar customer support

Stellar customer support

Our team responds to questions 324% faster than the industry average!

How To Ship A Dog: Understanding the Different Options for Pet Relocation Services

There are many reasons and ways to move a dog across the United States or internationally. However, no matter how or why you're moving a pet, two things are non-negotiable: their safety and comfort.

Traveling can be an overwhelming experience for canines, especially those who aren’t used to being in a car or being separated from their owners. Understanding the options available for pet transportation services gives you the confidence that you’re making the right choice.

For thousands of pet owners, CitizenShipper is the go-to source of reliable, affordable pet delivery services.

Charlette Small
Charlette Small

Was in a tizzy about getting my newly adopted puppy to me from OH to MT. Didn't realize he was a 'snub nose' breed and couldn't fly in cargo. Started intense and avid research. So glad I found CitizenShipper. I had control in my decision in reviewing the offers which came in, selecting my transporter based on my personal needs/criteria...

Melissa Chenevert
Melissa Chenevert

I had my puppy ship from Illinois to Georgia. The driver was very courteous he kept me informed with calls text and pictures of my puppy along the way. I highly recommend them.

Germaine Danielle Stone
Germaine Danielle Stone

Couldn't ask for a better experience. Tobey was fantastic the entire transition. The entire experience went smoother than I could have imagined.

Alison Sinnott
Alison Sinnott

Listed a trip for a service dog for a trip from Florida to New York and had 5 quotes within 15 minutes. Very easy to use website and a LOT of choices!

Maya Emelle
Maya Emelle

The best pet delivery service.

Angela Sudakova
Angela Sudakova

I didnt realize you could basically pay people to ship things. I needed to get my 12 year old pup to Maryland from Oklahoma, but I was about to move to the complete other side, California. Flying her only gave me nightmares. The site is well constructed and you put in your details, and drivers bid on the shipment. You can then review the shippers profiles and pick the one that best fits you. My driver and I had a miscommunication at first, but he quickly fixed it and gave me some of my money back for the mistake. Overall, a great service.

Customer satisfaction rating: 4.8

48,624 reviews

Airline Pet Cargo Services for Long-Distance Pet Travel

If Possible, Avoid Layovers When Transporting a Dog by Air

  • Small dogs are allowed in the cabin of the airplane; larger breeds will need to ride in the cargo area.
  • No matter which part of the plane your furry family member travels in, make a point of booking a direct flight wherever possible — this increases the likelihood of a safe journey.
  • Layovers can be a stressful experience for pets - especially if they travel in cargo.
  • While it's rare, layovers also add the risk of the airline misplacing your dog or boarding him onto the wrong flight.

Research Pet Relief Areas When Using Air Travel for Pet Relocation

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has a regulation that states all pets must stay in their carriers at all times while at the airport, including layovers. One exception for animals being transported? Pet relief areas at airports.

  • This is a great opportunity for your pet to take care of his business and let him stretch his legs a bit.
  • If he won't be able to use a pet relief area on your journey, line the carrier with puppy pads to absorb any accidents.
  • Another exception to the requirement is service animals.

Dog Transportation in the Airplane Cabin

Flying in the cabin is always the most preferred method of air travel with any pet. If you have a smaller pooch that weighs under 20 pounds, is over eight weeks old and fully weaned, and has a carrier that fits under the seat, it's eligible to travel in the cabin. How do you prepare for an in-cabin flight with a dog?

  • Obtain a valid health certificate from a licensed vet.
  • Call the airline ahead of time to be sure your pet can join you on a specific flight.
  • Avoid feeding before the flight — this limits their need to “go” during the flight.
  • Arrive at the airport a little earlier — this ensures you'll have enough time for check-in.

Get your dog on the road in three easy steps

Tell us about your dog

Give us all the info on your little buddy: name, age, breed, health condition. Also list the pick-up and drop-off locations, as well as the time of the transport.

Get matched to transporters

We carefully match your pet with transporters who love animals as much as you do. You'll have the freedom to read thousands of customer reviews and chat with drivers before booking.

Select and book your driver

When transporters send in their shipping quotes, choose the one you like best and — relax. All that's left to do is welcome your pup at the destination!

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I could NOT be happier. I had a live location on Bruce from start to finish. Without prompting I had received the live location, photo and video updates daily, all forms of ID from Luis, and reassurance from him that felt honest and genuine. As active duty personnel can tell you, transferring can be...


$1,000 Pet Protection Plan - Included with all pet transports

Professional Transport Services Safely and Comfortably Relocate Pets

No matter how you ship your pet across the country, you should know the qualities of a pet transportation expert. Not only does it ensure your fur-baby will arrive safely at its destination, but you'll have added peace of mind. Some traits to look for when hiring pet transport services include:

  • They're trained and experienced in handling pets during transit.
  • If they provide pet crates, they should be properly ventilated, well constructed and the appropriate size.
  • They only use temperature-controlled vehicles.
  • They stop for regular bathroom and exercise breaks.

Select and ship with peace of mind

  • Stringent background checks 4.
  • USDA-certification and Driver ID verification.
  • Detailed profiles and customer reviews help you select with confidence.
  • Photos of drivers and their vehicles so you know who and what to expect.
  • Pet Protection Plans and 24/7 mobile access to veterinary care.
  • Drivers who have completed Pet First Aid certifications from the Red Cross.
  • Unmatched customer support for any questions or concerns along the way. We're here for you 7 days a week!

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Dog?

It's hard to give an exact estimate on how much specific services will cost will cost. Several factors affect the cost of a pet move. These include:

  • Size and breed
  • Time of the year in which travel takes place
  • Method of travel
  • Distance of the trip
  • Door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal
  • If you or the transporter provide a carrier
  • Special considerations required for your pet
  • Solo VIP service or rideshare service
  • Size and breed
  • Whether it's domestic or international pet travel

Hiring a Traditional Pet Transporter

Pet shipping companies are everywhere. While there are some mom-and-pop operations, they usually only work locally. They have a small fleet of drivers that deliver pets. Other businesses operate as a dispatch service, connecting you with their team of drivers.

Does FedEx Transport Dogs?

To keep it simple: no, FedEx will not deliver a pet to its new home. And unfortunately, other carriers like UPS and the US Postal Service (USPS) don't offer pet transport either. It's not possible to mail any domestic pets through FedEx, USPS or UPS.

Get Free Dog Transport Quotes From Reputable Companies

One of the first steps in pet transport is getting quotes. To get quotes in the past, you could either call or each individual business. It often takes hours to receive quotes from emailed requests. This is a time-consuming process, and you have no ability to discuss the cost.

This is how searching for transportation quotes was done in the past. But we've helped pet owners with an easier way to get quotes for shipping pets.

  • Use CitizenShipper and the transporters will come to you with quotes.
  • You don't need to do deep-dive Google searches.
  • Instead, you create one listing, and transporters on the marketplace near you compete in a reverse auction by submitting quotes for their services.

Use a Two-Way Marketplace Like CitizenShipper

A convenient alternative to using traditional movers is a pet shipping marketplace like CitizenShipper. They offer the same services as a traditional transporter with many unique benefits.

Some of the perks include:

  • After you post a listing, a variety of transporters provide quotes in a reverse-bidding system. This competition results in lower prices.
  • On CitizenShipper, you can communicate with the transporters using an instant messaging system. This makes it easy to express any concerns, outline any special considerations are needed, and discuss the price of the trip.
  • Every trip includes a Pet Protection Plan.

CitizenShipper's Pet Protection Plan

One of the biggest perks of choosing to book a transporter through CitizenShipper is that every transport includes a pet protection plan. What is a pet protection plan?

A pet protection plan is a short-term contract that covers some or even all of the expenses relating to illness, injury or any other unexpected health-related costs along the trip.

  • It can be used in conjunction with your insurance — though if you have a high deductible you may not want to use your insurance at all!
  • Every trip on CitizenShipper includes a pet protection plan for costs up to $1,000

There you have it — free quotes that come right to your inbox with very little effort on your end. Then, if there's a transporter that meets your needs and fits your budget, it's a simple process to book the driver. Save time and your sanity with the easiest, most affordable way to find pet transporters on CitizenShipper!

Get your dogs to where they need to be, safely and swiftly

It takes about two minutes to get started. See and compare quotes.

For additional information, please consult the FAQ or browse through our Help Center articles. You can always drop us an email at support@citizenshipper.com.

Also, check out our blog for advice on preparing your dog for transportation, safety standards with high-risk breeds, and more.