Five-Star Review Applauds CitizenShipper’s Premiere Pet Transport

Cagri Sarigoz Cagri Sarigoz · Updated: September 18, 2023 / Published: September 18, 2023


At CitizenShipper, we understand transporting pets involves more than just secure logistics. It’s about ensuring the comfort, safety, and happiness of our furry pals during their journey. Hence, we’re committed to offering a service that’s not only efficient and trustworthy but also responsive to our clients and their pet’s desires. One of our elated customers, Teresa Tsitouris, applauds our service in a recent Trustpilot review mentioning, it is “super easy” and “consistently reliable.”

“An Experience Worth Repeating!”

“This service was a delightful experience! Super easy to use, full of supportive people. I felt completely safe entrusting my pet to them.” – Teresa Tsitouris

Surpassing the Usual

We, at CitizenShipper, don’t just aim to meet expectations, but to exceed them. Teresa’s five-star review epitomizes our strive to provide a stress-free experience, where you can concentrate on your pet’s well-being, leaving the logistics entirely to us. Her emphasis on how seamless our process encouraged us to maintain and enhance our streamlined operations.

Authentic, Dependable Transport Marketplace

Is CitizenShipper trustworthy? Is it a safe platform? Absolutely! The security of your possessions, particularly your pets, tops our priority list. Reviews like Teresa’s validate our dedication to safeguarding the items in transit. Our rigorous vetting process for drivers accounts for client’s tranquility and trust in our services.

Pet Shipping with CitizenShipper

Journey of Trust

Our mantra at CitizenShipper is “Every journey is a trusted journey”. We comprehend the apprehensions of pet owners entrusting their pet’s welfare to us. Our mission is to ensure your fur-baby’s journey is cozy, secure, and sprinkled with immense love and care, from the moment of pick-up through to delivery.

Committed Team

As per Teresa’s review, our team wasn’t just “super nice”, they were genuine pet-enthusiasts. This empathy derives not from mere professionalism, but an honest love for animals. With us, your pets are treated as our own, encompassing all the love, affection and respect they deserve.


We take on each transportation task with a commitment to service excellence, hoping to garner appreciations like Teresa’s review. By choosing CitizenShipper for pet transport, you’re choosing safe, professional, and caring hands for your furry buddy. We take immense pride in seeing our firm devotion acknowledged.

Ready to embark on a secure journey for your pet with CitizenShipper? Visit our pet transport page, explore our free pet transport quotes, and discover why we’re the preferred option for countless pet owners!