Where to Find the Safest Pet Shipping Services

Adaeze Nwakaeze Adaeze Nwakaeze · Updated August 8, 2023
A man ensuring pet summer safety while walking his dog on a dirt path at sunset.

The thought of shipping a beloved pet can be daunting. You may have misgivings about entrusting your furry friend’s safety to a complete stranger.

Your concerns are entirely justified. With stories of pet shipping services gone wrong, you should ensure your pet is in the best and safest hands possible.

But what are your options? Do you attempt to transport your pet yourself? Or do you leave it up to the professionals?

Pet Shipping with CitizenShipper

While transporting your pet yourself could seem like a great idea, it may not be the safest for your furry friend. Depending on the season and weather conditions, driving your pet could put you and your pet at risk.

That’s why finding a pet shipping service that is both reliable and trustworthy is essential. To help you, we’ve created this guide to the safest pet shipping services available.

Kinds of Pet Shipping Services Available

You’ll be glad to know that several pet shipping services are available for pet owners and breeders. From cars and planes to trains and even hiring traditional transporters, there is an option for everyone.

Depending on the distance, your budget and personal preference, you can use any of them. 

#1. Air Travel

Air travel is the fastest form of pet transport you can find. However, it’s also one of the most expensive and complicated. Most airports have strict regulations regarding the transport of live animals.

With air travel, you will have to book your pet’s travel with a certified carrier. The carrier will ensure you have all pet travel requirements like a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI), updated vaccination certificates and other documents.

Even with some help, you may still have to deal with a lot of paperwork and documentation. All of this paperwork can make the process too stressful to even consider.

In addition to the stress air transport can cause for pet parents, it can also be a risk to the pet’s health. For instance, there could be changes in air pressure which could affect their respiratory health. Other risks include delays, mishandling, and over-exposure to noise. All of this can make your pet distressed — or, even worse, sick.

So, before you opt for air transport for your pet, weigh the pros and cons and consider the size, age and breed of your pet as well.

#2. Train Travel

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, you might consider shipping your pet via train. Not only is it generally cheaper than flying, but some train companies offer special services that allow you to transport your pet in a comfortable environment.

Yes, you’ll still have to meet the regulations and paperwork requirements. Still, the process is usually much less stressful than air travel. If you don’t mind having your pet transported with other animals, then train travel is a great option. With the appropriate pet carrier and up-to-date paperwork, your pet can be on its way in no time!

#3. Ground Transportation

Ground transportation is a much better option for those who prefer to keep things simple and worry-free. This pet transport service offers more flexibility and is often the most affordable.

With ground transport, you can hire a professional pet driver or take the DIY route and transport your pet yourself. Of course, you will still have to ensure all safety regulations are followed and that you obtain the necessary paperwork.

If you decide to hire a professional, check their credentials and read reviews from previous clients. This way, you can rest assured that your pet is in safe hands.

Safety should always be your number one priority when transporting a beloved pet. With this in mind, consider the following ground transport options available for shipping your pet:

Car/Self Transport

On the surface, DIY pet transportation seems to be the most cost-effective way to transport your pet, but it can also be the most dangerous.

Depending on the time of year and weather conditions, driving safely with a pet in tow can be difficult. So, this option may not be for you if you don’t have the experience or skills to drive in extreme weather conditions.

Even with some basic pet travel experience, the journey can still be long and tiring for you and your pet, with no guarantee of safe arrival.

You will also have to factor in multiple stops for your pet to stretch their legs, eat and drink, and go potty. This means your journey may take longer than expected.

Then there’s the question of your pet’s safety when you take bathroom breaks — do you leave them in the car or take them with you? It’s a lot to consider. 

A long-distance journey will also require some form of overnight accommodation which can be expensive, especially if you’re traveling to a remote area — but even in a more populated area, pet-friendly accommodation can be hard to come by.

So, you want to consider all these factors before you decide to take the self-transport route.

Hiring Professional Pet Transport Services

If safety is your main concern, you can’t go wrong with hiring a qualified pet transporter. These professionals have the necessary experience and skills to ensure that your pet will arrive at its destination safe and sound.

Not only do they have the right equipment and vehicles to transport your pet, but they’ll also provide you with the peace of mind that your pet is in good hands.

Professional pet drivers are also knowledgeable about animal behavior, know the best routes to take and can even help you with the necessary paperwork and documentation to meet all pet travel regulations.

With that in mind, here are two ways you can find quality pet transport services:

Traditional Pet Transport Services

These local transport companies provide pet transport services, especially dog and cat transportation. They usually have their own fleet of vehicles designed for transporting pets.

But these companies can have limits on the type of service they offer. For example, some may only offer basic pet transport services without additional perks like pick-up and drop-off, veterinary care, or VIP services.

In that case, you may have to look elsewhere, especially if you have special requirements concerning your pet’s transport. Thankfully, a transport marketplace like CitizenShipper makes this fast and easy!

Online Pet Transport Marketplaces

An online marketplace like CitizenShipper is the perfect solution for busy pet owners. Here, you can connect with professional drivers, compare different pet transport services and book the one that best suits your needs.

In addition, the drivers on CitizenShipper are all professional pet transporters who have been pre-screened and vetted to ensure they meet the necessary standards and regulations. 

CitizenShipper’s vetting system guarantees maximum safety for pets and great customer satisfaction for pet parents — one of the reasons it is rated as the #1 pet transportation platform in the United States.

Here’s an overview of what makes CitizenShipper the best option for finding safe and reliable pet drivers:

  • USDA-certified drivers who are skilled in animal handling and are pet lovers themselves.
  • Pet transport companies that offer everything from basic transport services to special VIP pet transport packages.
  • A bidding system that allows you to compare different quotes and choose the one that best fits your needs.
  • A $1,000 Pet Protection Plan, vetted drivers, an instant messaging system that allows you to talk directly with your driver, 24/7 FirstVet services and more.

With thousands of successful pet transport completed, CitizenShipper is the go-to platform for pet owners looking for safe pet transport companies. And because CitizenShipper is trusted by over 100,000 pet lovers around the world, you can be confident that your pet is in the best hands.

Air flight is one approach to pet shipping. However, it's less reliable and has more stringent requirements than ground transport.

How Safe is Pet Shipping By Plane?

As one of the most popular pet transportation methods, many pet owners prefer flying because it’s convenient and relatively fast.

But while flying is generally considered safe, there are still some risks associated with it. According to the Humane Society of the United States, some animals are killed, injured or lost on commercial flights yearly.

In 2021, the Bureau of Transport Statistics received reports of seven animal deaths and injuries to fourteen other animals on US flights — sad incidents your pets shouldn’t have to go through.

The most common issues in air transport are pets suffering from respiratory problems, extreme hot or cold temperatures, rough handling, and lack of ventilation in the cargo hold, all of which can lead to severe health challenges.

Owing to this, snub-nosed or flat-faced pets like Pugs, Bulldogs, or Persian cats are particularly at risk of respiratory problems if they travel in an airplane. As a result, most airlines will not accept these breeds for transportation —creating extra inconveniences for the owners of these breeds. 

Add this to cases of flight cancellations, delays and other air travel limitations, and you can see why many pet parents opt for other forms of pet transportation. 

How Safe is Ground Pet Shipping?

When it comes to safety ground transportation is considered one of the safest means of pet shipping. 

That’s because the driver can keep an eye on your pet throughout the journey by ensuring that your pet is not exposed to extreme temperatures, rough handling or other hazardous conditions.

In addition, these drivers take stops along the way to check on your pet and give them a break from their journey. They also factor in your pet’s unique condition — whether they are elderly or have other medical conditions — to provide the best possible comfort and care.

Although you can find traditional pet transporters experienced and capable of providing a safe journey, using a professional pet shipping platform like CitizenShipper is always the best option.

Here, you can get top-rated drivers who offer basic transport services and VIP pet transport packages. 

Why We Recommend VIP Pet Shipping

If you don’t fancy your pet traveling with other pets due to their age, medical condition, or breed, then a VIP plan is the perfect solution for you.

VIP pet transport services provide personalized care for your pet, allowing them to ride solo in a dedicated transport vehicle with the driver. This way, your pet will have its own space and not be exposed to any extra stress.

On top of that, the driver will also be able to attend to your pet’s special needs, like regular bathroom breaks and extra water. 

Consider the VIP service if your pet falls into any of these categories:

  • Young or elderly 
  • Special medical needs
  • Pregnant 
  • Has never been away from home
  • Behavioral issues

Where Do I Find the Safest Pet Shipping?

VIP pet shipping is easily the safest pet transport service available. It is highly recommended even if your pet has no “special” condition — being a part of your family is special enough!

So, yes! You can get this safe pet shipping service from CitizenShipper. 

We have a network of top-rated drivers who are skilled in animal handling and are dedicated to caring for the pets entrusted to them.

They use top-of-the-line carriers and safety equipment. Many also provide tracking options, so you can keep an eye on your pet while in transit.

Unlike other transport services, our VIP service puts your beloved pet first. With just your furry friend on board, you can expect a shorter transit time — no stops or detours for other pets — and an overall more comfortable journey.

Plus, your pet has all of the driver’s attention, which means they will be pampered and well-cared.

So, if you’re looking for a safe and secure way to transport your pet, look no further than CitizenShipper. We guarantee that your pet will have the safest, most comfortable journey possible.

But don’t just take our word for it — over 100,000 pet lovers have trusted us with their furry family members so far, and they have only good things to say!

Product Recommendations for Pet Shipping 

We recommend investing in a few pet shipping accessories to ensure your fur baby is as safe and comfortable as possible.

Some of the most important items include:

#1. Soft-Sided Pet Carriers or Travel Crates

Enhance your pet’s safety and comfort during its journey by investing in a soft-sided pet carrier or travel crate. A good one should be spacious enough for them to sit, stand, turn around and lie down.

#2. Pet Travel Bag

A pet travel bag is essential for carrying your pet’s necessities — food, water, treats, toys and other items they may need during their journey.

#3. Warm Cozy Blankets

Keep your pet warm and cozy during the journey with a cozy blanket, especially if they travel in winter. A familiar one from home will make them feel more comfortable.

#4. A Leash or Collar with ID Tags

Having a collar or leash with ID tags on your pet during transport is essential; this will help ensure that they can be identified easily in an emergency.

#5. Toys, Treats and other Comfort Items

Packing a few of your pet’s favoritetoys, treats and comfort items to help them feel more at home during the journey.

How CitizenShipper Helps You Find the Most Trusted Pet Shipping Professionals

Your pet is family, and you will go to any length to ensure their safety and comfort. We understand that, and that’s why our team of pet shipping professionals is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality service.

We are committed to connecting you with the country’s most reliable and experienced pet drivers. So, we only work with professional pet transportation companies with a proven track record of excellence.

We also make the journey easier for you by providing detailed profiles of each pet driver and their customer reviews and ratings so you can make an informed decision about who to hire.

Here’s how you can find the most trusted pet shipping professionals with CitizenShipper:

  1. Sign up for an account and post a free request.
  2. Receive bids from pre-screened pet drivers within minutes.
  3. Review each driver’s profile and customer reviews to ensure they have proper licensing, certifications and experience.
  4. Select the most suitable driver for your pet’s journey and book their services.

With CitizenShipper, you can rest assured that your pet is safe and will have the most comfortable journey possible.

Final Thoughts

Safety is a top priority in pet shipping, and you can trust CitizenShipper to connect you with the industry’s most reliable and experienced transporters.

Whether you are transporting your beloved pup, cat or other pet, you can trust us to ensure your dear furry family member arrives safely and comfortably.

So, don’t wait any longer — post a free listing on CitizenShipper today and get instant quotes from the most trusted pet shipping professionals in the business!

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