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CitizenShipper CitizenShipper · Updated February 23, 2024

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At CitizenShipper’s online marketplace, you can pick and choose from thousands of transporters. Some specialize in specific categories (pets, vehicles, boats, etc). Others can move just about any type of shipment you need.

As a customer, you hold all the cards. You choose the time frame and the price range of the delivery, as well as the transport provider you want.

Listing a shipment

To get the ball rolling, CitizenShipper will prompt you to list your shipment. This listing should contain all relevant information, from the pick-up location to the delivery date. You can also upload photos of the shipment to give the transporter a better perspective.

Depending on the category, your listing might also need further details. For example, if transporting a pet, list its name, age, breed, and weight. If shipping a boat, you would instead list its length and width. And if shipping a vehicle, you’d list its make, year, and running condition.

All this info allows the transporters to answer two important questions:

  • Whether they can meet your transport requirement
  • What would be a fair price to offer

Do your best to provide a clear and informative shipment listing. This will allow CitizenShipper to connect you to all suitable transport providers in the community.

Evaluating an offer

Once the transporters start sending bids, it’s time to evaluate them and choose the best one. On the CitizenShipper platform, each transporter’s profile is accessible by a single click. Whenever an offer arrives, you can examine and evaluate the bidder’s qualifications. Here’s what you should be looking for:

  • Ratings. Customers rate their transporter’s service on a scale of 1 to 5. The higher their average rating, the better the chance that their service meets your requirements as well.
  • Feedback. Feel free to browse through the reviews left by each transporter’s previous customers. There’s plenty of useful info to be found there, outlining their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Experience. Each transporter’s profile includes the number of shipments they’ve completed so far. It’s usually a good idea to look for experience in the same transport category that you’re after.
  • Credentials. By going through screening and completing shipments, transporters earn degrees of certification. Their profile displays these as achievements. Any additional qualifications they have are also listed – from DOT numbers to USDA registration and more.
  • Specifics. Some transporters also list details relevant to their specialization. You can see the vehicles they use, the trailers they have available, and any unique advantages they offer.

CitizenShipper offers you thousands of candidates for transporting any type of item, across the state or the nation. Picking the right one is a matter of listing relevant information, then carefully evaluating the bids that you receive.

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  1. looking for opportunities as a driver,I am 64 yrs old and been driving since I was 14 and enough to see over the dashboard. anyhow, I’ve driven all types of vehicles from 18 wheels to 2 wheels. did have a cdl in the past, but just have a regular licence now. no violations in last 20yrs except a cpl speeding maybe. no vehicle at this time,but will deliver whatever to wherever in a quick and timely manner, safely, no matter how far with multiple stops. I’m honest, flexible, educated, and have a good work ethic. days and times don’t matter… really just want to do some traveling.

  2. I am a good, well educated,experienced driver,who will get your delivery to your destination anywhere in U.S.,on time if not sooner. you must supply vehicle,one nights lodging per 5-6 hundred miles (negotiable),reimbursement for fuel. very flexible on pay for mileage, just want to do some traveling.I only drive,no loading or unloading, I’m honest,responsible, won’t tell you I can if I can’t.

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