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CitizenShipper CitizenShipper · Updated January 16, 2024

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LTL shipping is the acronym for less than truckload shipping. There are occasions when you might require sending just a wardrobe or maybe a fridge to some other location in town or to another city. Or how about shipping something as small as a laser machine? In today’s world, small businesses are on the lookout for cost effective methods for transporting their goods from one location to the other. It is in such situations that LTL shipping comes to the fore.


The shipping requirement might be inter city or intra city, the weight of the cargo might be as low as 100 pounds or as high as 10000 pounds, all of them are the perfect candidates for LTL shipping. Generally parcel post carriers generally do not undertake shipments that weigh over 70 pounds and it is because of this fact that small businesses were finding it tough to ship their goods. Thanks to the emergence of LTL shipping, these businesses have found a solution to their problem. The best part of LTL shipping is the cost, in most cases their cost per pound is less than that of parcel carriers.


The method used in LTL shipping is quite simple. Small vans go to the point of origin to pick up the parcels. Sometimes they stay at a designated spot for a specified period of time where those interested in sending their consignments can hand over the same to them. These parcels and uniquely marked and then loaded into small trailers which then take the parcels to the destination city. Unlike full truckloads which might have to return empty from the destination point, the LTL shipping containers wait overnight at the destination city and collect parcels from there meant for the city they had arrived from.


This entire procedure is quite cost effective and permits the LTL shipping organizations to provide a low rate per pound. While all of this is great news, do you have the time to visit the LTL shipping organization’s designated pickup point? Are you sure whether the rates being quoted to you by a LTL shipping organization is fair or whether there is any other organization that might offer you a lower rate per pound. You might try searching on the internet but that will take you lots of time and not all such organizations provide their phone number on their website.


Assuming that they do have a contact email, by the time their reply comes back, it might well be too late for your urgent consignment. It is in such situations that specialized organizations like CitizenShipper help you out. Just visit their site and using their online form, fill up the details like what you want to send along with the pickup point and the delivery point. Within a few moments you shall start receiving bids on your shipment. There are no charges involved, even if you do not select any shipper.