How CitizenShipper Works with Dog Breeders to Ensure Perfect Pet Placement

CitizenShipper CitizenShipper · Updated: March 8, 2023 / Published: March 4, 2021

CitizenShipper is dedicated to working with dog breeders across the United States to ensure every puppy is delivered safely, smartly and on time. We are continually improving our processes and working with drivers and breeders to reach new levels of customer service. This article gives an overview of the ways CitizenShipper works with breeders.

Communication is Key

CitizenShipper has several full-time staff members who are tasked with staying in touch with the dog breeding industry so we can keep abreast of industry trends and change drivers. In the last twelve months, we have been in contact with many breeders across the country, conducting personal interviews to ascertain their exact shipping needs. On these calls, CitizenShipper team members discuss with breeders what their needs and wants are from drivers and work with them to devise strategies to deal with peak times and unexpected incidents and generally improve the pet placement process. 

Driver Reliability

We take driver reputation very seriously. Our marketplace platform ensures that every driver is reviewed and rated for every job they complete. This review system allows breeders to see a clear picture of any potential driver’s experience and reliability. 

Pet Shipping with CitizenShipper

Education and Support

We provide all the drivers in our platform with formal education opportunities through access to our education courses and live webinar events as well as through informal communities. Many of the drivers are part of our online community, where they can swap tips and tricks and experience to improve their driving abilities, knowledge of particular pet breeds, and customer service skills; our driver liaison team moderates these forums. 

Customer Service

CitizenShipper customer service is available seven days a week via email. Responses are swift and reliable. 

Enhanced Cancellation Process

We take our relationship with breeders very seriously, and to reflect this, we have implemented an enhanced cancellation process for recognized animal breeders.  This process includes adding a tag on dog breeders CitizenShipper profile, which alerts our customer service to the team to prioritize animal breeders’ support requests. Additionally, we are developing a more breeder-friendly cancellation policy that would respond to the unpredictable nature of animal handling and initiate a fast replacement service if a driver needs to cancel an animal shipping job. 

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A finger on the pulse

In 2020 puppy sales soared as more people stayed home in the fight against the coronavirus. Puppy selling scams also rose. CitizenShipper is vigilant in monitoring any puppy scams and works to protect its customers’ and dog breeders’ best interests. Scams disappoint families waiting for a dog and wreak havoc on a driver’s schedule. well as make it harder for legitimate breeders to operate. 


CitizenShipper values the work dog breeders do around the country to provide pets for excited new owners. As a company, we are dedicated to improving the process between breeder and pet owner. Please get in touch if you’re a breeder with feedback for us or want to join our industry working group. 

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