Dog-friendly destinations that allow social distancing

CitizenShipper CitizenShipper · Updated January 17, 2024

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Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be overwhelming to take care of yourself – the urgent need for physical distancing and other safety measures interrupt our usual routines and self-care practices. It’s a huge relief to have our dogs beside us in a social distance staying-at-home lifestyle in these stressful times. But when spring starts and the urge to leave the house gets bigger, you might ask yourself: What corona-safe activity can I do with my dog? This guide will help you get ideas!

How to Travel?

The most important is: You should consider possible destinations only if they have the possibility of reaching them in a socially distant manner. 

To slow the spread of coronavirus, it’s crucial to avoid any big travel plans. Leaving your state is not recommended. Corona safe traveling, therefore, means staying locally. 

Even more critical is necessary to avoid social interactions during your travels. This can be hard when using public transport, especially if your pets want to make friends on the road. This is why we highly advise you to take a car. If you don’t have one, ask around if somebody can lend you one or research the next vehicle renting company.

Another option is to travel by bike. A bike trip can be a great adventure. Mainly sporty dogs will enjoy the long outlet, while small dogs might love to sit cozy in a basket or even a trailer while enjoying the view. You could take a tent and make stops on the way. Before you go on a bike trip with your dog, you should check in with your vet and ensure you have the right equipment to travel with your companion. It’s also essential to take things slow because dog packing can be very exhausting for your dog! 

State Parks and Forests

The U.S. has over 6,600 state parks that sometimes get underrated compared to their big sister national park. Usually, state parks allow dogs to stay on a leash, no longer than 6 feet. The same rule applies to state forests. Still, a state park can be a great nature adventure for you and your pet – you can stay in a tent or even book a small cabin, where you and your dog can stay by yourselves. Both options guarantee social distancing while exploring nature during the day, going to the beach, watching animals, and hiking.

Go to the Beach

If the beach is not overcrowded, it’s a perfect social distance location. There are several dog-friendly beaches all over the U.S., and whether it’s winter or summer, they can be a fantastic day-trip destination for taking a long walk, breathing salty air, and relaxing your thoughts. And when it’s warmer, you and your dog can go for a swim. Before you take your dog to a beach, you have to find out the beaches’ rules in your area. There are many beaches, which have restrictions for dogs during the summer season, which often means that you have your dog on a leash at all times. Some beaches don’t allow dogs, except in the off-season and during certain times of the day, but other beaches have designated areas for dogs or even allow them to run free. 

Beaches where dogs can be off-leash include; Carmel Beach in California, Bark Beach in Boca Raton, Dog Beach in Jupiter in Florida, Brohard Beach and Paw Park in Venice, and Wildwood Dog Park & Beach in Massachusetts. But there are many others: Here you can search for beaches and their rules in your area. 

When you go to the beach, you should take care that your dog doesn’t drink salt water, because it makes them sick, and always keep an eye on them when they go swimming, mainly when they are not familiar with the sea. Also, keep in mind that often there is a lot of rubbish hidden in the sand. 

Traveling with an RV

A great destination is no destination. If you don’t enjoy staying in a tent, but hotels can’t secure physical distance, renting an RV is a fantastic option for a more extended corona-safe trip with your dog. Research in your area for local RV rental places and choose an RV, which provides enough space for you and your furry friend. 

Make sure that you pack everything your dog needs on a long car trip, like a non-spillable food bowl, cleaning supplies for messy accidents, and the right medication, toys, and bedding. You can find dog-friendly camping grounds all over the U.S., like Riverside Campgrounds & Cabins in California, Cape May in New Jersey, Rovers RV park in Oregon, and many others. Like with the beaches, you should always inform yourself about pet restrictions because campgrounds still have strong policies. 

It’s essential to keep in mind that your dog has to get used to car travel and living, so start small if this is your first vacation in an RV. Ensure that you take enough breaks, so your dog can run and stretch and be mindful about the exposure to heat, cold, and other extreme weather circumstances. 


We hope these ideas inspired you for a corona safe adventure with your dog. These destinations allow staying physically distant but still enjoying a highlight in these rough corona times. Yet, even though being outside and sleeping isolated should prevent you from getting infected and infecting others, an overcrowded beach can pose a danger. Make sure you stay safe and responsible, wear a mask when you’re getting anywhere close to people, or even better, two. 

We wish you a great and safe trip with your dog!