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On-the-Road Lifestyle: The Things Every Driver Should Know

24/7 shipping » Cheap Shipping · Updated July 07, 2023

On-the-Road Lifestyle: The Things Every Driver Should Know

Every working stiff is familiar with the fantasy: You quit your job, cut all ties, get behind the wheel. You let go of your past and turn toward the open road to see what it has to offer. But come on, could you really do something so drastic? How would you go about that? Where


Courier Jobs » For Drivers · Updated March 08, 2023

How Stacked Shipments Helped Me Earn a Bit More

While the CitizenShipper platform does a great job connecting drivers to clients, it’s not very beginner-friendly. When I was just starting out, I couldn’t figure out how people made any money this way! I was bidding on all sorts of routes in my area, both the busy ones and those less so. Yet somehow, I


24/7 shipping » For Drivers · Updated October 05, 2023

On-the-Road Lifestyle: How to Relax After a Long Trip

Another long route successfully completed, you’re finally heading home. The stress starts to drain away as you daydream about a warm bath followed by long, restful sleep. But for some reason, you’re still jumpy, still on high alert. Thoughts about scheduling the next drive are crossing your mind already. Why on earth won’t you let


For Drivers » On the Road Lifestyle · Updated March 08, 2023

Driver Lifestyle Tips: First Time Driving a Long Route

After scheduling your first ever long-distance drive, you might feel a little intimidated. I’ve never done this before, you tell yourself. Do I really know what I’m getting myself into? Well, set those doubts aside! With a little preparation, you’ll make the trip an unforgettable experience – in the best sense possible. And once you


Boat Shipping » For Customers · Updated March 08, 2023

Boat Shipping: Tips and Tricks on Transporting Boats

  There are almost 12 million recreational boating vessels registered in the USA, and about 4 million boat owners go sailing at least once per year. If you’re among those happy few, odds are you’ve faced issues pertaining to boat shipping already. If you’re uncertain how to go about your transportation needs, and you want


Driver Interviews » For Customers · Updated September 25, 2023

Driver Interviews: Cherisse’s Pet Transportation Venture Adds up to a Growing Opportunity

With her background in accountancy, including working for some major companies, Cherisse Lewis took some time to make sure that the numbers all added up before taking the plunge and starting work in pet transportation through CitizenShipper. But she also decided that, rather than go down the road of operating as a sole trader, she

Two flight nannies carrying dogs with them

For Customers » For Drivers · Updated November 07, 2023

Introducing Flight Nannies: A Unique Opportunity to Fly Pets Safely Home

While most drivers on the CitizenShipper website transport pets by car, a rising number of flight crew personnel and regular fliers are bidding on long-distance pet delivery jobs. As they like to call themselves, these “flight nannies” are making good money by flying pets to their destinations.


Animal Transport » For Drivers · Updated November 07, 2023

What Do I Need to Become a USDA-Certified Pet Transporter?

“Ensuring proper animal care and comfort is not just good business — it is also required by law.” This wording is used to introduce the U.S. government’s basic guidance document on the provisions for licensing and registering of businesses under the Animal Welfare Act 1966 (ACA). Do you want to build a successful business transporting animals

An older couple receiving a shipped puppy in their driveway.

For Drivers » Pet Shipping · Updated November 07, 2023

What Do I Need to Become a Pet Transporter?

If you love animals and providing them with care, have you ever considered a career involving transporting them?
As people have become increasingly mobile, moving around widely for their work, so a thriving new business sector has grown up dedicated to ensuring that many pets have similar freedom to travel with their owners.


Animal Transport » For Customers · Updated March 15, 2023

How to Ship a Horse | CitizenShipper

Horses are among the most difficult animals to transport and not only because of their sheer equine size. Horses not only require specialized trailers for transport and adequate hay for the duration of the trip, but frequent exercise is a must to keep them from being restless and harming themselves in the process. Horses are