24/7 shipping - Courier Jobs - hot shot delivery - In The News - 19 March 2015

How to Ship an Easter Ham

As the Easter holiday nears, your family is likely planning a traditional feast, including that all-important ham. But where you were limited to purchasing local or franchised porcine products in the past, online shipping now allows you to have the ham of your choice delivered to the front door, be it a customary Virginia or

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Tips for Transporting Your Cat

Cats can be joyful pets – their companionship and loyalty know no bounds. When having them shipped, you want the best care possible for your furry friend. Many owners consider their cats as their “babies” and should be treated as such. There are a few preventative measures to take while transporting your cat for long

Quality Characteristics of Professional Experienced Drivers

Courier Jobs - 25 November 2013

Quality Characteristics of Professional Experienced Drivers

Professional experienced drivers are more than just individuals that can move the vehicle from one point to another. Experienced drivers do more than just hold the steering wheel. They have experience in transporting costly equipment, supplies, goods and merchandise while maintaining a schedule for delivery. Individuals that are seeking the best professional driver often look

Truckers Can Bid on Delivery Jobs for a Steady Supply of Work

Courier Jobs - 18 June 2013

Truckers Can Bid on Delivery Jobs for a Steady Supply of Work

Now truckers have the ability to source jobs online, and complete the entire booking process using the Internet. This valuable new tool allows truckers to bid on delivery jobs by providing upfront quotes from the trucker. The customer also has advantages in the ability to state their own price, and receive a bid much like

Truckers and Hotshot Drivers Can Make Money Bidding on Shipments

Courier Jobs - 10 June 2013

Truckers and Hotshot Drivers Can Make Money Bidding on Shipments

For any owner-operator driver, the biggest challenge of running a successful delivery company is finding the next good paying load. However, now there are easy ways to make money bidding on shipments through an online marketplace that works like a traditional auction house. These bidding sites offer the perfect venue for experienced drivers to locate


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Courier Driver Jobs

Looking For Courier Driver Jobs? Sign up to CitizenShipper.com and BID on jobs TODAY. On our site, you’ll find hundreds of shipments that need delivering, and be able to place BIDS to win that shipment, make the delivery, and get paid! As long as you’ve got transportation, you can join Citizenshipper.com! Few jobs are as