Truckers and Hotshot Drivers Can Make Money Bidding on Shipments

CitizenShipper CitizenShipper · Updated: March 8, 2023 / Published: June 10, 2013

For any owner-operator driver, the biggest challenge of running a successful delivery company is finding the next good paying load. However, now there are easy ways to make money bidding on shipments through an online marketplace that works like a traditional auction house. These bidding sites offer the perfect venue for experienced drivers to locate good paying loads by using the Internet.

In the last few years, shipment bidding sites have revolutionized the transportation industry. They provide an avenue for customers to move their goods and products at a competitive price with a skilled experienced driver. It is also allow the opportunity for service providers to compete for available freight loads that they typically would never have access to obtain. This is a phenomenal tool for both the customer and the driver. The driver can make money bidding on shipments, and the customers can select from the best available truckers and hotshot drivers.

It is easy to make money bidding on shipments, using this phenomenal resource available to every owner-operator driver. It eliminates the need to ever deadhead back to the home base with an empty cargo space. Truckers and hotshot drivers can now avoid an empty backhaul and can quickly find good paying loads to pick up and deliver.

 Managing the Trucking Business

Bidding on shipments makes it easy for every hotshot driver and trucker to effectively manage every job they take. It helps save tremendous amounts of time seeking out good paying loads so the driver can spend more time generating an income.

The Available Loads

These bidding sites offer the truckers a variety of tools that can narrow down available searches using filters. These filters help quickly locate categories of products, goods and merchandise that ideally fit the equipment that the hotshot driver or trucker owns. These filters can help categorize the service type, available pricing and categories of merchandise. This avoids the need to wade through a huge array of available listings to find the ideal load at a good price.

The process is simple. It requires placing a bid, and waiting for any bid alert, or automatic email that would indicate whether an additional bid has been placed, or if the trucker’s bid has been declined. There are also alerts that can be set to indicate the potential of winning a specific job.

With these bidding sites, it is easy for every trucker to make money bidding on shipments, to avoid ever traveling empty again.

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