white german shepherd in metal crate

For Shippers - Pet Shipping - 29 November

Air Travel for Your Puppy: Is It OK?

There are many things to consider when you’re getting a puppy. Will you be getting one from the shelter? A rescue organization? A breeder? If it’s the latter, you’ll want to make sure that the breeder is ethical and reputabl […]

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basket of kittens

For Shippers - Pet Safety - Pet Shipping - 23 November

Safer than Giving Cats Pills: Transporting

Transporting your cat doesn’t have to be stressful. Whether traveling to a new far-off location, getting a cat from a distant breeder or relocating to a new state, here’s everything you need to know to transport your cat or ki […]

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Green Iguana

For Shippers - Pet Shipping - 15 November

Snakes on a Plane? In a Car? On a train?

Are you looking for a suitable option for transporting your reptile? Shipping a reptile requires meticulous planning and management. You need to take the necessary steps and precautions to ensure the journey is comfortable for you […]

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Pet carrier with cute cat in car

For Shippers - Pet Shipping - 14 September

What Is the Best Way to Transport a Cat?

  Are you having difficulties transporting your cat across the US? Application for pet adoptions started to increase during the early stages of the pandemic. This went on to continue during the many lockdowns all over the c […]

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chihuahua dog inside a box or crate for animals, waiting for an owner, isolated on white background

For Shippers - Pet Safety - Pet Shipping - 30 July

How to Choose the Right Pet Cargo Crate?

If you are transporting a pet of any kind in a vehicle it is really important to make sure they are in an appropriate pet cargo crate. A pet cargo crate keeps your animal safe during the journey but also increases the safety of th […]

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For Transporters - Pet Shipping - 23 March

Getting Started As A Pet Transporter

A pet shipper or pet transporter is a person or company that assists people in moving their animals from one location to another. The transport can occur in any means but is most commonly via a car, van or by airplane.  Pet shipp […]

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