How much do car haulers charge per car?

When it comes to car transportation, a number of different factors influence the cost. From mileage to size and weight to route choice to time of the year. But you’re probably looking for a rough estimate, right? On average, how much do car haulers charge per car?

Here’s what we can derive from our internal data on winning bids:

Average car shipping cost overall: about $680

Average car shipping cost per mile (up to 500 miles): about 85c per mile

Average car shipping cost per mile (1,000+ miles): about 70c per mile

If these stats don’t seem very revealing — you’re right, they’re not. There’s too much variety for us to reliably estimate your cost without knowing the specifics. The hauler’s quotes will vary depending on the factors mentioned above. On the other hand, we could break it down for you this way instead: 

How much do car haulers charge per car on different routes ?

Here are the average winning bids for some popular routes:

  • Coast to Coast: about $1,000
  • North to South: about $680
  • Midwest to West: about $860
  • Midwest to East: about $650

For trucks, SUVs, and other larger vehicles, just add 10% to 15% to the figures listed above.

We hope this answers your question at least to some degree. Again, we must emphasize that these estimates are very rough, derived from our internal bidding statistics. 

To get a more precise quote, list your shipment for free on CitizenShipper today. Based on the specifics you include, independent haulers will let you know exactly how much they’d charge. 

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