Tips To Find the Most Affordable Motorcycle Shipping

Rochdi Rais Rochdi Rais · Updated: April 12, 2023 / Published: April 10, 2023

Shipping a motorcycle is an important and often necessary process, but it can also be expensive. Finding affordable motorcycle shipping options that don’t compromise on quality or reliability can be challenging. Fortunately, you can save money in several ways without sacrificing peace of mind. Here are some tips and resources to consider when searching for affordable motorcycle shipping.

Finding Affordable Motorcycle Shipping Deals

1. Compare Quotes

One of the easiest ways to find affordable motorcycle shipping is to compare quotes from different shipping companies. Most shipping companies offer free quotes online or over the phone, so getting at least three quotes to compare is important. Look for companies with competitive pricing and pay attention to their reputation, experience, and insurance coverage.

2. Choose Non-peak Season

Shipping your motorcycle during peak season can significantly increase the cost of transport. If you have the flexibility to schedule your shipment during the off-season, you can save a lot of money. Typically, the off-season runs from late fall to early spring. During this time, shipping companies are generally looking for business and may offer discounts.

3. Consider Open Transport

Enclosed transport is the safest shipping method for motorcycles but is also the most expensive. Open transport is a good alternative if you’re willing to take some risks. Open trailers are the most common way to transport motorcycles, and they offer a more affordable option. Just make sure the shipping company has a good reputation and your bike is properly secured and protected.

4. Use a Freight Broker

Freight brokers can be a great resource for finding affordable motorcycle shipping options. These companies act as middlemen between shippers and carriers, negotiating rates and contracts to find the best deal for you. Freight brokers usually have access to a large network of carriers and can offer discounts on shipping rates.

5. DIY Transport

If you have the time and resources, DIY transport can be the cheapest motorcycle shipping option for shipping your motorcycle. This involves renting a truck or trailer and transporting the bike yourself. However, this option requires a lot of planning and preparation, and it may not be practical for long-distance shipments.

Open Transport vs. Enclosed Transport for Affordable Motorcycle Shipping

When searching for affordable motorcycle shipping, it’s essential to consider the type of transport you choose. The two primary options are open transport and enclosed transport.

Open Transport: Open transport is the most common and budget-friendly method for shipping motorcycles. Your bike will be loaded onto an open trailer and exposed to the elements and road debris during transport. Despite this exposure, open transport is generally considered safe for most motorcycles.


  • More affordable option
  • Widely available
  • Faster shipping times due to the higher demand for open transport


  • Exposure to weather and potential road debris
  • Less secure than enclosed transport
  • Not suitable for high-value or rare motorcycles

Enclosed Transport: Enclosed transport offers better protection for your motorcycle by loading it onto a fully enclosed trailer. This method is more expensive than open transport but provides superior protection from weather conditions and road debris.


  • Greater protection for your motorcycle
  • Ideal for high-value, rare, or sensitive bikes
  • Additional security and peace of mind


  • More expensive than open transport
  • Limited availability compared to open transport
  • May have longer shipping times due to lower demand

Additional Services and Features that Affect Motorcycle Shipping Costs

When looking for affordable motorcycle shipping, it’s crucial to be aware of additional services and features that can impact the overall cost. Some of these services may be necessary for your specific needs, while others can be avoided to reduce costs.

  • Door-to-door shipping: This convenient service delivers your motorcycle directly to your desired location, but it can increase the overall shipping cost. Opt for terminal-to-terminal shipping if you’re willing to pick up and drop off your motorcycle at designated locations.
  • Expedited shipping: If you need your motorcycle transported quickly, expedited shipping is available but comes at a premium cost. Plan your shipping needs in advance to avoid this extra expense.
  • Insurance coverage: Most shipping companies offer basic insurance coverage, but you may need additional insurance for high-value motorcycles. Be sure to inquire about the insurance options and their costs.
  • Specialized shipping: Shipping vintage or high-performance motorcycles may require specialized shipping services, which can increase the cost. Assess your motorcycle’s needs and determine if specialized shipping is necessary.


Affordable Motorcycle Shipping

How Can I Find the Most Affordable Motorcycle Shipping Option?

Research and compare quotes from different shipping companies, consider open transport, and avoid peak seasons to find the best deal.

Is Open Transport Safe for My Motorcycle?

Yes, open transport is generally safe for most motorcycles. However, it may not be suitable for high-value, rare, or sensitive bikes.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Motorcycle Shipping?

Some factors include the distance of transport, type of transport (open or enclosed), additional services, and the size and weight of your motorcycle.

Do I Need Additional Insurance for Motorcycle Shipping?

Shipping companies usually provide basic insurance coverage, but you may need additional coverage for high-value or rare motorcycles.

Can I Save Money by Shipping My Motorcycle Myself?

DIY transport can be the cheapest option, but it requires a lot of planning and preparation and may not be practical for long-distance shipments.

Bottom Line: Affordable Motorcycle Shipping

Affordable motorcycle shipping options are out there if you know where to look. Whether you’re comparing quotes, choosing the non-peak season, considering open transport, using a freight broker, or opting for DIY transport, there are ways to save money without sacrificing quality or reliability. Do your research, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. With a little effort and planning, you can find the perfect affordable motorcycle shipping solution for your needs.