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Special Care Shipping with CitizenShipper

Shipping fragile items can be complex and demanding. This is due to the easily breakable nature of the items, which calls for a specialized form of shipment. At CitizenShipper, we help you find just that. The CitizenShipper network contains a wide range of drivers who are experienced in shipping fragile items and who can transport your artwork, antiques, glassware and other delicate items safely. They are backed up by great customer reviews from customers who have already worked with them.

CitizenShipper drivers understand that these types of items can have a great financial and sentimental value both for the sender and receiver alike. They understand the risks involved in moving special care items and therefore pack and crate them in the best way possible for safety and stability during transport.

However, you still need to take care of your items, as they mean more to you than anyone else. Here are some tips for you, before shipping artwork and other fragile items.

Pick a rigid & lightweight box

As much as the box you pick for packaging needs to be strong, it also needs to be lightweight in order to help keep the weight down. This reduces shipment costs and increases the need for great care to be taken. When looking for the box, you should remember to buy one slightly bigger than the shipment items, in order to allow the addition of protective packaging around the object or edges.

Add Padding

Using a bubble wrap to pad up your item is also important. This prevents the items from moving around, hence significantly reducing damage risks.

Mark your Box ‘Fragile’

This is crucial for fragile shipping. You can use a sticky tape that has the words ‘Fragile’ printed on it. You can also use a large maker to write the words clearly on the box or even buy a pre-printed box.

Find the right driver

Before you give out you items for shipment, make sure that the person you give the responsibility is worth it. Go through the reviews on their profile, and be sure to find a driver with positive reviews.

CitizenShipper is dedicated to ensuring that you get the best services possible for your special care item.

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22 months

84 shipments

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87 months

41 shipments

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32 months

45 shipments

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31 months

51 shipments


107 months

15 shipments

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