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Adaeze Nwakaeze Adaeze Nwakaeze · Updated May 30, 2023

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A man transporting furniture in a corridor.

Professional furniture movers understand the best practicesurniture-picked-up-and-delivered-to-your-new-home”>furniture-moving experienceut getting a new apartment is the part where you have to move furniture. Lugging a sofa up three stairs doesn’t exactly scream fun weekend activity, does it? But what if we told you there’s a way to avoid all that hassle? That’s where professional furniture movers come in to save the day (and your back). Consider hiring a professional furniture mover.

In this article, we’ll give you the low-down on why hiring furniture movers is a great idea, how to protect your furniture during the move and tips for finding the best moving company near you. So, sit tight and let’s make your furniture-moving experience a breeze.

Why Hire Professional Furniture Movers?

So, why should you hire professional furniture movers instead of moving your furniture yourself or with the help of your friends? Here are some reasons to consider:

Experience and Expertise

Experience and expertise are essential when it comes to moving furniture. The average professional mover has experience moving different types of furniture, from delicate antiques to heavy and bulky items like pianos and pool tables. This experience usually means they have the knowledge and skills to handle furniture of all shapes and sizes better than the average person.

Expertise also plays a crucial role in the moving process. Professional furniture movers understand the best practices for moving furniture safely and efficiently. They know how to pack and load your furniture properly, ensuring it is secure and protected during the move. They can also navigate tight spaces, narrow staircases and other obstacles that might make moving your furniture difficult or impossible.

Additionally, professional furniture movers understand the different materials furniture can be made of and how to handle each type to prevent damage. For example, they know that wooden furniture needs to be wrapped in protective blankets to prevent scratches and dings, while leather furniture requires special care to avoid stains and blemishes.

Proper Equipment

Proper equipment is essential when it comes to moving furniture. Professional furniture movers come equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment to handle even the most challenging moves. If you don’t hire a furniture mover, chances are you’ll have to rent this equipment from U-Haul or other rental companies, cutting into your cost-savings. Here are some examples of the equipment that a professional mover typically uses:

#1. Dollies: Dollies are essential for moving heavy furniture like couches and tables. They make it easy to transport furniture without putting unnecessary strain on your back and muscles.

#2. Straps: Straps are used to secure your furniture in place during the move. Professional movers use high-quality straps that are strong enough to handle heavy loads and secure your furniture.

#3. Blankets: Blankets protect your furniture from scratches, dings and other damages during the move. Professional movers use thick, padded blankets specifically designed for moving furniture. Blankets can also be used to drag heavy items across a floor surface.

#4. Hand Trucks: Like dollies, hand trucks are another essential tool for tall furniture like shelves and cabinets.

#5. Ramps: Ramps are used to load and unload heavy furniture onto moving trucks. Professional movers use sturdy and secure ramps to prevent accidents during the move.

Overall, professional furniture movers invest in high-quality equipment to ensure that your furniture is transported safely and securely. They have the tools and expertise to handle even the most challenging moves and ensure that your furniture arrives at its destination in the same condition as it was before the move.

Efficient Loading And Unloading

Professional furniture movers work as a team to get your furniture loaded and unloaded quickly and efficiently, so you can settle into your new home faster.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage is an important consideration when hiring professional furniture movers. Moving can be a stressful experience and accidents can happen. That’s why finding a moving company that offers adequate insurance coverage to protect your belongings is a necessity.

When you hire a professional mover, they’re typically responsible for the safety and security of your items during transportation. However, if you’re moving to another state, they’re required by law to provide two types of coverage. The type of coverage you choose will determine the reimbursement amount you receive in case of any damage or loss to your belongings.

#1. Full Value Protection Coverage: This ensures that your furniture mover is liable for the total replacement cost of any lost or damaged items. In the event of damage, destruction or loss during transit, your mover can repair, replace or offer a cash settlement for the current replacement value of the item.

#2. Released Value Protection Coverage: On the other hand, this is offered at no additional cost but provides minimal protection. It only guarantees reimbursement of up to $.60 per pound for each item. For instance, if your computer weighs five pounds but is valued at $600, you’ll only receive $3 if the item is lost or damaged ($.60 x five pounds).

In addition, some movers offer separate liability coverage through a third-party insurance company for an extra fee. While your mover is still responsible for the released value protection coverage, this additional insurance policy covers the remaining loss up to the policy limits.

Avoid Injuries

Moving furniture can be physically demanding and challenging and it’s common for people to suffer injuries while attempting to move heavy or bulky furniture independently. But when you hire a furniture mover, you can avoid the risk of suffering injuries such as back strains, muscle pulls and even broken bones.


Hiring a professional mover may seem like an added expense, but it can be a cost-effective solution when you consider the potential risks and costs of moving furniture on your own. When you move furniture on your own, you’ll need to rent a moving truck, purchase moving supplies like boxes and packing tape. These costs can quickly add up, not to mention doing it yourself presents the risk of damaging or breaking your furniture during the move.

On the other hand, when you hire a professional furniture mover, they bring their equipment, such as dollies and lifting straps and are experienced in loading and unloading furniture efficiently. They also know how to properly pack and protect your furniture during the move, which can reduce the risk of damage.

Also, many moving companies offer different packages and pricing options, so you can choose the option that best suits your budget and needs. This can help you save money and get your needed services without overspending.

In-Home Furniture Moving: Can You Hire Help to Move Within Your Home?

In-home furniture moving refers to moving furniture within your home, such as rearranging furniture or moving it from one room to another. This may seem like a task you can handle on your own, but it can be challenging, especially if you have heavy or bulky furniture or physical limitations.

Fortunately, you can hire help to move furniture within your home. Many professional furniture movers offer in-home moving services, which means they can assist you with moving furniture from one room to another, up and down stairs or even between floors of a building.

Protecting Your Furniture When Moving: Tips and Tricks

Use Furniture Protectors

Furniture protectors are specially designed materials used to wrap and cushion your furniture, preventing scratches, dents and other damage during the moving process. There are different types of furniture protectors available, including furniture blankets, bubble wraps, plastic wraps and furniture pads. The type of protector you choose will depend on the kind of furniture you are moving and the level of protection you need.

Get Furniture Sliders

Furniture sliders are another essential tool for protecting your furniture during a move. They are small, smooth pads that are placed under the legs or corners of your furniture, allowing you to slide it easily across the floor without scratching or damaging it.

Furniture sliders come in different shapes and sizes, depending on the type of furniture you need to move. For example, there are sliders specifically designed for heavy furniture, such as sofas and refrigerators. There are also sliders that are ideal for use with delicate furniture, such as antique pieces or items with delicate finishes.

Using furniture sliders makes moving furniture easier and less physically demanding. Instead of lifting heavy furniture and carrying it across the room, you can simply slide it into place. It’s important to note that furniture sliders should only be used on hard, smooth surfaces, such as hardwood floors or tiles. If you’re moving furniture across carpet or other soft surfaces, it may be necessary to use a different type of moving equipment, such as a dolly or hand truck.

Pack Your Stuff Safely

Taking the time to pack everything safely can help ensure that your furniture arrives at your new home in good condition.

#1. Use Proper Packing Materials: For furniture with delicate finishes or upholstery, use furniture pads or blankets to wrap them up and protect them during transit. Bubble wrap can also be used to protect fragile parts or corners. Make sure to secure the padding in place with tape or plastic wrap.

#2. Use the Right Box: For smaller pieces of furniture, you may be able to pack them into standard moving boxes. However, larger pieces of furniture may require special boxes or crates to ensure their safety during transit. These boxes should be sturdy and reinforced, with extra padding to protect the furniture inside.

Disassemble Your Furniture

Disassembling your furniture is an essential step in preparing for a move. By taking apart your furniture, you can make it easier to move and transport. Here are some tips on how to disassemble your furniture:

#1. Read the Instructions: Before disassembling any furniture, be sure to read the instructions carefully. If you no longer have the instructions, you can usually find them online. Following the manufacturer’s instructions can help you avoid damaging your furniture or missing important steps.

#2. Gather the Necessary Tools: Make sure you have all the necessary tools for disassembling your furniture, such as a screwdriver, pliers and an Allen wrench. Having the right tools can make the job easier and more efficient.

#3. Label Your Pieces: As you disassemble your furniture, label each piece with a number or letter and take pictures to help you remember how it goes back together. This can save you time and frustration when it comes time to reassemble your furniture in your new home.

Sell or Donate Unwanted Furniture

When you’re preparing for a move, it’s the perfect time to assess your furniture needs and decide what you really want to bring with you to your new home. If you have furniture you no longer want or need, selling or donating it can be a great option.

Selling your unwanted furniture can help you make some extra cash for your moving expenses.

If you don’t want to sell your furniture, donating it is another great option. There are plenty of organizations that accept furniture donations.

Shipping Furniture Costs: How Much Does It Cost to Ship Furniture?

The cost of shipping furniture can vary greatly depending on several factors, such as the distance, size, weight and fragility of the furniture. On average, the cost to ship furniture locally can range from $75 to $250, while shipping furniture internationally can range from $1000 to $3500 or more, depending on the size and weight of the furniture.

To get an accurate estimate of shipping costs, it’s best to obtain quotes from multiple shipping companies and compare their rates and services. Some shipping companies may offer discounts or promotions for first-time customers or for shipping multiple items.

Finding Top Furniture Moving Companies Near You

Here are some tips on how to find top furniture moving companies near you:

Ask for Recommendations: Reach out to friends, family and colleagues who have recently moved and ask for recommendations for furniture moving companies. Personal recommendations can be a great way to find a reliable and trustworthy company.

Check Online Reviews: Research online reviews for furniture moving companies in your area. Websites like Trustpilot can provide valuable insights into the quality of service and previous customers’ experiences.

Verify Credentials: Before hiring a furniture moving company, verify their credentials, such as licensing, insurance and experience. A reputable company will have all the necessary credentials and will be happy to provide proof of their qualifications.

Get Multiple Quotes: Contact several furniture moving companies and request quotes for their services. Be sure to ask about their rates, services and any additional fees, such as packing or storage.

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