On the Road with Tunc Yucel: Furry Friends and Fresh Beginnings

Cagri Sarigoz Cagri Sarigoz · Updated May 13, 2024

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Man with beard and glasses taking a selfie in a car with his furry friend, a beagle resting its head on his shoulder during a sunset drive.

Embarking on a journey filled with wagging tails and warm snouts, Tunc Yucel has found a path to happiness that’s both unexpected and fulfilling. As he navigates the roads with his four-legged passengers, Tunc uncovers the joy that comes from rescuing and transporting pets, creating bonds that last a lifetime.

In this in-depth interview, we’ll explore Tunc’s story, his motivations, and the insights he’s gained through his experiences with CitizenShipper. You can find dedicated, animal-loving drivers like Tunc on CitizenShipper’s dog transportation marketplace.

Discovering the Route to Joy

Tunc’s tale is not just about the miles he traverses but the smiles he encounters along the way. After being introduced to CitizenShipper by his best friend, he realized that this platform could provide more than just an income — it could offer a renewed sense of life fueled by the companionship of furry friends.

“This is my new path to pursue happiness — a journey filled with new challenges, fresh beginnings, freedom, and a renewed life,” Tunc shares, reflecting on his background and short story. He found that getting closer to furry friends was more than a job; it was a heartfelt quest that continues to drive him forward.

From First Paws to Lasting Impressions

Recalling his first experience with CitizenShipper, Tunc reminisces about Tango & Cash, a duo completely disarming with their charm, making an indelible mark on his heart during the trip. However, it was Marley’s story that turned a page in Tunc’s life. Rescuing Marley from a kill shelter, he explains, “We formed a strong bond, and he has become like a son to me. I am immensely proud to be involved in his rescue.”

Brown dog sleeping on a blue towel, with timestamps and location tag for Phoenix, AZ; smaller images show different sleeping positions of this furry friend.

Navigating with Care: The Honda Element of Success

Behind every successful trip is Tunc’s trusty Honda Element, ensuring every journey is as comfortable as it is safe. “Using proper equipment and following traffic rules are paramount, but always safety first,” he insists. For Tunc, the key to having a smooth transport experience lies in pre-planning and constant communication, ensuring peace of mind for his customers.

Guidance on the Road: The Value of Coaching

Tunc attributes a significant part of his success to participation in coaching calls, emphasizing, “Everyone needs a mentor, especially when you’re new.” Guidance from seasoned mentors like Haick can pivot a newbie from potential pitfalls to the fast lane of professional transporting. All resources tooled from coaching sessions merged into one compass, leading to smoother rides and happier clients.

A collage of three images featuring a Beagle dog: close-up of its face, lying in a car next to a man, and walking on a leash at night captured by Tunc Yucel.

Challenges and Triumphs

Transporting pets is not without its challenges. Tunc highlights the importance of getting details aligned when the shipper and recipient are different parties. He advises, “Make sure every detail is right and both parties agreed your terms.” This level of attention averts confusion and enforces a seamless transport.

His strategy involves back-up water and emergency supplies, GPS tracking to comfort customers, and offering VIP services tailored to the needs of his companions, both humans and pets alike.

The Currency of Feedback: Positive Connections and Growth

Tunc speaks fondly of the feedback from shippers. “Communication,” he’s often told, is where he excels. He also values the interaction with other drivers, fostering a community spirit through platforms like Facebook groups, which helps them collectively thrive in the transport ecosystem.

Full Speed Ahead: Aspirations on CitizenShipper

Looking toward the horizons, Tunc is willing to become a professional symbol within the CitizenShipper community. “I’m planning to upgrade my fleet and connections to help statewide for all weather conditions,” he reveals. With every journey, he seeks to expand his services, ensuring every pet gets the loving transport they deserve.

Collage of a man posing with a brown dog at an animal shelter, a dog lying on a couch, and walking outdoors with a leash, celebrating Fresh Beginnings with furry friends.

A Tale of Technology and Tail Wags

Technology plays a pivotal role in ensuring each trip is a success. From using GPS for tracking and providing relief to customers, to having pre-designed messages at the ready, Tunc harnesses every tool at his disposal to maintain seamless interactions with pet owners. He understands the importance of staying connected, offering live updates, and using phone, text, and pictures to keep the communication channels open during his trips.

Rescuing Triumphs: The Heart of the Drive

When asked about the most rewarding part of his job, Tunc’s answer is swift and filled with passion. “Rescuing furry friends instills a passion that brings a sense of pride to oneself.” Each transport, each road traveled, feeds into the joy of spending time with his furry friends, making each journey not only impactful but also an extension of his happiness.

Conclusion: The CitizenShipper Chapter

To wrap up our heartwarming interview with Tunc, his journey through CitizenShipper is about more than just the miles he travels. It’s about the connections he fosters, the lives—both human and animal—he touches, and the aspirations he continues to chase with unwavering dedication.

For those considering a similar path, Tunc’s story stands as a testament to the joys and benefits of working with CitizenShipper. The platform is not just facilitating the safe transport of pets; it’s building a community where stories like Tunc’s inspire a sense of camaraderie, responsibility, and genuine affection for our furry companions that share our journeys, however long or short they may be.

As Tunc Yucel would definitely tell you, each day presents a new road, and on that road, a new story awaits. So why not make those stories filled with wagging tails, joyful barks, and the silent, contented purrs of the companions we ferry to their forever homes.