Furniture Delivery Service: Compare Quotes and Save Big

Adaeze Nwakaeze Adaeze Nwakaeze · Updated May 30, 2023

If moving has taught us anything, it’s that furniture and stress are like two peas in a pod. The process of transporting your beloved bed or coveted couch can leave you feeling like you’re carrying the weight of the world (not to mention your entire living room) on your shoulders. But what if there was a way to lighten the load? You guessed right! Furniture delivery services will save the day.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of using furniture delivery services and show you how to compare quotes and save money on your delivery. So sit back, relax and learn how to make your next move a breeze.

Benefits of Using a Furniture Delivery Service

#1. Reduced Stress and Physical Strain: Let’s face it, moving furniture can be a pain — literally. But by hiring a furniture delivery service, you can leave the heavy lifting to the experts and save yourself from the stress and strain that comes with moving heavy furniture.

#2. Protection of Your Furniture: With professional furniture delivery services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your furniture is in good hands. These services have the experience and equipment necessary to transport your furniture safely and securely, reducing the risk of damage during the move.

#3. Time-Saving: Time is precious when you’re moving, and transporting furniture can add significant time to the process. By using a furniture delivery service, you can have your furniture picked up and delivered to your new home at a time that works best for you, leaving you free to focus on other important aspects of your move.

#4. Convenience: Trying to coordinate furniture transportation on your own can sometimes be a logistical nightmare. A furniture delivery service can offer you the convenience of having your furniture picked up and delivered to your new home, all while accommodating your schedule and needs.

#5. Flexibility:

Whether moving a single piece of furniture or an entire household, a furniture delivery service can offer flexible options that meet your specific requirements. It is especially useful if you have unique or oversized furniture that requires special handling.

#6. Cost-Effectiveness:

It’s easy to assume that hiring a furniture delivery service is more expensive than doing it yourself. But by comparing quotes from different providers, you may find that the cost is comparable — or even cheaper — than trying to transport your furniture independently.

Furniture delivery service can actually be a more affordable way to get your couch moved!

Choosing the Right Furniture Delivery Service

When choosing the right furniture delivery service, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are some tips and tricks to help you find the perfect furniture delivery service for your needs:

#1. Consider the Furniture Delivery Options Available: Furniture delivery services offer a range of options, from simple pickup and delivery to full-service moves that include packing and unpacking. Before choosing a service, consider your specific needs and the level of service you require. If you need more time or want to avoid the hassle of packing and moving your furniture, a full-service move may be the right choice for you. On the other hand, if you’re on a tight budget, a pickup and delivery service may be a better fit.

#2. Look for Great Service: Excellent service is vital when it comes to choosing a furniture delivery company. Look for a company with a reputation for reliability, professionalism and excellent customer service. You can research different companies by reading online reviews or asking for referrals from friends or family members. Additionally, ask about the company’s availability, flexibility and policies for handling fragile or valuable items.

#3. Check the Options for Tracking and Communication: Clear communication is essential to a successful furniture delivery experience. Look for a company that offers online tracking or real-time updates so that you can monitor the progress of your delivery. You should also ensure that the company has multiple channels of communication available, such as a customer service line or email address. This way, if any issues arise during the delivery process, you can quickly and easily contact the company to resolve them.

#4. Ensure They Can Handle the Size of Your Furniture: Large or bulky furniture items require special handling; not all furniture delivery companies can handle them. Before choosing a company, ensure they have the equipment and expertise to transport your furniture safely. You can ask the company about their experience with similar items or look for reviews from customers who have used their services for larger or more complex things.

#5. Compare Pricing and Fees: Cost is always a consideration when selecting a furniture delivery service. Although, it’s important to remember that the cheapest option may not always be the best choice. When comparing different companies, make sure you’re comparing apples to apples by looking at the level of service offered, any additional fees or charges and the company’s overall reputation. Be bold and ask for a detailed quote or estimate before making your final decision.

Tips for a Hassle-Free Furniture Delivery

#1. Prepare Your Furniture for Delivery: Don’t let damaged or improperly prepared furniture ruin your delivery experience. Before your furniture is picked up, ensure it’s properly disassembled (if needed), wrapped and secured. This will help prevent damage during transit and make the process smoother for you and your mover.

#2. Communicate with Your Mover: Open communication is key to successful furniture delivery. Make sure to communicate any special requirements or concerns with your mover well before the pickup date. This way, they can prepare accordingly and ensure a smoother delivery experience. And remember to keep in touch throughout the delivery process to stay informed on its progress.

#3. Be Flexible with Your Schedule: Flexibility is vital when it comes to furniture delivery. Although you should have a general time frame in mind, be prepared for unexpected events and delays that can disrupt your plans. Being flexible and patient can help alleviate stress and smooth the delivery process.

#4. Inspect Your Furniture Upon Arrival: Upon delivery, inspecting your furniture carefully is essential to ensure it hasn’t been damaged during transit. If necessary, check for any scratches, dents or other issues and document them with photos. Contact your mover immediately to resolve the issue if you notice any damage.

Finding Reliable Furniture Delivery Service Providers with CitizenShipper

If you need a reliable furniture delivery service provider, look no further than CitizenShipper. Here’s why:

#1. CitizenShipper Connects You With Vetted and Verified Movers: CitizenShipper goes the extra mile to ensure that all the movers on their platform are experienced and trustworthy professionals with a proven track record of delivering furniture safely and on time. Before a mover can offer their services on CitizenShipper, they must undergo a rigorous vetting and verification process. So, you can rest assured that your furniture will be in good hands throughout the delivery process.

#2. Compare Quotes From Multiple Movers: With CitizenShipper, you can easily compare quotes from multiple movers in one place. This allows you to choose the service that best fits your budget and specific needs. Whether you need a full-service move or pickup and delivery, you can be sure you’re getting a fair price for the service you need.

#3. Feedback and Rating System: CitizenShipper has a feedback and ratings system that allows you to see what other customers have to say about the movers on their platform. This gives you valuable insights into the quality of service you can expect from each provider. You can also leave feedback after your move, which helps other customers make informed decisions when choosing a mover.

#4. Easy Communication and Progress Tracking: For furniture delivery to be successful, clear communication is essential to a successful furniture delivery experience, and Citizenshipper makes it easy to stay in touch with your mover throughout the process. You can use the platform’s messaging system to communicate directly with your mover, and you’ll also receive real-time updates on the progress of your delivery. This allows you to stay informed and address any issues that may arise along the way.

#5. Experience and Professionalism Guaranteed: CitizenShipper guarantees that all movers on their platform are experienced professionals who treat your furniture with the utmost care and respect. They understand that your furniture is not just a collection of objects but rather a collection of memories and sentimental value. It is why we partner only with movers with a proven track record of handling furniture with care.

How to Get a Quote on CitizenShipper

Getting a quote for your furniture delivery on CitizenShipper is quick and easy. Here’s how to get started:

#1. Visit the CitizenShipper Website: To get started, head to the CitizenShipper website and click “Get Free Estimate” on the homepage. This will take you to a page where you can enter the necessary information about your furniture delivery.

#2. Fill out the Online Form: Once you’re on the quote request page, fill out the online form with details about your furniture delivery, including the pickup and delivery locations, the size and weight of your furniture, and any special requirements you may have. This information will help Citizenshipper connect you with the right movers and provide an accurate quote.

#3. Receive a Quote from a Qualified Mover: After you submit the online form, CitizenShipper will provide you with a list of qualified movers and their prices. You can then review the quotes and select the best fit for your needs and budget.

#4. Compare Quotes from Multiple Movers: If you’re not satisfied with the first quote you receive, don’t worry! CitizenShipper allows you to compare quotes from multiple movers to find the right one for your furniture delivery. This will enable you to understand the different prices and services available so that you can make an informed decision.

#5. Book Your Mover: After you’ve selected a mover, you can book them through the CitizenShipper platform. This ensures that their insurance policy protects your furniture delivery and that your mover is held accountable for any damages or issues that may arise during delivery.


Choosing the right furniture delivery service is crucial for a hassle-free and smooth experience. With CitizenShipper, you can rest assured that your furniture will be handled by experienced and professional movers who offer excellent service, accessible communication and progress tracking. So if you’re looking for a reliable and efficient furniture delivery service, look no further than CitizenShipper. Post a listing on CitizenShipper today and experience the peace of mind of knowing your furniture is in good hands.