Expert Tips: How to Ship Furniture To Another State

Patrick MacFarland Patrick MacFarland · Updated May 31, 2023

Long-Distance Furniture Shippingcom/blog/how-to-find-local-furniture-shipping-companies”>Furniture Shipping Company ExperienceArizona. It’s more affordable, even though it will be sweltering hot in the summer. The good part is you’ll be closer to your parents. The downside is you’ll be moving from California to the Grand Canyon State. What does that mean? You have to pack every single item and belonging up into boxes and haul that and your furniture to your new place. What can you do with the boxes and those large items that don’t fit in boxes? There’s your television, the couches and sofas, the beds, the dressers and nightstands and other items. In other words, you need to know how to ship furniture to another state.

The last thing we want you to do is overstress about this, so we’ll make sure you get the down low on moving furniture. Moving furniture is hard because it means packing up memories, but we’ll make sure it can be a painless and easy process for you. In this article, we will show you all the ins and outs of shipping furniture to from one state to another. We’ll make sure you get all the expert tips to ensure stress-free moving.

Pick the Right Shipping Option Based on Your Furniture’s Size, Weight and Fragility

There are various types of furniture shipping options available for you. Each of them offers a service that is unique to what kind of furniture you may have. And each service is tailored to what you need from these furniture shipping companies. Let’s take a look at each of them so you can base your decision.

White Glove Delivery

White glove delivery is the high-end approach to moving. The company is hired to do it all — pack, unpack and put everything in its new place — and pay extra attention to your belongings. They’ll also offer professional installation services for all electrical items in your house — installing the washer and dryer, televisions and the other electrical items and appliances. This is good for people that do not want to lift a finger during the move. If you have expensive, weighty furniture and belongings that are fragile or antiques, white glove service may be the best option for you. It’s going to be much more expensive, but if you’re not afraid to pay for that, then this type of service is the way to go.

Curbside Delivery

Curbside delivery is not as extensive as white glove delivery. Furniture shipping companies usually deliver your items and leave them at the end of your driveway. Unlike white glove delivery, they don’t provide installation services and won’t assemble any items. Because of that, it’s your responsibility to bring the furniture inside and assemble each item. The upside to this option is it costs less than white glove delivery. This is a good option for those that have furniture that does not need too much assembly and have electrical appliances that are easy to install.

Expedited Shipping

When you need your furniture delivered within just a few days, expedited shipping is your friend. For additional costs, the furniture shipping company provides you with expedited shipping. This is convenient when you’re in a move with a quick turnaround, which is good for people with a busy schedule.

Consider Cost, Convenience and Level of Involvement Required

When you’re embarking on the journey of moving, consider the big picture of furniture shipping. On paper, there are costs, convenience and level of involvement you should consider when doing this. Will you be spending a lot of time and energy doing something where the cost of having someone else do it isn’t as big of a difference? When only looking at the price tag of things, it’s easy to ignore other factors. Moving is horrendous and the work involved is extremely exhausting. So, when you’re looking into furniture shipping companies, you should always look at the big picture and ensure you’re getting a good deal, but are also less stressed out.

Long-Distance Furniture Shipping Costs: What to Expect

Shipping furniture long distances can be expensive. The rough estimates out there state that cross-country furniture shipping can cost as much as $4,000. Sometimes each piece of large furniture can cost between $300-$800 apiece. The options you have can be broad as there are many furniture shipping companies where they offer full services tailored to your every need.

Distance Matters: Distance plays a key role in determining the ultimate furniture shipping costs. The longer the distance, the more expensive the costs will be. Usually, these shipping costs are calculated based on miles traveled, so be aware of that.

Average Weight Plays a Role: The dimensions and weight of your furniture will determine the kinds of furniture costs — the bigger, the costlier. If you have antique furniture, it will play a role in your final furniture shipping costs, too.

Additional Fees May Apply: There are additional fees that could potentially determine your furniture shipping costs.

Pickup and Delivery Location: The pickup and delivery locations can be a huge factor in your ultimate costs. If you live in a remote area or you’re moving to a remote area and the dropoff is hard to get to, the costs will increase.

Extra Services You May Choose: If you decide you want extra services like expedited shipping or white glove services, those will incur additional costs that will play a role in the final furniture shipping costs.

Comparing Quotes Is Key

When researching companies, you should look after companies that have certain qualities that will make your life easier.

Some qualities to look for:

  • Can they take any type of furniture?
  • Do they adhere to all rules and regulations required by federal and state governments?
  • Does the transporter have a reputation for providing regular updates and good communication?

If they have those qualities, add them to the list. Once you have compiled a list of several companies, reach out to them with your information. You’ll receive quotes that you can then compare. Make sure you compare quotes from all furniture shipping companies carefully, looking at each line-item to ensure that you aren’t being swindled. A few suggestions to keep in mind:

Read Reviews from Previous Customers

  • Do your research and search for positive reviews.
  • Join Facebook or social media groups related to furniture shipping.

Furniture Shipping Company Experience

Customized Shipping Solutions

  • Top-notch furniture shipping companies offer customized shipping to their customers, which can definitely make things a lot easier.
  • If you have a certain way of doing things and the furniture shipping company can make that happen, it means the furniture shipping company cares about its customers.

Tips for Saving Money on Long-Distance Furniture Shipping

The great thing is that you can get creative in saving money when shipping furniture long distances. There are a few tips and tricks that will help you cut down on shipping costs and ensure you’ll pay less.

Pack Your Own Boxes: Packing your own boxes allows you to organize your belongings into specifically-labelled boxes. You’ll know where they belong for easier unpacking. When you pack your own things into boxes, it eliminates the need of movers doing that. Packing your own boxes can take hours, so it means saving hundreds of dollars on something you can do yourself.

Book Early: Another suggestion we recommend is to book your furniture shipping needs early. If you wait until the last minute, the costs will go up because of the quick turnaround that needs to happen. However, if you book calmly and early enough, those costs won’t go up because the furniture shipping company can plan shipping schedules.

Negotiate with Moving Companies: It’s always best to negotiate with moving companies. Remember that not everything is set in stone. Everything is negotiable and if you can bring down costs on several things, you may be able to pay a lower price for furniture shipping. Be on the lookout for things that can easily be knocked down — extra fees that could be eliminated.

At the end of the day, they want your business and if it means having them charge you one or two hundred dollars less instead of not having any business at all, they’ll take it in a heartbeat.

Cheapest Ways to Move Furniture to Another State

There are various ways you can save money when shipping furniture to another location, especially if it’s another state. Sometimes you might think those rates are outrageous, but the reality is that there are some affordable options out there. Let’s take a look at a few you may want to consider.

Renting a Moving Truck: This is an easy, do-it-yourself option that can save you a lot of money. Renting a moving truck is cost effective. You do have to carry all of your furniture yourself and of course this is where helping hands come in and you can ask your friends and family to help out with the move. You’ll also have to drive the truck yourself to your new destination. This option is cheaper than others, but the downside is that you have to do it yourself. This is something worth thinking about.

Ship via Freight: Freight delivery is a common option. It can be more affordable, but one where you’re required to disassemble everything and put your items in wooden boxes. The freight delivery driver will pick up your boxes at your curb and deliver them to the next curb. Keep in mind that this usually is better for deliveries that are less than truckload (or LTL), as they can potentially be loaded and unloaded several times.

Compare Quotes from Multiple Movers on CitizenShipper

After you perused at the traditional furniture delivery company options, you may not be convinced about the quotes you’ve received. CitizenShipper can be the perfect alternative for you.

CitizenShipper has flexible pricing options and can provide various offers that you can then compare and contrast in order for you to pick the right one for you. Multiple transporters compete for your business, which means you can save up to 60-70% compared to those traditional moving companies. They’ll send you multiple quotes and you can get the best deal after looking at each one of them.

You can save money, time, and hassle. The best part about CitizenShipper is there are no hidden fees. Posting a listing on CitizenShipper, receiving and comparing quotes is super easy.

All you have to do is:

  1. Create a listing on CitizenShipper. Add all the details required to receive quotes. This includes your contact info, details about what furniture your transporter will be moving, the pick-up and drop-off locations and your preferred transport dates. It’s free to post a listing!
  2. Your listing is visible to a network of furniture transporters. Every driver on CitizenShipper has passed a strict background check.
  3. The drivers submit bids on your listing — you’ll usually receive those bids within minutes! It’s free to look over your quotes, chat with drivers and read reviews.

We pride ourselves in ensuring an easy process, having excellent customer service and making furniture shipping run safe, seamless and stress-free. All of those belongings will be in good hands with our qualified movers, who can provide frequent updates through our internal messaging system.

Navigate to the furniture shipping page, punch in your info and get quotes faster than bubble wrapping mirrors!