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How to Ship China, Glassware and Crystal

Whether you’re looking to ship china, glassware, crystal, or other extremely fragile small items, the keyword is the same: preparation. High-quality plates, glasses, and kitchenware that have been passed down through generations or have other sentimental meanings deserve your full attention when packing them in preparation for a move. To do this job right, don’t

24/7 shipping - For Customers - Vehicle Shipping - 24 April 2015

How to Ship an RV Trailer

Have you bought a camping trailer and need to transport it to your location? Recently sold an RV trailer and transportation was included in the deal? Drivers in the CitizenShipper community can dependably deliver your trailer where it needs to be, and at significant savings compared to other services. The entire process starts with the

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How to Ship Camping Gear

If you’re planning an outdoors trip, don’t let the required camping gear weigh down your travel plans – shipping these items can be cost effective and reduce hassle. Having camping gear delivered to your hiking or camping destination allows you to travel with only what’s necessary and without worrying if your items will make your

24/7 shipping - For Customers - Household Items - 21 April 2015

How to Ship Vinyl Records

The resurgence of vinyl records has hipsters, hippies and everyone in between scouring thrift stores, poring over online outlets, and crowding into independent shops in search of their favorite titles. Prized for their cover art and unique sound, vinyl records in good shape can fetch surprising sums of money – the trick is they must

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How to Ship an Electric Guitar

Worried about shipping your 1961 Strat-o-Caster to a hipster across the United States?” Nonetheless, it’s time to time to let your baby go onto his next owner. Whether it’s a wife-madated gorge clean out, where “there’s just no room in her for that guitar!” the decision has been made. But wait – you’ve just discovered the

24/7 shipping - Courier Jobs - For Customers - Household Items - 27 March 2015

How to Ship a Painting

Transporting a painting – like other fragile and valuable items – is a task that involves careful packaging and choosing the right carrier. And unless your painting has its own waterproof stainless steel case, it’s a good idea to steer clear of large shipping companies. Shipping fine art is a very specialized field – the

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How to Ship a Television

So you’ve finally bought a television that is perfect for the big game or guilty pleasure Netflix marathons. Who knew the Golden Girls could seem so…lifelike? But now your company has transferred you halfway across the country and you can’t bear to entrust a $2,500 high-end television to a moving company, plus it’s too big

24/7 shipping - For Customers - Household Items - 25 March 2015

How to Ship a Pool Table

Pool tables are among the most durable and expensive recreational items you’ll have in your home. They often have sentimental meaning as well, so when you’re planning a move, the pool table will likely travel with you. But moving a large, specialized item like a pool table requires both brains and brawn, and heavy work

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CitizenShipper Unveils New Shipper Dashboard

Customers listing items for bid at now have a new tool that streamlines the entire process, allowing them to easily monitor the latest activity and even invite drivers to view their shipment. The redesigned Shipper Dashboard’s home screen, Quotes Manager, lets shippers manage every aspect of their shipment. A navigation bar at the top

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How to Ship an Easter Ham

As the Easter holiday nears, your family is likely planning a traditional feast, including that all-important ham. But where you were limited to purchasing local or franchised porcine products in the past, online shipping now allows you to have the ham of your choice delivered to the front door, be it a customary Virginia or