How to Ship an Easter Ham

CitizenShipper CitizenShipper · Updated: March 8, 2023 / Published: March 19, 2015

As the Easter holiday nears, your family is likely planning a traditional feast, including that all-important ham. But where you were limited to purchasing local or franchised porcine products in the past, online shipping now allows you to have the ham of your choice delivered to the front door, be it a customary Virginia or artisanal ham from across the country.

And you’re not limited to choosing big shipping companies either. Thousands of independent online drivers – organized through companies like CitizenShipper – can get your delicacy where it needs to be in time for Easter dinner.

First, choose the retailer of your ham and find out where it’s located. Then, determine when it will be ready for shipment as well as the package’s dimensions and weight. Working quickly, list the item for online bid, emphasizing the delivery timeline and where the package will originate. As drivers place their bids on transporting your ham, you’ll be able to correspond with them to be sure the arrangement is right.

The advantages of having an online driver deliver your ham are timing and safekeeping. As with any perishable item, timing is critical – that’s why your listing must include definite pickup and delivery dates. Personalized safekeeping is the other side of the coin. Your ham won’t wait on the dock of a large shipping company – your driver will handle it from start to finish, and will usually be able to communicate in real time from the road via phone call or text.

Perishable foods must be packaged properly for transport, and your Easter ham is no different. Be sure the retailer uses thick, food grade cardboard boxes and, crucially, dry ice to keep the ham cold as long as possible. Dry ice will preserve your item for as long as five days. Because dry ice is so cold it can burn exposed skin, your driver needs to be aware it is included in the packaging, and you should be careful of the freezing substance once the package arrives.

While online delivery drivers will transport your Easter ham, it’s important to remember that this option is never out of season. With proper planning and enough time, any holiday can be celebrated with unique foodstuffs from across the country, placed at your front door.

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