5 Tips for Moving a Pool Table

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Moving a pool table by yourself has this advantage: Nothing will seem that difficult again. Climb Mount Everest? Sure, let me get my boots. Fight a bear? Why not, I’m free. Maneuver an aircraft carrier into New York Harbour? You seem to forget I once moved a pool table.

It isn’t easy, but it isn’t impossible. And if you have a friend or two to help with the lifting and shifting, the difficulty decreases accordingly. It cannot save time (and back ache!) to dismantle the table as much as possible before attempting the move. With some pool tables this isn’t an option, but it’s advisable when it is!

If your heart is set on taking the DIY approach to pool table moving – or if your wallet demands it – it can be done with a little courage, a lot of strength, some equally strong friends and a bit of technical knowledge. If you’ve got all that, the guide below will walk you through the main steps. Always use common sense: every building and doorway is different, so be prepared to take extra steps if they arise. 

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You’re still here! Very well. Without further ado, here’s how to move your pool table.

1. Dismantle

Take apart as much of the pool table as you can. We cannot emphasise enough how much effort this will save you. And not just the legs: remember to empty the pool table of the balls and cues first too. Anything to decrease weight you’ll be thankful for. 

As you take it apart, remember to pay close attention to how each part fitted together, and keep the bolts etc in a safe place. If there are enough of them, it will be wise to catalogue the amount before moving. Labelling will help you. 

This has two purposes: One, to reduce weight. And two, to make the pool table more maneuverable. Your doorways, corridors and staircases will definitely thank you for it!

2. De-felt

Taking off the felt earns its own step on the basis of how much care is required to do it. Felt is the most fragile part of a pool table. If it rips, it can be costly to replace. If you don’t plan on buying a whole new felt after you’ve moved the table, your best option is to take it off. It may seem a chore (and professionals are more experienced at the task) but we strongly advise it.

So far we’ve discussed the steps to prepare for the heavy lifting. They are no less important than the big heave itself, so don’t be tempted to skip them! Now we come to the part involving muscles…

3. Three… two… one… heave!

Even without its legs, a full-size slate can weigh up to 800 lbs. The legs, too, aren’t always light, so this is definitely work that suits a group of people who go to gyms. To ease the main body of the unit around corners, it is worth tipping it on its side. That should be your first move once it is next to the first door. Grip it tightly and take regular breaks to avoid dropping it, and make sure the corners are dry enough to hold securely for minutes at a time.

While brawn is a definite aid at this stage, brain is needed too. Be careful and logical before you maneuver it into a gap you can’t get it out of. Don’t hesitate to measure the gaps and doorways first with a measuring tape before you begin. And do not, repeat DO NOT, attempt this stage solo. Once again, professional movers come in handy here. But if you’re confident in your abilities, at least make sure to enlist a few friends.

4. Prepare the space

You know where your pool table will end up, so make sure the room is clear and there is plenty of space to reassemble the table and flip it into the correct orientation once you get it in. Carpeting can be a problem here. Not only is the pool table liable to tear the carpet if moved with less than perfect care, it can be hard to ensure the table is fully level if it rests on carpet. Most pool tables you’ll see rest on hardwood floors. If there is a carpet in the room you intended for the pool table, it is worth removing it beforehand.

5. Put it together

Now it’s time to reassemble the pieces that entered the destination room. Start by reattaching the legs to the frame. It’s best to do this with the table face-down, so you will need another pair of hands to help you flip it vertical. Return the slate to the frame. A spirit level will help you ensure the table is level. You can usually adjust the height of the feet by screwing and unscrewing, so now is the time to do this. Finally, reapply the felt and smooth out any wrinkles with a wide, flat tool like a paint scraper. Again, be careful not to tear it!

Now you’re ready to start potting… and best of all, your friends are already there!

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