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Ulhas Sukhare Ulhas Sukhare · Updated January 16, 2024

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Moving costs are one of the unfortunate burdens of the moving process. Costs are typically related to weight and volume of belongings as well as distance. However, certain quirks in the way moving companies quote for jobs can mean relocating to the other side of town may result in the same charge as moving from one town to another.

To keep the move affordable and to make sure the moving company you choose is the right one for you, here are a few tips that will help. Moving is stressful enough without the strain on your bank balance, so we’ve compiled these pointers to help you get the biggest bang for your buck. Remember: moving is big business in the U.S. and there are hundreds if not thousands of companies eager for the work. That makes it a buyer’s market for you, so a little research and a few top tips can potentially cut moving costs by half!

How can I save money when hiring movers? 

  • Pick your time

Like all industries, the moving industry has peak and off peak times, days and seasons. As you might expect, July and August are the peak months for most U.S. moving companies, while weekends are the most popular days on which to move. A weekday in winter will usually cost significantly less than a Sunday in summer. It isn’t always possible to choose when you move based only on moving costs, but this method has the potential to shave a good quarter off your quote.

  • DIY

Here’s a tip you’ve already thought of. Before finalising a contract with a moving company, work out how many of your belongings you can move yourself. It may be more than you think! Moving companies may be necessary for things like furniture, but everything you can pile into your sedan is a few dollars off your quote. Make sure you book a moving company to transport the fewest items possible if budget is your concern.

  • Go pro

To keep costs low you may be tempted to hire an inexperienced company whose quote is far lower than the average. Number one, good for you for giving a young, untried business a go! But there may be a bigger cost to your generosity… A non-professional company may suit you if your belongings are not that delicate or valuable, and the cost of mending any broken items is not excessive. If that’s not the case, it can be a fool’s economy. Depending on your insurance package, it is wiser to hire an experienced mover who can supply a better guarantee that your belongings will arrive in one piece.

  • Be ready

Moving companies tend to charge by the hour, and they start the clock the second they leave the office and arrive at your door. So have all the items to be moved ready and waiting before they arrive to minimise labor costs.

  • Hire movers directly

This one’s a biggie when it comes to choosing which company to hire. Make sure you can speak to someone directly before finalising the deal, then ask them: Will your team be handling the move yourselves, or are you acting as a broker for another moving company? The difference in price between the former and latter option is sizable. Cut out the middleman and hire the movers directly as this will get rid of overheads you may not have realised existed.

Bonus tip: Free boxes!

Packing your items for transport can incur costs you might not have expected, such as buying the boxes to pack with. Guess what – you can get industry-standard boxes for free! Many retailers throw boxes in the trash once they’ve been used. Ask at your local store if they can hold on to a few for you. They may not charge you a cent, and the loading of items into the moving van or truck will be much faster as a result, meaning lower labor costs.

How do I get the best deal on movers?

Here’s the best, cheapest and simplest way to ensure you receive the best deal on movers: Compare them! Move moving companies will give you a free quote (beware of those that don’t, or insist on any payment before the job is complete) so ring around and solicit up to five free quotes. Work out the average from them so you’ll know if you’re being ripped off. Individual companies may falsely inflate their price, but the market as a whole will show them up every time.

Some movers offer what are known as combo deals. This tends to mean they provide a mobile storage unit that you fill up prior to the move date, so when the movers arrive they have a very quick turnaround. 

You may also be considering moving insurance. To find the best deal for you, check out our guide all about moving insurance.

Lastly, and crucially, always get the quote in writing. This is the only way to ensure you won’t be lumped with hidden fees and charges. Once you have a finalised cost in writing, you can fully trust the moving company to keep to their word.

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For more tips on choosing the right transporter, click here. For additional advice or assistance, you can always contact us directly.

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