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A dog is comfortably confined in a crate, adhering to airline pet policies, resting on a smooth wooden floor.

For Customers » Pet Shipping · Updated November 13, 2023

Pet Policies on the Largest Airlines in the US

Many pet owners prefer traveling with their fluffy companions, and most airlines make it possible to bring them on board. That said, traveling with Fido may take more preparation than just packing your bag.

A yellow truck moving away down a road with a large city in the background.

Boat Transport » Car Shipping · Updated October 31, 2023

People Are Still Moving Away From Large Cities, While Mid-Sized Cities are Growing

The exodus from major metropolitan areas that peaked during the COVID-19 pandemic — when people fled large cities in part due to pandemic restrictions, small living spaces, and the high cost of rent and real estate — is continuing. Census data shows that interstate migration rates are sliding back to pre-pandemic rates, but the trend