Tips for Transporting Your Cat

Cats can be joyful pets – their companionship and loyalty know no bounds. When having them shipped, you want the best care possible for your furry friend.

Many owners consider their cats as their “babies” and should be treated as such. There are a few preventative measures to take while transporting your cat for long or short hauls.

Remove the cat carrier from storage ahead of time and allow the your feline to acclimate to it before the trip. Sometimes a treat can entice the kitty inside, therefore making it comfortable with the new surroundings.


Many cats require a regimen of medications taken on a regular basis. Ensure there is a veterinarian at your destination that can treat the pet if the need arises. Your local veterinarian can also prescribe a mild sedative to ease the stress of travel. It is also advisable to have a list of vets located along the route to the feline’s destination in case of emergency. Also, offer tummy-rubs during potty-breaks every four hours.

According to cat expert Cory Bilicko, caretakers must be diligent when removing cats from their enclosures.

“Cats are notorious escape artists,” the 10-year cat-sitting veteran said. “An appropriate leash must be used for walking them, otherwise it’s crazy-cat city and you’ll spend a hour trying to corral it.”

Many pet transporters offer a discount for the delivery of multiple cats. This is worth checking into if you need to ship more than one cat. Plus their familiarity with each other might make the trip easier.

These are just a few suggestions in transporting your favorite feline.

What have you found works well when transporting your cat?



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