How to Ship China, Glassware and Crystal

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Whether you’re looking to ship china, glassware, crystal, or other extremely fragile small items, the keyword is the same: preparation. High-quality plates, glasses, and kitchenware that have been passed down through generations or have other sentimental meanings deserve your full attention when packing them in preparation for a move.

To do this job right, don’t scrimp on supplies. Any local mailing service will have bubble wrap, Styrofoam peanuts, shipping tape, and reinforced boxes with interior dividers, all of which you’ll need for proper packaging. Because of different sizes and weights, we’ll look at each component separately.

Plates are usually the heaviest and largest component of a place setting. Because of that, you shouldn’t stack more than three or four together in a single box. To start, select a box that offers at least two inches of clearance around each plate. Next, place two inches of packing peanuts at the bottom of the box, then cover the first plate in bubble wrap and place it in the box. Put another two-inch layer of peanuts on top of the plate in the box and repeat the process. Bowls, saucers, and dessert plates can also be packed using this method.

Instead of laying the plates down flat, you can also stack plates vertically, using the previous bubble wrap and peanut process.

Glassware sets – coffee cups, drinking, cocktail, water, and wine glasses – will fit snugly into boxes outfitted with dividers. Cover each item using bubble wrap and ensure there’s no wiggle room in the space. You also have the option of laying a foundation of packing peanuts and covering the entire box before sealing it.

Larger fragile items – like decanters, vases, and serving dishes – require boxes of their own and a different packing scheme. Select a box roughly twice the dimensions of the object, and line it with bubble wrap. Next, ball up packing paper or newsprint and make a custom-sized place for the item. After placing a two-inch buffer of packing peanuts, wrap the object with more bubble wrap and be sure there is a tight fit. Cover the contents of the box with additional packing peanuts and seal the box. One note: Items like decanters have a stopper, which should be wrapped and placed into a box holding your other glassware.

For an extra measure of safety, consider double boxing. Using larger boxes lines with packing peanuts and bubble wrap to hold your sealed boxes is ideal, because the outer box takes the brunt of handling and stacking during the shipment process.

Documentation is also a useful tip. Be sure to mark each of your boxes with the name and number of fragile items contained therein. Finally, take a small inventory of each box, noting if there are chipped or cracked dishes.

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