How to Move a Heavy Safe

CitizenShipper CitizenShipper · Updated January 16, 2024

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A heavy safe

Even if you’re handling a move yourself, a large, heavy safe is one of the items you may need help transporting. Unlike portable safes, large safes are not built with easy transport in mind. They are built to stay in one place and keep everything but the owner out. This combination makes heavy safes one of the biggest challenges to move, be it across the street or across the country.

These safes are often fireproof, filled with concrete, and have at least two thick metal linings, so the transportation of these safes is not for the faint of heart. Moving a heavy safe a perfect job for people who specialize in such a job, like the drivers at online shipping company CitizenShipper.

Once you decide to go with an online driver to move your safe, the first order of business will be to create an online listing to attract the right driver. First, describe where it will be picked up and where it’s going, as well as a timeline for delivery. Be sure to include the dimensions, weight, and manufacturer of the safe.

You’ll then need to post a picture, giving the prospective drivers that are bidding on your safe an accurate visual. This allows them to gauge how much additional manpower they will need to have on hand. Large safes can weigh more than 500 lbs., with large gun safes coming in at around 700 lbs.

The next step is to have a plan for leaving the pickup location and entering the destination. You’ll need to ensure the safe’s pathway is clear, and if there are any steps to negotiate, the driver must know about them. The equipment used to move heavy safes is very bulky and industrial-grade, so be sure the path is extra wide and cleared out. When entering the destination, be sure you have enough towels in case there has been inclement weather – mud or moisture can be a serious issue for those moving your safe. Also, make sure the new destination for your safe is ready to accept it. Often large safes have required bolts coming from the building foundation, and these need to be seated ahead of the safe’s arrival to do the job right.

Pro Tip: Be sure the safe is wrapped with heavy blankets secured with duct tape before moving it at the pickup or destination. Floors and walls can be easily damaged by heavy safes.

Even though you will have emptied the safe before transport, it is important your online driver understands the safe must be kept dry. Several components, including the hinges, lock tumblers, and the lock itself are not entirely waterproof. They will still function, but should not get wet. If they’re using an open truck or trailer for the job, an online driver will usually place a tarp at the bottom of the hauling bed, wrap it toward the direction of travel, and then toward the back. The covered safe will then be strapped to the vehicle to make it more water-tight. One note, the combination should be engaged during travel – a door weighing more than 150 lbs. can cause plenty of damage.

Moving your heavy safe won’t be such a big job if you hire a driver from CitizenShipper. Our community of drivers can handle even the largest item safely and reliably.

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