How to Ship a Car When You’re Moving to a New City

Rochdi Rais Rochdi Rais · Updated April 13, 2023

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Moving to a new city can be an exciting and stressful time. There are plenty of things to consider, from packing up your belongings to finding a new place to live. One thing you don’t want to leave until the last minute, however, is figuring out how to ship a car to your new home.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the things you need to know about car shipping and how to do it right.

How to Ship a Car: Tips to Make Your Move Easier

1. Research Your Options

When it comes to shipping your car, you have a few options to consider. Some people choose to drive their car to their new home, while others opt for a more convenient and stress-free option like shipping it. The first step in shipping your car is researching your options and finding reputable car movers and haulers. Consider reaching out to your friends and family for recommendations or check online review sites to find a company with good ratings.

2. Get a Quote

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential car shipping companies, it’s time to get a quote. Many companies offer free quotes online or over the phone. Make sure to get a written quote that includes all the details of the shipping process, such as insurance coverage, pickup and delivery dates, and any additional fees or charges.

3. Prepare Your Car

Before your car is shipped, you’ll need to prepare it for transport. Start by thoroughly cleaning your car and removing any personal belongings from the interior. Make sure to check for any loose items that could shift during transport and cause damage to your car. You’ll also need to remove any toll tags or parking passes and disable any alarm systems.

4. Inspect Your Car

Before your car is loaded onto the shipping truck, it’s important to conduct a thorough inspection. Take pictures of your car from all angles and make note of any existing damage. This will ensure that you have evidence of the car’s condition before shipping and can make a claim if any damage occurs during transport.

5. Choose Your Shipping Method

When it comes to car shipping, there are two main methods to choose from: open transport and enclosed transport. Open transport is the most common method and involves loading your car onto an open trailer with other cars. Enclosed transport is a more expensive option but offers more protection for your car since it’s loaded into a closed trailer.

6. Stay in Touch

Throughout the shipping process, it’s important to stay in touch with your car shipping company. Make sure to get a phone number or email address for the driver in case you need to reach them during transport. You’ll also want to confirm the pickup and delivery dates and any special instructions for preparing your car.

7. Receive Your Car

Once the shipping truck arrives at your new home, it’s time to receive your car. Make sure to inspect your car thoroughly for any damage or issues that may have occurred during transport. If you notice any damage, report it to the car shipping company immediately so you can file a claim.

Why Choose CitizenShipper for Car Shipping

At CitizenShipper, we understand the importance of choosing a reliable and reputable car shipping company. That’s why we strive to provide our customers with top-quality service and a stress-free car shipping experience. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose CitizenShipper for your car shipping needs:

– Affordable pricing: We offer competitive pricing and a price match guarantee to ensure our customers get the best value.
– Expert drivers: Our drivers are experienced and knowledgeable about car shipping and will handle your car with care.
– Excellent customer service: We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and support throughout shipping.
– Easy online booking: Our online booking system makes getting a quote and booking your car shipping service easy in just a few clicks.

The Importance of Insurance Coverage in Car Shipping

Insurance coverage plays a crucial role in the car shipping process, providing protection for your vehicle during transit. When selecting a car shipping company, it’s essential to verify its insurance coverage and understand the extent of protection it offers. Here are some key aspects to consider:

  1. Carrier liability: Ask about the carrier’s liability coverage, which should protect your car from damages during transport. Make sure the coverage amount is sufficient for the value of your vehicle.
  2. Additional insurance: In some cases, you may want to purchase additional insurance coverage for extra protection, particularly if you’re shipping a high-value or classic car.
  3. Proof of insurance: Request a copy of the insurance certificate from the car shipping company to confirm their coverage and verify its validity.
  4. Understanding exclusions: Familiarize yourself with any insurance exclusions or limitations to avoid misunderstandings and ensure comprehensive protection for your vehicle during shipping.

How to Ship a Car Internationally

If you’re planning to ship a car internationally, there are additional steps and considerations to ensure a smooth and successful process:

  1. Choose a reputable international car shipping company: Look for a company with experience in international car shipping and a solid reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction.
  2. Understand import/export regulations: Familiarize yourself with the import and export regulations in your origin and destination countries, including any taxes, fees, or required documentation.
  3. Prepare your car for international shipping: Ensure your car meets the destination country’s safety and emissions standards and remove any prohibited items from the vehicle.
  4. Obtain necessary documentation: Prepare the required documentation for international shipping, including the vehicle title, registration, and proof of ownership.
  5. Arrange for customs clearance: Work with your shipping company or a customs broker to handle customs clearance and ensure compliance with all regulations.
  6. Plan for pickup and delivery: Coordinate with your shipping company to arrange for pickup and delivery of your car, taking into account any potential delays due to customs processing or transportation issues.

Following these guidelines and working with a reputable international car shipping company can ensure a seamless car shipping experience across borders. Trust CitizenShipper to assist you with your international car shipping needs and provide you with exceptional service every step of the way.


What Are the Main Methods of Car Shipping?

The two primary car shipping methods are open transport, where the car is loaded onto an open trailer, and enclosed transport, where it is placed in a closed trailer for added protection.

How Do I Get a Quote for Car Shipping?

Many car shipping companies offer free quotes online or over the phone. Request a written quote including all shipping details, insurance coverage, and additional fees.

How Should I Prepare My Car for Shipping?

Clean your car, remove personal belongings and loose items, take off toll tags or parking passes, and disable any alarm systems before shipping.

What Should I Do When Receiving My Shipped Car?

Inspect your car thoroughly for any damage or issues and report them to the car shipping company immediately to file a claim if necessary.

Bottom Line: How To Ship a Car

Shipping your car can be a simple and stress-free process when you choose the right car shipping company. By following these tips and choosing a reputable company like CitizenShipper, you can ensure your car arrives safely and on time at your new home. Happy moving!