Furniture Pickup and Delivery Services: On-Demand and Nationwide

Adaeze Nwakaeze Adaeze Nwakaeze · Updated: May 31, 2023 / Published: May 15, 2023

Are you dreading the thought of towing your bulky furniture across town? Does the idea of driving busy streets with a couch strapped to your roof make you break out in a cold sweat? Moving furniture can be a nightmare, especially if you don’t have the right tools or equipment. But not to worry! There are professionals out there who specialize in making furniture transport easy. They can handle all the heavy lifting for you — and efficiently manage your furniture pickup and delivery.

Here, we’ll explore the different types of furniture pickup and delivery services on demand and nationwide while helping you decide which option works best for your budget and needs. Let’s dive in.

Understanding the Basics of Furniture Pickup and Delivery

If you have ever tried to move a couch by yourself, you will know that it’s not exactly a walk in the park. That’s where furniture pickup and delivery service comes in. These services are designed to take the hassle of moving your furniture. From sofas to bookcases to dining room tables, just about any type of furniture can be shipped using these services.

But why would someone need furniture pickup and delivery services, you ask? Well, there are a variety of reasons. Maybe you’re moving to a new home across town or the country. Or you’re selling a piece of furniture and need to get it to the buyer. Or even if you’re redecorating and need to transport your furniture to a storage unit while you work on your space — whatever your reason may be, furniture pickup and delivery services can help make your life easier.

Furniture Delivery Options

When it comes to furniture delivery, there are different options to choose from. Depending on your needs and budget, you may want to opt for curbside, door-to-door or white glove delivery. Let’s take a closer look at each of these options:


This budget-friendly option works well if you don’t mind doing a little heavy lifting. With curbside delivery, the furniture is dropped off at the curb in front of your home or apartment building. But you’ll be responsible for getting it from the curb to your front door. This is a good option if you have friends or a car that can help you move the item.

Door to Door

With door-to-door delivery, the furniture is brought right to your doorstep. This is a convenient choice if you cannot shift heavy items on your own. But keep in mind that the delivery driver won’t bring it inside your home or apartment.


When it comes to furniture delivery, this is the ultimate convenience. With white glove delivery services, the team will bring the furniture into your home, unpack it and even set it up for you. This is a great alternative if you want to avoid dealing with the stress of moving big items on your own. It is also great for anyone that has limited mobility or health issues that prevent them from moving heavy things.

Hire furniture pickup and delivery services to make your move easier.

Furniture Protection Tips

No one wants to receive a brand-new sofa or dining table only to find that it has been damaged in transit. That’s why it’s so important to take measures to protect your furniture during delivery:

Proper Packing

The last thing you want is for your beloved pieces to be damaged during transit. This is why you need to pack your furniture before the pickup properly. It’s okay to use high-quality packing materials like bubble wrap, packing paper, and sturdy boxes. And if possible, disassemble the hardware before packaging to prevent loss. Delicate items like mirrors and glass should be carefully wrapped in protective materials to prevent breakage.

Loading the Items

Once your goods are properly packed, you can load them onto the delivery truck. But, experience and expertise are highly required. You will need a professional delivery team that knows how to load furniture safely and securely. But no worries! CitizenShipper connects you to the right furniture delivery services that uses relevant techniques to prevent shifting and damage during transit.


During transport, the delivery team should be careful to avoid sudden stops, sharp turns and other movements that could cause your property to shift or become damaged. You wouldn’t want your beloved piece to be a victim of someone’s reckless driving.

If need be, ensure that the truck is equipped with features like air ride suspension and climate control to further protect it while in transit.

Unloading the Items

When you finally arrive, the delivery team is to take care of and unload your furniture carefully, using dollies and other equipment as needed. You can get a professional delivery service on CitizenShipper — that will take every possible precaution to ensure that your furniture arrives at its destination in the same condition.

Purchase an Insurance Policy

It’s advisable to consider purchasing insurance for your furniture during transit. This will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your expensive goods are covered in the event of damage or loss during delivery.

Furniture Delivery Timeframes

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to furniture pickup and delivery services is how long it will take to get your items from one place to another. But this varies widely depending on the service you choose.

Standard Delivery: Although cost-effective, standard delivery will require some patience on your part. You will have to wait for 3 to 7 days receiving your furniture.

Expedited Delivery: If you need your furniture delivered faster, expedited delivery options are available. They can typically get your items to your destination in 1-3 days but do come with a higher price tag. You may also be able to choose a specific date and time for your delivery.

Next-Day Delivery: For those in a hurry, some delivery services — like those on CitizenShippers, offer next-day delivery options, where your furniture will be delivered as soon as possible. So if you have a tight schedule, then you should consider this.

Delivery Fees

Several factors can affect delivery fees, including distance, size and weight of the item(s) and delivery timeframe.

Distance: This is one of the most significant conditions that can affect delivery fees. The farther your items have to travel, the more you can expect to pay. And this really makes sense — after all, the delivery company has to factor in the cost of fuel, wear and tear on their vehicles and the time it takes to get your items to their destination.

Size and Weight Items: Weight is another factor that can impact your delivery fees. Larger, heavier items require more space, specialized equipment and, in some cases — additional manpower to handle. You can be charged extra for your heavy or bulky items.

Delivery Timeframes: Expedited or next-day delivery options generally cost more than standard options. And as discussed earlier, faster delivery timeframes usually come with a higher price tag. So if you need your furniture delivered quickly, you may need to pay more.

Insurance: Some delivery services may include insurance as an add-on, while others may have it on the fees. If you’re concerned about the safety of your furniture during transit, it may be worth it to pay for insurance coverage.

Door-to-Door, Next-Day Delivery Services

If you’re looking for fast and convenient furniture pickup and delivery services, door-to-door and next-day delivery options may be just what you need. But here are some of their benefits and drawbacks:


#1. Convenience: With door-to-door, your items will be picked up directly from your home or business and delivered to the destination of your choice. It can also be incredibly convenient for next-day delivery if you need your items moved quickly.

#2. Speed: These delivery services can be life savers when you have something to deliver quickly. And they are faster than other options.

#3. Security: Here, your items are loaded onto a single truck and transported directly to their destination. You will have the opportunity to work with professionals that are good at handling items — and ensuring they transport them safely and securely.

#5. Flexibility: You can be offered the option to choose a timeframe that suits you and also to select a specific delivery window.


#1. Cost: These services are often more expensive than other delivery options due to their speed, reliability and convenience.

#2. Limited Availability: They may not be available in your areas and are also not accessible for all types of shipments.

#3. Size and Weight Restrictions: There may be restrictions on the size and weight of items that can be transported — which can limit your options.

#4. Risk of Damage: While these delivery services can reduce the risk of damage in transit, it’s still possible for items to get damaged — because you may not be able to supervise the loading or unloading of your items.

#5. Missed Deliveries: With door-to-door, someone needs to be present at the destination to receive the package. If you are not available to receive the delivery, you may miss the window and have to reschedule. This might come with an extra fee. Deliveries can also be affected by weather delays or other unforeseen circumstances.

Saving Money on Furniture Pickup and Delivery with Careful Planning

Planning a furniture pickup and delivery can be stressful, especially when it comes to the cost. But you can still save some money without sacrificing quality or reliability. Here are some tips that can help:

#1. Plan Ahead: You don’t have to wait until the last minute to schedule their service. This will also give you more time to compare prices, select the best option and take advantage of discounts or promotions. If you schedule in advance, you may have more flexibility with delivery timeframes, which can also help save some bucks.

#2. Choose the Right Shipping Method: Using ground shipping is often more affordable than air or expedited shipping. If your furniture is not time-sensitive, opting for ground shipping can help you cut costs. Although it may take longer, it’s usually a reliable and safe option for furniture delivery.

#3. Opt for Ground Shipping: Ground shipping is an eco-friendly choice as it produces fewer carbon emissions compared to air or expedited shipping. If you are becoming environmentally conscious, ground shipping will save you money and help reduce your carbon footprint.

#4. Timing is Important: Another tip to save money on furniture pickup and delivery is to be mindful of timing. Scheduling deliveries during peak periods or holidays may result in higher fees. But if you choose to schedule deliveries during off-peak periods, you can potentially save some extra bucks.

#5. Compare Prices from Different Carriers on CitizenShipper: CitizenShipper can help you find the best deal. You can easily compare rates from our multiple carriers and select the one that fits your budget and delivery needs. You can also read reviews from other customers and get an insight into the quality of service provided by each carrier.


Furniture pickup and delivery services can save you time, money and a lot of stress. Whether you’re moving across town or the country, these services can help you get your furniture where it needs to go, safely and securely. With CitizenShipper, you can secure the right delivery service and protect your furniture during transit, all without breaking the bank. So, post a listing today knowing full well that your beloved piece will get to you safe and sound.