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A french bulldog puppy in a santa hat.

For Customers » Pet Shipping · Updated February 23, 2024

How To Manage Puppy Transportation This Holiday Season

The holidays are upon us and that only means one thing. The weather is starting to get colder. Maybe you look out the window and there’s snow. Your house smells like pine trees after decorating your house for the holidays. But another important part of the holidays is buying presents for your loved ones. Maybe

For Customers » Pet Shipping · Updated April 15, 2024

How Safe is Transporting a Dog Long Distance?

Traveling with a dog can be overwhelming. For many pet owners, the idea of spending hours — or even days — in the car with an animal is stressful. You may have questions about how to transport your dog safely and comfortably. Is your computer frozen because you have a million tabs open because you

A dog is comfortably confined in a crate, adhering to airline pet policies, resting on a smooth wooden floor.

For Customers » Pet Shipping · Updated November 13, 2023

Pet Policies on the Largest Airlines in the US

Many pet owners prefer traveling with their fluffy companions, and most airlines make it possible to bring them on board. That said, traveling with Fido may take more preparation than just packing your bag.

Dog, window

For Breeders » For Customers · Updated February 23, 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Dog Ground Transport

Consider this scenario: you just got notice that you’re being transferred to another city in the US for work. It’s a permanent move — meaning you have to uproot your entire life and start anew across the country. If you’re a pet owner, there’s the added layer of transporting your dog to your new home.

A family with their dog in the car

For Customers » Pet Shipping · Updated December 06, 2023

The Do’s and Don’ts of Taking Pets on the Road

The data is in: More and more Americans are hitting the road for long stretches as the country puts the COVID-19 pandemic in the rearview mirror. What’s more, these travelers often have a four-legged family member along for the ride.

Pug, concrete

For Customers » Pet Shipping · Updated February 12, 2024

What Dog Breeds are Restricted From Flying Cargo?

So you’re moving across the country but aren’t sure how to get your dog to your new home. Many people assume the only way to get a dog transported long distance is through the air. After all, it seems like the fastest way to get from point A to point B. But did you know

Two airplanes on a runway following Southwest Airlines' pet policy.

For Breeders » For Customers · Updated February 14, 2024

Southwest Airlines Pet Policy: Fly with Your Cat or Dog Safely

It’s hard to look when those big, sad eyes stare as you pack your bags and head out the door for a trip. Leaving your furry friend behind can be tough as a pet parent, but what if we told you you could bring them along for the ride? With Southwest Airlines’ pet policy, you

A cat carrier for flying with a green and white design.

For Customers » Pet Shipping · Updated February 23, 2024

Flying with a Cat: Expert Tips for Stress-Free Travel With Your Pet

Flying can be an arduous process that many love, but just as many hate. Flying means freedom, but at the same time you give up certain rights when you pass through security. It’s all part of living in the 21st century. When you’re flying with a cat, the process can become even more stressful. But

A yellow airplane representing Spirit Airlines flying in the sky with its pet policy prominently displayed.

For Breeders » Pet Health · Updated February 12, 2024

Spirit Airlines Pet Policy 2024: Rules for Dogs, Cats and More

Planning a trip and wondering if your pet can come along for the ride? Well, you’re in luck! Spirit Airlines allows pets on board, so you and your four-legged friend can jet set together. But before you start packing your pet’s bags, get up to speed on Spirit Airlines’ pet policy. After all, traveling with your