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An illustration of a car in front of a supermarket highlighting the risks of heatstroke in animals.

For Customers - For Drivers - Pet Shipping - Pets - 06 August 2019

Recognizing and Preventing Heatstroke in Animals

Summer heat is still going strong, so let’s talk about a condition that many pets must deal with around this time of the year. Heatstroke in animals is a health hazard that we’ve touched on before. This time we’ll look into the causes of this overheating, with an emphasis on preventative measures. CitizenShipperCitizenShipper is a

A woman conducting driver interviews with a cat as her co-pilot.

Courier Jobs - Driver Interviews - For Drivers - Interviews - Pet Shipping - Pets - 15 July 2019

Driver Interviews: Kristy K’s Success Story

In years past, we’ve published a number of driver interviews on this blog. As the community keeps growing, we’re looking to make this a more regular feature. We’d like each transporter to be able to share their first-hand experience, good or bad, with everyone involved. This month, we spoke with Kristy Kokolakis of Open Road

For Customers - For Drivers - Pet Safety - Pet Shipping - Pets - 07 June 2019

Pet safety in transportation for high-risk dog breeds

Not all dogs are created equal – countless breeds exist, some facing more significant health risks than others. From respiratory difficulties to hereditary defects to zoonotic diseases, there’s a vast variety of potential health problems. Many of these can complicate transportation, which is an issue that all companies that transport pets should take into account.

For Customers - For Drivers - Pet Shipping - Pets - 03 June 2019

Pet Transportation: Animal Safety Tips for Summer 2023

It’s almost that time of the year again – the hot summer months are coming up fast. Pretty soon, we’re going to have to start thinking about keeping our pets cool, at home or on the road. Here are a few words of advice you might want to consider if planning pet transportation this summer.

Courier Jobs - For Drivers - Pet Shipping - 24 May 2019

How to become a professional pet transporter

So you’ve registered as a pet transporter on CitizenShipper, you say? Augmenting your income by driving around and petting dogs, what’s not to like? Congratulations – sounds like you’ve got it all worked out. What’s that? It’s more difficult than you’d thought? Huh. As it turns out, you’re not really winning enough bids. Turns out customers

My cat hates travel: how to prepare for cat transportation

For Customers - Pet Shipping - Pets - 12 May 2019

My cat hates travel: how to prepare for cat transportation

Many cat parents are well aware of their kitty’s aversion to driving. It could be due to motion sickness or something less overt, but cats often get stressed out by car rides. Fortunately, there are ways to manage this and make cat transportation painless, if not exactly enjoyable. Whether it’s just a ride to the

For Customers - Pet Shipping - Pets - 27 April 2019

Cat Shipping: What to Look for in a Driver

Transporting a cat across the country can sometimes feel like… well, like herding cats. Those who’ve faced difficulty driving their feline friends around often choose to rely on cat shipping services instead. But that presents a whole new problem: how do you choose the right kind of person for the job? What assurances can a

A man is playing with a dog in front of a house while transporting his pet.

For Customers - Pet Shipping - 01 April 2019

First time transporting your pet: what to expect

This is it, then – you’re really doing it, you booked a driver to relocate your precious pet. When transporting your pet with someone you barely know, it’s perfectly normal to experience some separation anxiety. Just try to remember, fear should never be allowed to control your actions. You’ve already made a calm, rational decision

A cartoon illustration of a Christmas tree with reunited pets.

For Customers - Pet Shipping - Pets - 07 January 2019

Pets reunited with their owners for holidays – Goodbye 2018 and Hello 2019!

2018 was a busier year than ever here at CitizenShipper! And now it’s a good time for looking back at the things we’ve helped our loyal and happy customers achieve over the past year. We wanted to spotlight some of the heartwarming stories of pets our dedicated drivers have brought to new homes – temporary

For Customers - For Drivers - Pet Shipping - 11 October 2018

Introducing Air Nannies: A Unique Opportunity to Fly Pets Safely Home

While most drivers on the CitizenShipper website transport pets by car, a rising number of flight crew personnel and regular fliers are bidding on long-distance pet delivery jobs. As they like to call themselves, these “flight nannies” are making good money by flying pets to their destinations. CitizenShipperCitizenShipper is a two-sided marketplace for hard-to-ship items