Man with beard and glasses taking a selfie in a car with his furry friend, a beagle resting its head on his shoulder during a sunset drive.

Driver Interviews » News & Updates · Updated May 13, 2024

On the Road with Tunc Yucel: Furry Friends and Fresh Beginnings

Discover the unique experiences, challenges, and successes of Tunc Yucel as he transports beloved pets on the CitizenShipper platform. Join him on this inspiring journey towards happiness and fulfillment.

A CitizenShipper driver in a military uniform posing for a photo.

Driver Interviews » News & Updates · Updated January 29, 2024

Meet Jerry Carnell: A Retired Veteran’s Journey into Pet Transportation

Join Jerry Carnell, a retired veteran turned pet transport driver, as he shares his unique experiences and insights on the CitizenShipper platform. Discover the challenges, successes, and heartwarming stories that make his journey memorable.

A CitizenShipper is sitting in a car with a husky dog, engaged as a Pet Transporter.

Driver Interviews » For Drivers · Updated January 16, 2024

Driver Interview: Bertha O’s Never-Ending Vacation

This month on driver interviews, we bring you Bertha Ovalle, an early retiree enjoying the snowbird lifestyle. Based in Texas, she travels the northern states in the summer, the southern in winter, reuniting pets with their owners along the way. Find animal-loving drivers like Bertha on CitizenShipper’s dog transportation marketplace.