Affordable Moving Companies of 2020

What is the most affordable moving company? Moving companies are usually an essential requirement for moving house. At their most basic they provide a form of transport to shift your belongings from one place to another, at their most rigorous they provide packing materials, assistance in loading all your belongings, insurance, and help setting up Read more about Affordable Moving Companies of 2020[…]

When Should I Start Packing Before My Moving Day?

Moving into a new house can feel pretty overwhelming. At the moment when it feels unimaginable how to put a whole household into boxes, it can be useful to organize the packing process in a structured and deliberate way. In this article, we will provide you with a few expert tricks on how to organize Read more about When Should I Start Packing Before My Moving Day?[…]

Feel rested after a long drive

On-the-Road Lifestyle: How to Relax After a Long Trip

Another long route successfully completed, you’re finally heading home. The stress starts to drain away as you daydream about a warm bath followed by long, restful sleep. But for some reason, you’re still jumpy, still on high alert. Thoughts about scheduling the next drive are crossing your mind already. Why on earth won’t you let Read more about On-the-Road Lifestyle: How to Relax After a Long Trip[…]

Friends, strangers worked to reunite man, dog separated during accident

By Ron Watson Jr. She’d helped reunite estranged pets with owners before, but when CitizenShipper Customer Service Manager Jennifer Buchanan learned of Tyler Keller and his puppy Addie’s plight, she knew the situation was unique. The pair were separated after a car accident in Colorado resulted in Tyler being transported to hospitals in Colorado and Read more about Friends, strangers worked to reunite man, dog separated during accident[…]

How To Ship Baked Goods

There’s nothing like your mom’s baked goods, but getting a taste of home when you live several states away can be a challenge. Because of their perishable nature, shipping baked goods takes planning and timeliness. Here’s a few tips for shipping baked goods. First, you’ll need to determine if the treats you want to ship Read more about How To Ship Baked Goods[…]

How to Move a Heavy Safe

Even if you’re handling a move yourself, a large, heavy safe is one of the items you may need help transporting. Unlike portable safes, large safes are not built with easy transport in mind. They are built to stay in one place and keep everything but the owner out. This combination makes heavy safes one of Read more about How to Move a Heavy Safe[…]

How to Ship China, Glassware and Crystal

Whether you’re looking to ship china, glassware, crystal or other extremely fragile small items, the keyword is the same: preparation. High-quality plates, glasses and kitchenware that have been passed down through generations or have other sentimental meaning deserve your full attention when packing them in preparation for a move. To do this job right, don’t scrimp Read more about How to Ship China, Glassware and Crystal[…]

How to Ship an RV Trailer

Have you bought a camping trailer and need to transport it to your location? Recently sold an RV trailer and transportation was included in the deal? Drivers in the CitizenShipper community can dependably deliver your trailer where it needs to be, and at significant savings compared to other services. The entire process starts with the Read more about How to Ship an RV Trailer[…]

How to Ship Camping Gear

If you’re planning an outdoors trip, don’t let the required camping gear weigh down your travel plans – shipping these items can be cost effective and reduce hassle. Having camping gear delivered to your hiking or camping destination allows you to travel with only what’s necessary and without worrying if your items will make your Read more about How to Ship Camping Gear[…]