Why Does My Cat Do That? 5 Weird Cat Behaviors Explained

Patrick MacFarland Patrick MacFarland · Updated: March 8, 2023 / Published: January 20, 2023
A woman on a bed observes her cat's peculiar behavior with a key.

Thirty million years ago, the first cat called Proailurus appeared on Earth. It was considered to be the first “true” cat as we know them today. Fast forward millions of years later, and the first domesticated cats came from Egypt. The Egyptians held them in high regard, considering them magical creatures. They believed it brought them good luck to house them.

Since then, cats seem to have an air of superiority to them. They self-clean and do their business only in their litter boxes (which is a nice change of pace when you have puppies running around). You can also see that “arrogance” when they interact with other animals, like dogs. 

And you may think your cat wants to kill you when they stare at you intensely. 

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Cats may act funny or a little suspicious sometimes, but all weird cat behavior can be explained. They could be rooted in their genes because ancestral cats had those traits, or it could be something else, like a medical condition. The important thing is understanding them and working on those behaviors if they aren’t good for your cat.

CitizenShipper knows that your feline friend is part of your family, and we’re dedicated to ensuring cat parents understand their cherished cats well. So, we’ll take a closer look at these quirks and tell you what you’re feline friend is thinking. Without further ado, the weirdest cat behavior, explained.

Weird Cat Behavior Explained!

Cats are magical creatures with interesting behaviors that’ll make your head tilt with curiosity and confusion. Here is a list of wild and weird cat behavior explained.

#1: Knocking Things Over

This is where you think, why is my cat a jerk? Why did they have to do that? It was my favorite flower vase! The thing about cats is they are programmed to hunt for food. They are instinctively and actively looking for food by exploring their environments. The genes are strong with this one, huh? 

Another reason why they do this is because they want attention. Knocking over your grandma’s collection of expensive China is just the way to make sure you play with your cat or give them food. It’s perfect because you’ll definitely react.

But now you’re wondering how to stop them from breaking your stuff. First, you should put up cat barriers around things you don’t want knocked down. You should also move things to safe locations. Using a cat spray (smells your cat will dislike) is also a way to keep them away. Lastly, feeding them more often will redirect your cat toward the food instead of doing these dastardly deeds. If things do get out of hand, always consult a vet to see what else you can do.

#2: Licking Plastic

Have you ever thought, “Oooh, I’m going to lick plastic today because it tastes delicious!” No? Well, apparently, cats have and do regularly. Unfortunately, this is because of several reasons due to medical conditions or deficiencies.

The eating disorder called Pica is the compulsion to eat inedible objects, and because cats find plastic (bags or otherwise) fascinating, they want to lick or even eat them. If that is the case, you should go to your vet because they should never ingest plastic. It can lead to intestinal problems. Cats also sometimes tend to eat certain fabrics, and that’s caused by a vitamin or mineral deficiency.

Now that this strange cat behavior is explained, you can do to ensure your cat stays away from plastic is doing just that — get the plastic away from them and limit their access to it. You can also sprinkle or spray certain smells like cayenne, lemon, or rosemary to deter your fabulous felines from the dangerous plastic.

#3: Bringing “Gifts” of Dead Animals

Your alarm sounds off, and you stretch your arms knowing it’s a Sunday. You’re lying in bed and then notice your adorable, furry cat entering your bedroom. They’re holding something, but you can’t pinpoint what it is. Another closer look reveals it’s a dead mouse. You scream and try to get the mouse far away from you.

You’re probably want this weird and gross cat behavior to be explained to you. Your initial thought is probably correct. Cats are hunters. The ancestral cats, the saber tooth tigers from the Ice Age, lions, tigers and domesticated cats all have those hunting genes.

You should know that if your furry feline friend brings you something they have “hunted,” it’s quite a compliment. Ancestral cats would always take hunted food to a place they deemed comfortable and safe. 

But I’m sure you don’t want dead birds, mice, or other rodents in your house simply because your cat loves you. So how do you stop this behavior? Follow these simple rules.

  • Put a bell on your cat’s collar, so you know where he goes off to.
  • Make sure you don’t let your cat out at night or at certain times you know he’ll gallivant somewhere unknown, like dusk or dawn, when your cat is more active.
  • Give your cat an outlet of toys to play with instead of having them explore.

#4: Staring at You

You are minding your business and watching television when you turn to see your cat giving you a death stare. You give him a confused look and go back to your activity. Later in the day, you’re reading a book and when you look up, your cat is again staring at you with such intense eyes.

You’re wondering why your cat is doing that. There’s food in his bowl, and there are toys within reach. What am I doing wrong, you think. Well, there’s actually a reason for the stares.

Kitty cats are curious creatures, and sometimes staring at you means they are simply curious about you. Studies have shown that cats can tell when humans speak to them because they recognize their voices. Stares have also been associated with hunger. If they want food, they will let you know with deep stares.

Cats also stare at you to establish a closer bond. They show affection with their eyes. The next time you catch them staring at you, it’s most likely because they feel safe with you. How adorbs is that?

Of course, one thing to point out is that it could mean an underlying medical condition if they do it excessively or out of the blue. It may be a cognitive or vision problem, and it’s smart if you take them to the vet to have it checked out.

#5: Biting or Licking You

As stated above, cats are naturally curious creatures. It’s in their nature to explore their surroundings. Your furry felines have adapted to be in homes (most of the time, anyway).When they feel safe and comfortable, sometimes they may “attack” you by biting and licking you.

This behavior can be adorable, but sometimes it can hurt. Here are the reasons why your cat does this:

  1. There is a lot of overstimulation. Even though cats are natural cuddlers, if you pet them too much, they may become annoyed and will fight back the cuddles and pets.
  2. Your cat wants to play. The biting or licking can indicate the opposite of #1 and your cat wants to play with you. Quick side note: if your cat has dilated pupils, an arched back, and their ears and whiskers are pointed forward, then it means they’re in the mood to play.
  3. There’s stress afoot. If your cat is feeling stressed because of outside environmental factors like loud noises or rapid lighting changes, then she will rebel and try to bite you or scratch you.
  4. Your cat wants love and affection. Like the previous ones, cats can be contradictory. Their bites or licks may mean they want to be cuddled and petted.

Pay attention to your cat’s body language, so you know when to approach, pet it, or leave her be to do her own thing. Cats are interesting, odd creatures with weird personalities, but they also make some of the most amazing, adorable and playful pets. 

Recommended Cat Toys

Now that some of this weird cat behavior is explained, here are some products that will nurture the instincts that drive them.

Nothing makes cats go crazy like a simple red laser pointing at a wall. But your cat will go wild with other intricate toys, too. Here are some product recommendations that I’m sure your feline friend will love!

Cat behavior can be explained by instincts. Cats love hunting and this turntable feeds into that impulse.

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Scratching is one cat behavior that's explained by instincts.

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Bottom Line

Cats can be bizarre creatures, but they are also lovable and cute. Weird cat behavior can usually be explained by ancestral instincts, normal behavior, or sometimes even coping mechanisms. It’s important to understand why they are happening. Your adorable kitty can exhibit these behaviors because of outside environmental factors, medical conditions, or other reasons. We want your cat to be happy and healthy in order to have a relaxing home.

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