10 Best Motorcycle Hitch Carriers in 2024

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When you need to transport your motorcycle but don’t want to invest in a trailer (or don’t have the storage space for one), a hitch-mounted carrier is the best option. If you’re unfamiliar with these motorcycle transportation devices, they’re essentially metal racks that hook up to the hitch of your car. You push your bike onto a carrier over a loading ramp, tie it down safely and hit the road.

We’ve prepared an overview of the 10 best motorcycle hitch carriers available on the market in 2024. First, let’s bring you up to speed on what qualities to look for in a motorcycle hitch carrier.

What to Look for in a Motorcycle Hitch Carrier

Here are the basic characteristics of a motorcycle trailer hitch that you should consider before making a purchase:

Check the Motorcycle Hitch Carrier’s Weight Capacity

Every carrier is rated for a certain weight, typically between 400 and 600 pounds. Make sure you check the weight limit for the trailer hitch and be sure it can handle your motorcycle. Don’t forget your vehicle’s load limit either — can it support the combined weight of the bike and the carrier?

Hitch Compatibility

A carrier can only be mounted on certain hitches. Your vehicle should have them listed as Class I through V — the number depends on the towing capacity and receiver tube size. Make sure you get a carrier that’s compatible with your car or truck.

  • Cars and crossovers typically have a Class I hitch.
  • Minivans or more heavy-duty cars and crossovers typically have a Class II hitch.
  • Crossovers, vans, SUVs and trucks typically have a Class III hitch
  • Larger trucks and SUVs typically have a Class IV hitch.
  • Heavy-duty and super-duty trucks and SUVs typically have a Class V Xtra-Duty hitch.
  • Dually and chassis cab trucks typically have a Class V Commercial Duty hitch.

Motorcycle Hitch Carrier Materials

Most hitch-mounted carriers are made of steel or aluminum. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

  • Steel hitch carriers are heavier but more durable and can support more weight.
  • Aluminum carriers are lighter and less resilient, though they’re less prone to corrosion.

Ramp Length Is an Often-Overlooked Detail

You can’t use just any old ramp for your motorcycle hitch carrier. Most models come with their own ramp but some don’t. Here are some quick tips for evaluating a carrier’s ramp.

  • Read reviews of the hitch carrier and if possible use the keyword “ramp” to find out how this accessory in particular worked for previous customers.
  • You need a ramp long enough to keep the slope gentle so you to load the bike without assistance. 
  • The higher your car’s ride height, the longer ramp you’ll need.

And with that out of the way, here’s our list of this year’s 10 best motorcycle hitch carriers! These are all ranked according to user reviews and professional hauler feedback.

10 Best Motorcycle Hitch Carriers of 2024

1. Versa Haul VH-55 DM Double Motorcycle Carrier

The Versa Haul VH-55DM is an older heavy-duty hitch carrier model that’s still very popular with bike owners. You can mount two motorcycles on the carrier as long as their combined weight doesn’t exceed 600 pounds. Each rail is able to accommodate 500 pounds.

Be mindful of your vehicle’s load limit; the carrier itself weighs a hefty 118 pounds. Combined with the weight of your bikes it may exceed the load limit. The hitch-mounted motorcycle carrier doesn’t come with a ramp but reviews indicate it combines well with any narrow motorcycle ramp.

Hitch Receiver Compatibility: Class III or Class IV
Weight Capacity: 600 pounds

2. Black Widow AMC-400L Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier

This lightweight aluminum model won’t burden your car too much on its own. The AMC-400L is one of the lightest models in Black Widow’s series of motorcycle carriers. Its load-bearing capacity of 400 pounds is nothing to write home about, but the carrier itself is well-built. Roll-on roll-off access is available from either side of the carrier and the built-in loading ramp is fairly long at just over 6 feet.

There are plenty of tie-down spots on the AMC-400L and it has an anti-rattle device. The carrier also has a space bar adapter, allowing you to load motorbikes of different sizes. If you need a motorcycle carrier that’s easier to store, Black Widow offers a folding model in the AMC-400-F.

Hitch Receiver Compatibility: Class III or Class IV
Weight Capacity: 400 pounds

3. Trackside Motorcycle Carrier

This elegant little powder-coated steel motorcycle carrier weighs under 60 pounds but has a weight capacity of 500 pounds. Installation is easy, can be completed with just a few simple tools and takes about 20 minutes. The Trackside Motorcycle Carrier includes a removable ramp that can be used on either side of the carrier.

The carrier’s anti-tilting systems eliminate excessive movement while driving — the anti-tilt pin is a simple accessory most motorcycle carriers don’t include. It reportedly works very well and the tilt is minimal even when loaded to maximum weight.

Hitch Receiver Compatibility: Class III or Class IV
Weight Capacity: 500 lbs.

4. TMS T-NS-MRC001 Heavy Duty Motorcycle Hitch Rack

This time-tested model has been on the market for a decade. For under $200 this powder-coated alloy steel carrier has a loading capacity of 500 pounds. Like the Trackside carrier, this TMS model includes an anti-tilt locking device to prevent wobbling when your vehicle is on the road.

The T-NS-MRC-001 comes with a high-quality loading ramp and the standard array of anti-tilt locking mechanisms. Its hitch will fit any two-inch receiver and reportedly provides exceptional stability. The one downside, apart from the high price point, is a relatively low load limit for a heavy-duty carrier.

Hitch Receiver Compatibility: Class III, Class IV or Class V
Weight Capacity: 500 pounds

5. Black Widow MCC-600 Steel Motorcycle Carrier

Here’s another motorcycle hitch carrier from Black Widow, one of the most popular and well-regarded motorcycle accessory brands. As the name suggests, the MCC-600 is capable of carrying a load of up to 600 pounds. It’s a heavy-duty piece of equipment will cost you more than Black Widow’s lighter aluminum motorcycle carriers.  It’s worth the investment if you’re serious about moving heavy bikes. Its sturdy powder-coated frame comes equipped with anti-rattle devices and adjustable wheel chocks. The seven-spot design of the rack’s bolts allows you to also fit smaller bikes with relative ease.

Hitch Receiver Compatibility: Class III or Class IV
Weight Capacity: 600 pounds

6. MotoTote Sport Motorcycle Hitch Carrier

If you’re willing to spend big on motorcycle carrier, this model from MotoTote is an excellent option. Built for versatility and ease-of-use, it has a sturdy but adjustable steel frame and dual-side loading. The EasyLoad ramp is long and well-designed with plenty of traction. Overall, the design is very sleek and the high-ish price point is neither unexpected nor undeserved. If you’re serious about transporting motorcycles and willing to spend the big-bucks on a motorcycle carrier, consider making some money on the side as a professional transporter with CitizenShipper!

Hitch Receiver Compatibility: Class III or Class IV
Weight Capacity: 600 pounds

7. Black Widow MCC-500 Steel Motorcycle Carrier

One last entry from Black Widow, it’s the model that sits exactly midway between the MCC-400L and the MCC-600. The powder-coated steel motorcycle hitch carrier has a capacity of 500 pounds but the carrier is pretty lightweight at 57 pounds and set-up is easy. The MCC-500 features fewer tiedown spots than either of the two Black Widow models on this list, though it does include a 5/8″ hitch pin and anti-rattle device that prevents tilt and wobble while on the road.

Hitch Receiver Compatibility: Class III or Class IV
Weight Capacity: 500 pounds

8. Titan Ramps M600C Dirt Bike and Motorcycle Carrier

This bulky carrier easily supports heavier bikes without any sagging. Its heavy-duty frame is made of powder-coated steel and weighs about 80 pounds. The ramp is comfortably long at 74″ and has a width of 7.5″, though you will want to apply some traction tape for easier loading. The built-in chock is a snug fit for the front wheel, providing stability along with the four tiedown spots. Some haulers have reported instances of corrosion on the eyelets when using hook straps.

Hitch Receiver Compatibility: Class III or Class IV
Weight Capacity: 600 pounds

9. VersaHaul VH-SPORT RO Hitch Carrier

The VH-Sport RO is a well-built, heavy-duty motorcycle carrier. It’s most notable feature is an integrated Class III hitch tube which allows for light towing while transporting motorcycles on the back of your vehicle. Regardless of vehicle, the maximum towing weight for this hitch carrier is 3,000 pounds. The carrier can handle bikes with wide tires and includes retractable tiedown bars with a total of four eyelets.

Though it lacks traction, the loading ramp is just under 6 feet long and the carrier comes with wheel chocks and locket brackets for extra security. Assembly is a bit more time-consuming than with other motorcycle carrier models.

Hitch Receiver Compatibility: Class III or Class IV
Weight Capacity: 600 pounds

10. GoPlus 600 Pound Hitch Carrier

Looking for a motorcycle hitch carrier that can handle heavy-duty loads but don’t have the budget for a Black Widow model? Take a look at the GoPlus carrier, which is made from powder-coated steel and has a 600 pound weight limit. Unlike the Black Widow model, GoPlus’s steel carrier doesn’t include a seven-position adjustable wheel chock. The carrier does include a six-foot ramp.

Hitch Receiver Compatibility: Class III or Class IV
Weight Capacity: 600 pounds

That’s it for our buyer’s guide and product selection, we hope you find the advice useful. To close off, let’s answer some of your frequently asked questions. Stay safe, and happy shipping!


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