Are Movers Worth It? Complete analysis

CitizenShipper CitizenShipper · Updated January 16, 2024

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Most of us have experienced the stress, strain, and excitement of moving house at least once in our life. And we all know that moving house costs; in energy, money, and time. It doesn’t matter if it’s across the street, across the city, or to an entirely new country.

Have you already been through the intense process of packing boxes over weeks, finding a driver for the truck, and inviting all of your friends for a big day of loading and unloading and feel like once was enough? Or maybe you need to move really fast and it feels overwhelming to organize it yourself? Moving feels like a big challenge for your body? You may ask yourself: Is it worth it to hire movers?

The answer to this question always depends on the logistic, financial and personal circumstances of the move. This article will guide you through some pros and cons of hiring moving, which will help you to think through the moving process and support you to make an informed decision.

A Question of Money

Let’s start with the question of budget: Money is probably the most important factor in deciding whether or not to work with a professional mover.

The price of a moving company can differ immensely depending on the distance between the moving destinations, the amount and size of furniture as well as the payment rate of the moving workers. However, no matter if you have a big or small budget there will be a moving company out there for you. Most moving services offer the ability to get free quotes based on the number of belongings you have (for example the approximate number of boxes) and how far you need to go. Just hop online and search for movers in your area.

If you want to calculate how much it costs to move without a moving company, don’t forget to include the costs for buying boxes, tape, rent a car, gas, and insurance.

Ask yourself how much money you can afford to spend on your move. Calculate this budget in relation to the time and energy you win or lose working with or without a mover, but we will come back to this. This can help you make an informed decision on which services you can and want to pay for.

A Question of Time

When it comes to moving house, the old saying, “time is money”, can ring extra true. Time is one of the most influential factors in the question, ‘are movers worth it’? Maybe you work an intense forty-hour week and have no more paid vacation days before your new lease starts. Or perhaps you got a new job and you have time between your old and your new contract, in which you can organize your move. Take some time to calculate realistically how much time you have and need for your move – and don’t forget to include your family members and housemates if they are coming too!

Worth it? If you have a very busy life with limited capacity to organize and manage a move, it is probably the smart choice to hire a mover. Moving houses can feel overwhelming, even more so if you’re already under stress. A professional mover can release some pressure from your move and give you space and time to deal with the bureaucratic and emotional work around changing houses.

Not worth it? If you have space and time as well as support from your friends or family for organizing, packing, and transporting your belongings, you can organize your move yourself without the need for professionals. Moving yourself requires time, preparation, and effort, but on the other hand, it’s less expensive and can be a fun communal project.

Far Far Away: Moving Across the Country

An interstate move brings specific challenges because you don’t just need to navigate packing, carrying and the car organization, but also the long travel across the U.S.

Worth it? A moving company would not just relieve you from carrying heavy furniture, but also takes over the far drive for you. It brings your items directly into your new apartment, while you can take a flight. This is a great option if it feels overwhelming to drive a huge truck over several state borders – especially if you had to do this trip alone. There is a great range of interstate moving companies for every budget and standard.

Not worth it? If instead of stress, the thought of driving from the West to the East coast, creates a feeling of joy, a self-organized moving road trip could be the better and more low-priced option. If you decide for a DIY move you could still consider choosing a smaller car and use a shipping service for big or fragile items.

Heavy, Bulky, Valuable – Special Objects!

You own this extraordinary dining table, which is heavy and expensive at the same time? It seems impossible to transport the table with just the help of your friends without anyone (including your table) getting damaged, but is it worth it to get movers?

Worth it? Professional movers have a lot of experience with the transport of bulky items as well as the tools and knowledge to transport them safely without damage. If you don’t have an elevator, but a narrow staircase, hiring a moving company can protect you from broken legs and furniture items.

Not worth it? If your heavy bulky object is personally very important to you and irreplaceable, it might feel hard to trust an anonymous moving company with it. Maybe this is the moment to transport your item yourself, with all the care it needs. It can also be an option to use a provider like CitizenShipper, where you can select between independent and individual drivers and read about people’s experiences with them.

Are Moving Companies Worth It?

There is no clear wrong or right answer to this question. There are several arguments for and against working with a moving company, which have to be evaluated against the financial, personal, and logistic circumstances of every move. Doing it yourself saves you a lot of money while working with professional movers saves a lot of stress and personal energy. We hope this article could guide you through some central questions about whether or not you should hire movers. Good luck with your move!