What to Get for a New Puppy

jesika jesika · Updated January 17, 2024

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New Puppy Checklist

Americans love dogs. In a recent survey, 51 percent of people said their preferred pet was a dog — that’s more than the rest of the animal types combined. It’s no wonder they’re called man’s best friend.

And everyone loves a puppy. But puppies have their own set of needs and things to consider when you’re preparing to bring one into your home.

This article will serve as your new puppy checklist and walk you through all your puppy supplies and things to get before bringing home a new puppy. 

Puppy Toys

Puppies love to play. It’s a key part of a dog’s education and development to interact with the world through play. Toys are also a great way to direct their chewing away from things you don’t want them to chew, like your shoes or furniture. When getting ready for a new puppy, make sure you put toys on the new puppy shopping list.

There are many different options out there, such as chew toys, rope toys, and food-based toys. You can also get your dog a small animal-type chew toy, which they may become attached to. Do not get rawhide chews for any dogs. The way they are made is toxic and harmful to dogs.

If you have a larger dog, they may enjoy playing with human sporting equipment. Buy some soft frisbees and soft rubber balls, to play a game of fetch with your puppy. And of course, tennis balls are the creme de la creme of fetch!

Puppy Food

Puppies need to eat in order to grow. Use this puppy food chart to figure out how much food your puppy will need based on their weight. You can also figure out how much food you need to buy for your pup based on this chart. Directions can also be found on the packaging of the food.

Buying puppy food will be something you need to remember to add to your budget and shopping list. 

Puppy Beds

While it’s possible for your puppy to sleep in your bed with you, it’s also important that they have their own place to sleep, during the day and in case you don’t want them on your bed.

This is why it’s important to invest in a puppy bed. 

There are many styles of puppy beds out there — too many to name here. All we can tell you is that you have to pick one out that fits your style, fits your dog’s size and will be resistant to your dog’s bites (some dogs love to tear up beds, so get ready to buy more). 

Puppy Collars (And Leashes) 

For outdoor excursions, your dog is going to need a leash and a collar or harness. Pick out a nice collar, because generally, it will stay on your dog all the time. Pick out a leash that’s comfortable for your dog and fits its size. 

For hyperactive dogs, it might be more beneficial to choose a harness rather than a collar. If you have to pull your dog back with a leash repeatedly or with force, you may harm its neck. This problem is reduced with a harness.

There are many different types of leashes. Some are simply strong pieces of fabric, others have complex contraptions that allow you to shorten their lead. The best leash is one that is comfortable for your hand, long enough to allow for some freedom, and sturdy enough to resist a hard tug or chewing teeth.

Puppy Tags

Raising a puppy can be tough at times. One of the hardest parts is that they haven’t fully developed the concept of “home” yet and haven’t connected it to your house. 

They may well run out of your house and get lost if they get the opportunity. They can be hard to catch because they can generally run very fast and will be terrified, thus wary of being cornered.

This is where puppy tags come in handy. In case your puppy gets lost, a tag will let any humans who find them know what your pup’s name is and where you can be contacted. There are also many options for GPS tracking collars and tags that can help you locate any dog or cat.

Puppy Bowls

Puppies need to eat more than once a day. A grown dog might only need to be fed once or twice a day, but depending on your puppy’s age, breed and size, they may need to be fed more times in one day. 

Make sure that you have a good bowl to feed your puppy with, that’s their own dedicated place to eat.

Puppies also play often, which means that it’s likely they’re going to need a lot of water. Get your puppy a separate water bowl that you can keep next to their food bowl. You might want to buy a container that holds both of the bowls side by side. For large-breed dogs, a raised water and food dish is recommended to reduce gut problems.

Puppy Grooming Supplies 

Some dogs don’t like baths—but that doesn’t mean they don’t need them once in a while. You’ll want to invest in some dog shampoo—you can’t simply use human shampoo on them. 

Though your dog won’t appreciate grooming supplies, you’ll thank yourself if you come prepared in this respect. You will also want to groom their fur and possibly trim their nails Pro Tip: start them early to get used to the process of brushing and trimming

Use This New Puppy Checklist 

Now that you’ve read this new puppy checklist you have a wealth of new puppy tips at your disposal. Use this new puppy guide to be prepared for your puppy when they arrive. 

Make sure that you go out and buy toys, food, beds, collars, tags, bowls, and grooming supplies and you’re likely to create a wonderful home for your pup.

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