Vehicle Shipping Tips

Matt Matasci Matt Matasci · Updated February 23, 2024

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A white car being transported on a flatbed truck.

Car transport companies have to be meticulous and swift, but above all careful. Not only do they have to meet customer deadlines but also have to keep them updated as to where their cars are at any point of time in transit. Keeping customers updated in real time is one of the key responsibilities of the vehicle transport companies.

While opting for car transport within the US you have to make a decision to choose between open and closed transfer. The open trailers, which come in many varieties from three car smaller ones to the 18-wheeler giants, are defenseless against the elements of nature like rain or hail or scorching sunlight. But they, naturally, come cheaper and make much economical sense if the vehicle isn’t a high value one or the distance moved is small. In case of a high end vehicle or a vintage model like the one mentioned above it is best to make a wise choice and choose a closed trailer although this might add a 25-50% hike on your vehicle transport bill.

These car shipping companies provide door to door vehicle transport, but by “door to door”, they mean the nearest point to you navigable by a 75 foot trailer. In US restrictions on commercial vehicle movement in residential areas often makes it necessary to make the nearest school or shopping mall the pick up or delivery point.

Most car shipping companies provide coverage for damage in transit and the coverage of course depends on car valuation and distance traveled However all this must be declared in writing by the vehicle shipping company. The deductibles if any must always be officially declared by them. Your own car insurance policy will also probably in force during transit making your car “doubly protected”. However all personal belongings must be removed from the car before handing it over to the vehicle shipping firm’s representatives as these are not covered by any of the above policies.

All car shipping companies operate on cash while very few accept credit cards. Most of them demand no advance but some may require 10-25% upfront payment. Whether you make a deposit or not, you must make sure you have the required payment, by cash or cheque, ready as soon as you learn they’re ready to make a delivery.

An important point to remember while transporting vehicles is to keep a record of the car’s external and internal damages before shipment so that it can be noted on the bill of lading, so that any other damage is not billed to you. So if you’ve changed your address or otherwise need to move your vehicle, call one of the many online vehicle shipping companies