The Road Less Traveled: Army Veteran Maurice Guski’s Journey from Bounty Hunter to Beloved Pet Transporter

Cagri Sarigoz Cagri Sarigoz · Updated January 26, 2024

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From life in the military to an adrenaline-fueled career as a private investigator and bounty hunter, Maurice Guski’s career has been anything but ordinary. After retirement from the Army was followed by 32 years of tracking elusive targets, it was time to retire from a life steeped in risk. After operating a ferret rescue, he found that he loved the companionship of animals. This prompted a new chapter in his career as a transporter for CitizenShipper. Find animal-loving drivers — many of whom are retired veterans like Maurice on CitizenShipper’s dog transportation marketplace.

A Transition Fueled by Passion and Purpose

Maurice joined CitizenShipper with a clear vision: to combine his love for travel with the joy of being around animals. In just five weeks, Maurice had already taken his service from coast to coast, a testament to his dedication and spirited approach to new experiences.

The First Journey: A Promise of Great Adventures

Maurice’s initial trip with CitizenShipper was nothing short of a success. With four stops meticulously planned out, it underscored the importance of organization and route planning in this line of work. Comfort for his furry passengers was a priority, as were the blankets and carriers he used to ensure their safety. In his trusted Subaru Outback he enjoyed tunes and made the animals he transported feel more comfortable.

Unforgettable Encounters: The Boxer and the Blanket

The stories Maurice shares are full of warmth and tenderness. One Christmas, he had the pleasure of delivering an 8-week-old boxer. A two-day trip with an overnight crying episode was gently remedied by Maurice’s kindness after he wrapped the pup in a blanket and cradled it to sleep in his arms.

Tools of the Trade: Ensuring a Safe Passage

Offering advice to new drivers, Maurice emphasizes the art of route planning. For him, it’s about creating a journey that’s as comfortable and stress-free as possible for the pets. Regular stops, a musical backdrop, and a steady stream of conversation are all part of the experience he curates. Indeed, CitizenShipper’s rapid response system complements his ethos of constant communication – a practice that has earned him high praise from pet owners.

The Path to Expansion: Full-Time Aspirations

While Maurice cherishes the solitude of his travels between spending downtime at his family cabin, his eyes are set on expansion. His aspiration is to make this more than a part-time endeavor, to haul more than just pets. As he puts it, he’d like to see this as “regular full-time employment” a goal well within reach given his commitment and drive.

The Art of Communication: Beyond the Basics

Missteps such as customer cancellations without contact remain a challenge, but Maurice doesn’t let it hinder his service. A vet-approved animal first aid kit is a staple in his cargo, reflecting his proactive approach. And communication with customers? It’s frequent and filled with photo updates, building trust and ensuring that pet owners know their beloved family members are in safe hands. This, Maurice notes, significantly increases customer satisfaction.

Stacking Shipments, VIP Services and Reviews: The Business of Caring

Maurice has mastered the juggling act of stacking shipments and offering VIP services, all while carefully considering fuel costs, tolls and the details of planning multi-stop trips. Customer reviews are something he actively seeks, recognizing the importance of follow-ups in receiving feedback. While yet to encounter negative reviews, Maurice is vigilant regularly checking his profile and performance metrics in an effort to improve his services.

The Essence of Maurice’s Journey

The stories from the road that Maurice shares embody the spirit of CitizenShipper. Whether it’s a puppy finding comfort in his arms or the joy of exploring the country, Maurice’s experiences are a testament to the adventures and rewards of being a part of this unique community. His life is enriched by every furry passenger, each trip a new story, a new connection formed.

Conclusion: Onward with Guski, Guardian of Furry Souls

Maurice’s story is more than just a tale of career transformation. It’s a narrative that echoes the core values of CitizenShipper: connection, care and adventure. As he delivers pets to their new homes, he is also delivering happiness and peace of mind to their human families.

His dedication to communication and customer satisfaction sets a standard for all aspiring drivers. Are you inspired by Maurice’s journey and eager to create your own stories on the open road with CitizenShipper? Join our marketplace and take the wheel of your own adventure. At CitizenShipper, we’re more than a platform; we’re a community where every driver has a story to tell, and every pet is a new friend waiting to be made.